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10 Best Archery Finger Savers & Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

We’ve listed the 10 best archery finger savers available below to help you protect your finger away from the bowstring abrasion or hurts.

Archery is the art, sport, practice, or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows for hunting, combat, sport, or simply fun.

It is one of the oldest and popular worldwide arts that is still in practice today by professionals, beginners, and young ones.

It’s loved and practiced in many countries and is also an important sport competed by many at the Olympics.

As in any sport, the right gear must be used to play to ensure the player’s safety.

When choosing gear for sports the most important aspect one would consider along with safety is comfort and suitability.

It is because you surely don’t want to end up being a left-hander and purchase a finger saver that can only be used on the right hand or vice versa.

Table of Contents

1. Hide & Drink Finger Protector

Finger Protector
Let’s start with the best-seller first, the right-handed archery finger tab.

This a high-quality product of hiding & Drink, finely hand-cut and hand-stitched from rustic, durable, Full Grain Leather.

The Full Grain leather is retrieved from the topmost layer of the hide that is the finest leather one could find.

It is exactly what’s used to make the Hide & Drink finger protector.

The bourbon brown finger protector is a functional piece of equipment suitable for archers of all skill levels making it a good choice for many people.

Its stylish look coupled with durable, long-lasting features makes it the perfect gift for your loved ones.

It will protect the bowhunter’s fingers from the wear and tear of shooting while also looking sleek.

It’s highly preferred by most archers because of the 101-year warranty that comes with it.

That means if this product breaks within your lifetime, it’ll be replaced for free.

Plus, you could always hope to pass it on to your next generation who’d like to follow your footsteps into the sport of archery.

Overall, a great deal for just under 15 dollars.

When purchasing this product, you have to be mindful of which hand you need to use this on.

The one mentioned above is only suitable for the right-handed.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Exquisitely handmade
  • Made of highly durable full-grain leather
  • Sleek, smart look, and well-fitting
  • 10-year warranty, free replacement guaranteed if it breaks

2. WOARCHERY Bowstring Finger Savers

Bowstring Finger Savers

If you don’t like the glove or the tab you could simply ditch them and go for the WOARCHERY Bowstring Finger Savers.

Priced just under $10 this protector is the ideal choice for both beginners and professionals.

Available in three different colors.

It’s made of soft Sicilia-gel material with the archer’s comfort in mind.

Most people find it irritating to wear a glove especially when you are bound to sweat too much while wearing it.

The archer can simply shoot a bow without using a finger tab or release.

This enables the player to save time and creates consistency for new players.

Especially young kids who are learning the sport making this the perfect option for training academies.

It’s made in the contoured design to increase accuracy while reducing nock pinch.

This product includes multi-purpose features that can be used for hunting and bow fishing along with a 2 in 1 function of the finger guard and nocking points.

It’s easy to use as it includes the needle and can be directly latched to the bowstring.

Even though it is a small easy to use the product.

It does not look like a very safe option because it does not cover your hands.

For beginners perhaps it’s a good option.

It would be more advisable for professionals to choose one of the other products on this list.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of comfortable soft sicilia-gel material
  • Does not require a glove or tab
  • The contoured design increases accuracy and reduces nock pinch
  • Includes multi-purpose features

3. EAmber Finger Tab

Finger Tab

A fine finger saver made of genuine cow leather which is very strong and wear-resisting.

The glove is made of moderate thickness to allow you to protect your fingers while still being able to feel the string.

It also includes a silicone finger guard which helps you protect your fingers from getting hurt.

It helps in improving your accuracy and reducing nock pinch.

The litchi grain surface of the silicone guard enables you to increase resistance and also contributes to your stability while also increasing your accuracy and consistency.

The curved crystal column of the glove design perfectly fits the gap between the index and middle finger making it easy for you to hunt well.

Their exquisite and delicate double-layered stitching makes it highly durable for a long time.

You can expect to use it for many years.

It comes with an adjustable elastic cord to enable fixing the fingers properly without slipping.

You can cut off some of the tabs to customize and perfectly fit your hands comfortably as each person’s size varies making it a very convenient option available.

However, as the glove is of a moderate thickness the drawback of sweating will always be there.

If you are not interested in using a glove please browse the list for other sweat-free substitutes available.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of genuine cow leather is strong and wear-resisting
  • A 2-in-1 package as it includes the glove and silicone guard
  • Adjustable design to suit your comfort
  • Exquisite double-layered stitching that increases durability

4. XTACER Finger Protector Arm Guard

Protector Arm Guard
The XTACER finger protector arm guard is also a 2 in 1 product.

