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10 Best 2 Blade Broadheads & Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

Broadheads have been popular among hunters and 2 blade broadheads are easily introduced to various bow hunters. 

It’s the first piece of equipment that makes a connection with the target that enables it to be counted as a vital tool. 

A broadhead, connected to an arrow for shooting, is nothing but a wide cutting point assembly. 

If you want the arrows to go with precision and consistency into your prey, then you need to spend money on 2 blade broadheads.

To enhance flight variance and improve efficiency, several manufacturers have many different design concepts. 

Depending on the number of blades, there are usually two kinds of Broadheads.

A fixed blade and a mechanical blade are included.

Table of Contents

1. Carbon Express F-15 Expandable 2 Blade Broadhead

Carbon Express F-15 Expandable Dual Blade Broadhead, 100 Grain Weight, 3-Pack
  • Maximum damage - Six cutting edges create up to a 250% greater wound opening
  • Field Point Accuracy: aerodynamic profile and 100% spin testing enhance precision and ensure greater devastation
  • Creates wide wound channel
  • Item specifications: Cutting Diameter 1.375", Blade Thickness 0.030", 100 Grain Weight
  • 3 broadheads per pack

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This F-15 is built with ingenuity, efficiency, and accuracy in mind. 

The edges of the broadheads create an incision channel that is two to half times wider and more powerful than standard versions. 

These models are portable, with performance enhanced by their aerodynamic profile and hundred percent spin monitoring. 

It holds the arrows on the target with its ferrule.

With a 1.375′′ cutting width, the Broadhead came with 0.030′′ stainless blades. 

For an accurate killing, the blades are sharp and render the wound accessible.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • The edges produce a wound opening up to 250 percent larger than conventional broadheads
  • It promises much annihilation
  • For way too long, the long-lasting blades stay sharp
  • It has an aerodynamic feature which at a distance, allows the best arrow flow
  • For extra accuracy, the broadheads have the spinning capability

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2. 2-Blade – Shock Collar and Ferrule Alignment Technology

RAGE Crossbow X, 2-Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead, 100 or 125 Grain with Shock Collar Technology...
  • PRECISION - Rage broadheads are known for their accuracy and their legendary wound channels
  • MASSIVE CUTTING SURFACES – Rear-deploying, SlipCam design with huge leading-edge blade and razor sharp .035"...
  • TECHNOLOGY - Improved Shock Collar Technology ensures proper blade retention while bolt is stored & in-flight and...
  • 3 PACK - 100 grain broadhead. Also available in 125 grain. Replacement blade R53005 (not included); Made in the USA
  • RAGE - Leading the Evolution in Mechanical broadheads.

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It’s one of the most excellent styles of Crossbow Broadheads, that becomes what you really need for your hunting task.

Its blades are ultra-sharp, so the target body can be cut too easily. 

This is a fantastic one if you want to have a great kind of tool to use on your Crossbow.

There is a shock collar available that allows the maximum retention of the blade.

So, for 100 percent good hunting performance, that’s what you need.

The blades are constructed of stainless steel, the stronger stuff, and it gives maximum sharpness.

So, it would allow you to get the highest hunting performance possible.

With the package, there is a free practice head offered, which is a plus point of purchasing this piece.

It is designed specifically for crossbows, so right now, it would be a great choice to use.

Do not waste time, and then accomplish your objectives in the best possible way.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It is the finest broadhead mechanical crossbow
  • Its material is solid and robust
  • To successfully smash the target body, the blades are very sharp
  • It can float just like a tip in a field

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3. Swhacker SWH00207 #207

Swhacker SWH00207 #207 2 Inch Cut Broadheads Set of 3-100 Grain, Green, 2"
  • PROUDLY Made in the USA
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Two sets of blades = greater momentum and pass through. Set 1 takes the punishment of impact,...
  • FIELD POINT Accuracy
  • PRODUCT SPECS: Blade: .032" thick, stainless steel, honed razor sharp. Point: Hardened high-carbon steel. Ferrule:...
  • INCLUDES: A reusable rugged case, 3 broadheads, 6 replacement bands

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There are many explanations why this broadhead, one of which is the unique blade style, stood out to us. 

Two different cutting edges have the overall blade style. 

The wing blades that split the hide and the very first rib sets are regarded as the first set of blades available. 

These are shorter than the main blades and, including hair, dirt, and bones, manage more of the intrusions upon entry.

During entry, the main blades then do not touch anything and influence the internal organs. 

The design is extremely long-lasting as it has an anodized aluminum ferrule for aircraft and a hardcore high-carbon steel point.

In terms of design, simulation, and price, this is maybe the most well-rounded and absolute broadhead.

As it delivers an amazing flight, it is extremely well-considered.

It ought to be sharpened; but, it’s a price worth paying.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes a strong carbon steel point of hardening
  • The blade is 0.32 “wide and built of stainless steel”
  • The ferrule of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum
  • Extremely advanced design that contributes to excellent penetration
  • Extensible broadheads of 100-grains at an accessible price point

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4. Rage Bow Hunting Hypodermic

RAGE Hypodermic Crossbow Broadhead, 100g, Multi (39600),silver
  • Included Components: Rage Hypodermic Crossbow Broadhead 100Gr-2In Cut
  • FERRULE ALIGNMENT - (F.A.T.) technology promotes aerodynamic flight, Massive leading edge blade, Razor sharp .035"...
  • TECHNOLOGY - comes with improved high energy shock collar technology which ensures proper blade retention
  • 3 PACK - 100 grain broadhead. Also available in 125 grain. Replacement Blade R39005 (not included) Made in the USA

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There are several characteristics of the Rage Hypodermic broadhead that have managed to have quite an effect.

It contains a solid steel ferrule equipped with a hybrid tip that provides the product with aerodynamics.

Another impressive aspect of the object is how it doesn’t lose impact power. 

This is attributed to the technology of SlipCam, which initiates installation upon the rear blades’ impact. 

The sleek profile makes it easy to get the precision of a field edge.

Moreover, the Broadhead retention method is genuinely outstanding and one of a sort.

It has a shock collar and NC (no collar) innovation that has been copyrighted.

Overall, the item is unbelievably well-constructed and creative. 

It is built to provide unbelievable effects and penetration. 

The Ferrule model helps provide an exceptional flight experience.

In comparison, the retention mechanism is unmatched; the service is also a perfect investment to make.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Exceptional penetration and a fantastic trail of blood
  • Stainless steel blades with a cutting width of 2 inches
  • Ferrule alignment technology (FAT) supports aerodynamic flight technology
  • Equipped with a high-energy shock collar design for the proper retaining of blades
  • Without substantial kinetic energy loss, SlipCam technology avoids loss of influence

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5. Rage 2 Blade Broadhead

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This product, carefully built to have outstanding penetration, is highly efficient and exceptionally robust. 

It has an advanced technology for shock collars that provides excellent retention of the blade. 

To offer an effective hit, the wide leading-edge blade enhances traction and induces the animal’s imminent death to minimize the pain. 

It also gives a powerful and lethal two-inch cut.

The design is also able to save energy so you can hunt high.

It provides excellent traction and precision together with that.

This product is, last but not least, extremely accurate and amazingly well-designed. 

To offer the greatest exposure and quick kill, it offers shock collar innovation combined with increased velocity. 

Overall, however, it is proving to be a worthwhile venture.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Offers strong accuracy
  • Provides a cut diameter of two inches for deadly cutting
  • Enhanced blade retention shock collar technology
  • Ability to retain kinetic energy so that you can check for large ones
  • Leading-edge wide blade to raise momentum to provide successful impact and fast kill

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6. STINGER 2 Blade Arrow Broadhead

Stinger 2 Blade Arrow Broadhead (Pack of 3), 150-Grain
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Available in 85 100 125 and 150grain
  • Spin tested

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With its impeccable style, this marvelous broadhead captured the attention.

It has been built from a stainless steel grade knife and is rendered straight out of the box to be razor-sharp. 

Given its acrylic aircraft-grade aluminum structure, it appears to have an outstanding flight.

For hunters, alignment is a major concern; the product is, therefore, spin-tested to have proper alignment. 

Also, it has a proprietary diamond tip that allows penetration for bone-splitting and is worthy of taking on the hardest hides. 

Plus, it arrives with a repair warranty for a lifetime, which helps it to be incredibly durable.

All and all, it is a product that is incredibly creative and well-constructed. 

It comes with an accurate and well-thought-through framework that includes amazing penetration and flying impact. 