It consists of a 3-strap ventilated leather arm guard as well as a 3 finger designed archery finger protector.

The classic protector comes with a Velcro wrist strap that can be adjusted to suit each player, this way more than one player can use this.

It’s the most traditional form of leather shooting glove preferred by many.

Especially the very old-fashioned who like to stay with the old ways.

The arm guard features a 3 strap elastic design to ensure you have an aesthetically pleasing, snuggle fit.

The design is recommended as the safest finger and arm saver as it prevents the player’s fingers as well as arm far from being hurt.

It can be used in both hands, left and right.

This product is the ideal choice for arenas and sports clubs where people go to practice and rent out gear since multiple players will be using them.

It is highly safe as it covers most of your hand from the 3 middle fingers to most of the forearm.

It may not be the choice for you if you find it irritating to wear that much gear and if you need to use it for a long time.

There’s always the sweat factor to be considered.

In that case, please refer to the other available options in this list to choose from.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ventilated leather guard for fingers as well as arm
  • Known to be the safest design
  • Aesthetically pleasing and snuggling fit
  • It can be used by multiple players

5. Votono Archery Finger Guard

Archery Finger Guard
The Votono archery finger guard is a 3 finger guard shooting glove with a recurve bow finger support protector.

It is made of high quality, soft, double velvet microfiber fabric that is finely processed with the characteristics of being wear-resistant and tear-resistant.

It helps in making it highly durable so you can be sure to be able to use it for a long time.

This product is great for both right and left-handers.

A classic and stylish three-finger design with a hollow out feature on the glove fingertips which makes it highly comfortable.

Since it does not cover most of your hand it is a sweat-free, convenient glove.

It includes an adjustable belt in the wrist with a hook and loop fastener that makes it suitable for most people.

The reinforced fingertips cover provides excellent protection for players from string abrasion.

It is highly flexible, strong, lightweight, and suitable for anyone.

This makes it a good option for arenas and sports clubs who rent out gear to multiple players.

Nonetheless, the elastic straps that hold the wrist strap to the fingertips cover may not be preferable to everyone.

If you are one such person then we have listed other substitute gear for you to choose from.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of soft double velvet microfiber fabric
  • Simple, stylish, and strong
  • Suitable for either hand
  • Sweat free gloves

6. ArcheryMax 3 Finger Archery Glove

3 Finger Archery Glove

ArcheryMax brings to you a classic leather shooting glove made of genuine cowhide leather.

It has a soft and thin texture to accommodate your comfort.

You would not be sweating in this glove as much as a normal one.

A well-fitting and an aesthetically pleasing glove that offers great fingers and hand protection to you.

It can be easily used by both left and right-handers.

It’s designed to allow the bow-hunter to have an outstanding sensitivity to ensure you have the perfect feel of the string while being completely safe from its abrasion.

The tips are reinforced to improve longevity making it highly durable despite its thin texture.

Consisting of an adjustable Velcro wrist strap it can be used by more than one person comfortably.

This makes it also a great choice for arenas, sports clubs, and archery training schools, where multiple players use their gear.

Nevertheless, this is recommended mostly for beginners and recreational players.

Professionals are advised to consider using one of the other customized finger savers mentioned in the list which would perfectly suit them.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of genuine cowhide leather
  • Soft and thin texture
  • Well-fitting, great protection
  • A great choice for both left and right-handers

7. Huntingdoor Thumb Guard Finger Tab

Thumb Guard Finger Tab

This product is a thumb guard made of thickened, soft cow skin and does not require a glove.

It provides strong protection and saves the players from getting a sore thumb.

Designed to fit both right and left hands it is a great option for everyone.

It’s high quality and highly durable product that is recommended by many people.

A slightly different, mini-sized, lightweight finger saver that can be easily carried around especially if you are a hunter and do not want to carry around too much gear.

The tab has an elastic design that can be adjusted to individual user sizes making it possible for more than one person to be able to use.

If you do not wish to use the tab on the thumb you can use it on any other finger, the choice is yours.

A great sweat-free option for you, especially professionals, and those who prefer to wear less gear.

Regardless, it is not a very safe product for young and new archers.

It is more advisable for them to choose a better protective gear from this list.

At least until they are confident enough not to hurt their hands while practicing.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Doesn’t require gloves
  • Mini-sized, lightweight finger saver
  • It can be used in either hand
  • Sweat free and high in quality and durability

8. Pine Ridge Archery Finger Savers

Archery Finger Savers

This budget-friendly protector is priced at just under $10 and is available in multiple eye-catching colors.