It is, thus, deemed to be an outstanding purchase.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes with a guarantee of a lifetime
  • Built of knife-grade stainless steel
  • Provides great alignment as spin-tested
  • The ferrule is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, which provides the ideal flight
  • The proprietary diamond tip can accommodate rugged hides and outstanding penetration

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7. Magnus SBC100-2 Stinger Buzzcut 2 Blade Broadhead

Magnus SBC100-2 Stinger Buzzcut 2 Blade Broadhead Arrow 100-Grain,(Pack of 3)
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Available in 85 100 125 and 150grain
  • Spin tested

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Numerous variations in this product have attracted interest in the product. 

The concept is unbelievably creative and exceedingly accurate.

It is made of stainless steel knife-grade and has razor-sharp durability, making it both highly robust and highly damageable. 

Plus, the primary blade is serrated, which enables the internal organs to be easily destroyed.

The flight of the broadhead is a key feature for this product that is well thought out by the manufacturer since it has been spin-tested to have an excellent flight and thus guarantees high impact and precision.

The unit proves to be a true gem, whether it be flying, design, or durability. 

As it has a stainless steel structure and has outstanding performance, the design is really exceptional.

It is, indeed, a perfect investment.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Simple and highly penetrable for sharpening
  • Built of knife-grade stainless steel
  • Deals with a lifetime substitution offer
  • For the amazing flight, accuracy-machined and spin-tested
  • For efficient cutting, the main blade contains sculpted serration

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8. B3 Exoskeletal 2 Blade Broadhead

B3 Archery Exoskeletal-2 blde, Silver
  • B3 ARCHERY EXOSKELETAL BROADHEADS - are stronger, straighter and superior - a patent-pending design built by...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - A combination of blades lying flat and a friction grommet under the blades eliminates external...
  • DESIGN - Two-blade design, cutting surface + 2 1/8 inches. Head design features built-in stops for both closed and...
  • CRUSHING PENETRATION - Blades rotate quickly around the smooth tower to improve penetration. The curved blades cut...
  • MATERIAL - 100 grain B3 Archery exoskeletal broadheads provide maximum penetration and enhanced flight stability....

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Stronger, smoother, and preferable, a patent-pending model created by archers and hunters.

Curved blades can cut more easily and penetrate longer.

The combination of smooth blades with a friction dowel under the blades removes visible bands.

Silent flight with the precision of field trips.

The pre-loaded blade angle can be implemented easily.

Style features incorporated stops for both open and closed positions, limiting damage to arrows.

Built utilizing 100-grain all-hardened steel 400 series.

The thickness of the blade is + .032 stainless steel.

To maximize penetration, blades spin rapidly across the smooth tower.

Razor-sharp points, also in the closed role, remain exposed.

The superior strength of the outer shell mounting device does not require pins or washers.

Blades placed on opposite sides or aircraft, that cause greater bleeding.

Two-blade style, + 2 1/8 inches of cutting surface.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Built utilizing 100-grain all-hardened steel 400 series
  • The thickness of the blade is + .032 stainless steel
  • To maximize penetration, blades spin rapidly across the smooth tower
  • And in the closed role, razor-sharp edges remain visible
  • The superior strength of the Exoskeletal Mounting System needs no pins or washers

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9. G5 Montec 2 Blade Broadhead

G5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain 1-1/16" Cut Broadheads (3 Pack)
  • The blade angle is designed to allow for repeated maximum penetration and devastation.
  • One-Piece Metal Injection Molding Construction, with no parts needed to replace or maintain. This broadhead is easy...
  • Due to the strong tapered blade design's and angle it allows the Montec to be easily re-sharpened.
  • 3 Broadheads Per Pack
  • 1" to 1 1/8" Cutting Diameter

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The device is 100 % effective and practical as it quickly slices the target body when it comes into contact with it.

The blades of this Broadhead are incredibly sharp and provide you with the full performance of your targets for hunting.

Its layout is based on the concept of a single item.

The technology of MonoFlowTM renders the product robust.

So, it’s more robust and more appealing.

It is checked with a 100% spin, which offers you the full result of the hunting practices.

It contains 100% steel content, which renders it more durable than most ordinary items.

It is a product that is essentially precise and reaches the target harder and penetrates better. 

So, with this awesome Broadhead, you will get the perfect results.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It is a commodity that is robust
  • It is simple to mount, and the parts do not have to be assembled
  • The blades are powerful, strong, and sharp enough for the dense material to be easily cut
  • It is possible to quickly sharpen the edges
  • The style is distinctive and enticing

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10. Bloodrunner 2 Blade Broadheads

Bloodrunner 100 Deep 6 2-Blade (3 Pack)
  • Country Of Origin : China
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 6 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 10 Inches
  • The Package Width Of The Package Is 6 Inches

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The strong and durable, carbon steel, minuscule, rear deployed 2 blade features around two inches of splitting diameter, has a low 1.125 flight profile for field point precision and diminishing cutting strength.

Producing huge entry and exit loops, major blood trails, and quicker recoveries on impact. 

Stretches to a complete 2.0625 “open cutting diameter on the impact that remains open all the way to the target, no matter what, it cuts. 

The 2 blade BloodRunner is amazingly-strong, has the industry’s sharpest blades, and offers total durability. 

Extreme strength and excellent penetration are provided by the special ferrule feature made of rugged steel 7075 aircraft aluminum. 

The BloodRunner is powerful enough to reach even the hardest targets, built with two intimidating sharp 0.039″ thick stainless steel blades.

In your quiver or flight, the Bloodrunner 2 blade would not open and does not need o-rings or rubber bands.

The Bloodrunner presents outstanding flight characteristics that include field point precision.

The thickness of the blade is 0.039 “with the sharpness that you foresee from all NAP broadheads.

A fixed blade broadhead that extends on contact and allows a hunter the peace of mind that it can cut no matter what, BloodRunner technology provides you with the best of both worlds.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Large holes for access and flee
  • Hybrid concept tested by flight that offers you field point precision with fixed-blade power
  • To increase penetration, modern over-bore technologies creates large wounded networks
  • Sharp, rear-deployed blades  provide rear traction and a massive wound network
  • Sleeker ferrule for increased precision and higher density

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The Best Broadheads To Find

The design of the unit and the cutting width should be weighed by those searching for the right broadhead above anything else. 

This is especially relevant for utilitarian and functional reasons when game hunting. 

The grain, for example, is very relevant as it can assess the broadhead’s overall longevity over time. 

This is because there are varying deterioration times of various products, which in turn influences the long-term sharpness of the broadhead. 

You ought to take the time to read as much as you can about what makes a good broadhead and what to aim for while purchasing any, for this purpose.

What Is To Be Considered


We relate to the drawing quality of each particular unit when we relate to the ‘kind’ of a broadhead. 

Although it is safer to combine low-poundage bows with defined blade cut-on-contact points with only a few blades, for functional purposes, elevated-draw bows should be fitted with hydraulic broadheads, primarily penetration. 

Now, it can be said that there are several subtly different versions to choose from, a choice that for beginner archers may be a little daunting.

Blade Count

The number of blades defines how much of a blood trail effect the broadhead will have. 

The larger the number of blades, the higher the bleeding impact would be in this respect. 

Using a broadhead of two blades is what you like since at least two would ensure a contact through the muscle tissue. 

This way, it is impossible that you would ever again miss a stream of blood.


It has to be stated that when it needs to come to how much power is required for optimum penetration, the scale of the broadhead will make a huge difference. 

Although a small broadhead is ideal for low-draw strength bows, wider blades typically produce a greater cutting area and thus cause greater trails of blood.


The components used to construct a broadhead decide how solid and strong the broadhead itself can be.

It is popular for broadheads, and even a mixture of the two, to be produced from stainless steel or aluminum. 

In reality, some of the strongest broadheads are constructed of carbon steel, with the only difficulty being the possibility of rusting and rotting, as iron is normally used in such a structure.


We apply to the wide cutting point installation that we find connected to an arrow shaft while we speak about the material of the broadhead. 

Based on the size, it is normal for broadhead grain to range from 85 to 150. 

As there are few structural variations between broadheads of a huge nature, you are advised to pick the variety that better fits your requirements and shooting style. 

We should find out, on a similar note, that crossbow broadheads typically vary from 100 to 125 grains.

Final Thoughts

No matter how strong of a composite bow or crossbow you may have, you should always match them with good 2 blade broadheads

Broadheads are fairly simple tools that one continues to keep in his archery paraphernalia but when it comes to buying one, there is a lot of confusion, possibly because there are so many differential variables attached to it. 

Thus, we have agreed to gather all the information you wanted to buy a two-blade broadhead of a decent standard.

We claim this because it is possible to anticipate broadheads to provide the killer blow or leave a considerable blood trail for you to track. 

You want to take the time in this regard to work out what kind of broadhead will better fit your needs while also remaining sharp, reliable, deadly, to robust enough to seriously invest worthwhile. 

Last but not least, keep a keen eye on what other individuals are doing, and, for good purposes, popular styles are similar in general.

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