A multi-purpose finger saver that is desirable to many as it can be used for bow hunting as well as bow fishing.

It’s made of a soft, silicon but strong material that protects your fingers from string abrasion.

An ideal choice for beginners, especially for young kids and new players as it helps create consistency.

This kind of gear helps you make faster and more accurate shots.

This makes it more desirable by archery training academies where students feel more encouraged when they can shoot properly.

A great alternative for glove shooters and archer’s who prefer less, lightweight, and sweat-free gear.

It’s straightforward to use as you simply have to install the pin on the bowstring and shoot without the need for a glove or a tab.

Nevertheless, if you need more protective gear to ensure the safety of your hands there are more options in this list for you to choose from.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of soft, strong material
  • Doesn’t require gloves or tabs
  • Great for young kids or beginners
  • Great for bow fishing as well

9. KESHES Archery Finger Saver

Archery Finger Saver

The KESHES archery finger saver is a three-finger designed glove with the tabs tipped with high-quality cow leather.

While the glove is stitched with high-quality faux leather to ensure durability.

This product is highly desirable by plenty of people as it is a great option for archery shooting, hunting, and targeting.

It eliminates discomfort and preventing nock pinch.

It comes with a customizing option where you can measure your hand and purchase the perfect fit.

Its adjustable Velcro wrist strap is designed for your comfort to ensure you have a better bow and arrow shooting experience.

The insides of the glove are stitched with a soft material to make it comfortable for you to wear.

Most finger protectors are used for either recurve or compound bows.

This is one of the very few available that can be used by both compounds and recurve bow users.

It can also be used by both right and left-handers.

The best part is the100% money-back warranty the company provides if you are not satisfied with your glove.

It works as an incentive for you to purchase this product as you are sure you will not be wasting your money on something you are not satisfied with.

However, the multiple layers in the glove can lead to sweat issues so if you wish to use a sweat-free product please check out the other substitutes available in this list.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of dual leather to increase comfort and durability
  • Great for both compound and recurve bow users
  • It can be used on both right and left hands
  • 100% money-back warranty

10. TOPARCHERY Archery Protector

Archery Protector

The TOPARCHERY handguard protector shooting glove is made up of high-quality cow split leather to ensure durability.

A mix of leather with stainless steel sheet is used for the outer side of the glove along with a mix of plastic.

Thus, the outer texture is smooth while the inner texture is soft so that you feel good at wear.

It’s a convenient sweat-free glove as it covers only two fingers and not the entire hand, plus the material used is sweat-resistant and less restraining.

The glove consists of an adjustable wrist strap that can suit according to your hand size.

This product is specifically made for left-handers.

Ideally, it’s most suitable for professionals as it protects the hand very well, and ensures you do not fracture your hand despite heavy practices and repeated stress to your hand.

Nonetheless, this is not an option for right-handers.

You will have to consider one of the other available products on this list if you are using your right hand.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made out of sweat-resistant cow split leather
  • Specifically made for left-handers
  • Protects the hand from fractures
  • Has an adjustable wrist strap

Safety & Comfort

You probably want to make sure you don’t sweat too much or stay uncovered depending on how seriously you are to hunt or practice.

Each person’s view of safety and comfort differs according to the way they play, it’s no different for the archers.

A new player who’s learning the sport may consider keeping his hands as safe as possible and may want to look into the most protective gear.

A professional hunter may look into using something small, is of lightweight.

While someone running a games arcade will need gear that can fit all his/her customers who would like to come and play the game of archery.

Thus, using the right finger saver to suit the archer is compulsory but choosing the best and most suitable gear can be very confusing.

Final Thoughts

There’s a wide variety of archery finger savers available for the bow hunters to choose and purchase online.

When looking for the best finger saver you must choose the most suitable, safe, and comfortable gear for you.

When a product is convenient for someone else it doesn’t necessarily have to be likable for another.

Thus, it is advisable to look into the available options without just purchasing something that you heard is preferred by another person.

Your interest in a particular product may vary according to your needs.

Whether you are looking for a finger saver for sport, recreation, hunting, teaching, or simply entertainment.

You may also have to consider if you need one for your right hand, left hand, or both hands.

In addition to that, you will have to take into account if you are purchasing for a professional.

New player or a young kid because each person’s requirements vary.

For instance, an archery teaching school may need finger savers in different sizes to suit all their students who may be of different age categories.

It’s all available; you simply have to find the right product that suits you or the person or people you are purchasing for.

The ten best options available out there have been listed above for you to choose from

If you know of one that is not on the list but should be, please let us know in the comments below.

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