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10 Best Animal Archery Targets & Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

This article contains the best 10 life-sized animal archery targets that will help you improve your aim.

Do you want to make the most out of your archery practice and progress as a shooter?

There are many sizes and styles of targets offered by the archery target industry.

3D animal archery targets are some of the best fun-to-shoot targets.

Big game hunters mainly use them, but one can also choose a small-sized animal archery target for backyard practice.

There are other 3D animal archery targets such as zombies, dinosaurs, and even aliens.

Table of Contents

1. Delta McKenzie Strutter Turkey

Strutter Turkey
It’s the best target practice for those who love pursuing elusive wild turkeys with bows and arrows.

It’s a turkey realistic in both size and appearance that weighs approximately 7 kilograms and measures 26*18*13 inches.

For long-lasting use, Delta McKenzie uses high-density flexible foam material to make this item.

This material has an excellent stopping capability for hundreds of shots.

It also makes extraction of arrows simple with just a single pull of the arm and the self-healing capability works within seconds after removal.

It has been authorized for use with both field points and fixed blade broadheads but can also handle mechanicals.

The base of this animal target offers stability which makes it possible for you to take multiple shots without having to reset it.

Strutter turkey is suitable for economic competition and backyard practice.

Turkey bow hunters now have a life-like practice scenario thanks to Delta McKenzie’s strutter turkey.

This animal target has no replaceable core, but the firm, flexible foam, serves you for long withstanding multiple shots.

According to reviews from different major e-commerce platforms, this product is purchased a lot and has a 4.5-star review and positive feedback.

However, some challenges such as defects may arise immediately after delivery.

All this is taken care of by the warranty that covers any manufacturer’s defect.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Use of self-healing flex foam
  • A stable base
  • One-piece body design

2. Shooter Buck 3D Deer Archery Target With Replaceable Core

Deer Archery Target with Replaceable Core
It’s a product by Feradyne Outdoors LLC, a well-known manufacturer of outdoor sports goods such as bows, arrows, crossbows, quivers, and other archery products.

If you want to practice your aim on a life-like buck design, this huge target that stands at 48 inches tall and weighs 5.8kg is your solution.

It can withstand hundreds of shots from field heads, broadheads, and expandables.

The scoring rings are in strategic positions in vital areas for realistic practice or use in competitions.

Its impact-response is tough making it impenetrable and can handle repeated shots moving at a speed of 400 feet per second.

Feradyne uses a high-impact foam that is durable and weather-resistant which makes it last long even when you accidentally forget it outside on a rainy day.

In addition to durability is the high-density 25% larger replaceable core that extends the life of your target.

It also comes with ground stakes that give it stability enabling it to stop arrows shot at it without toppling over.

It’s a solid 1-piece target with easy one-handed arrow removal.

This animal target can be suitable for both casual and serious hunters.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has a replaceable core
  • 3D graphics type outlook that makes it a perfect target for shooters
  • It’s a 4-feet buck target with ground stakes for stability
  • Vital impact scoring rings

3. Rinehart Peccary Boar Target IBO Pattern

Boar Target IBO Pattern
This product by Rinehart is a 3D Peccary Boar target that weighs 22.95 pounds and measures 20 inches tall 39 inches long.

The use of self-healing foam in its manufacture means that it can take shot after shot without any damage even during vigorous practice.

This easy pull polyfoam makes the removal of arrows easy and the hole created by the arrow tip heals within a maximum of 10 seconds upon removal.

The exclusive foam is capable of stopping broadheads, field heads, and even expandable arrows.

It’s black which increases the difficulty level making it essential to help you improve your aim.

It has a replaceable insert core with a patented locking insert that you can change without hassle with the help of the insert tubes.

Replacing the cores after wearing out ensures a long life for your target.

However, you have to be an excellent shooter to ensure that you only hit the core and not the rest of the body that is not replaceable.

The core has IBO pattern scoring rings for efficient aiming practice and you can collect points when you know where to hit.

This animal target has multiple five-star ratings from most buyers on major online stores.

It’s a clear indication that this is one of the best middle-sized animal targets ever made. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has a replaceable core with locking insert
  • Easy removal of arrows
  • Self-healing foam that keeps the target intact

4. Delta McKenzie Aim Rite Bear

Aim Rite Bear
This 3D life-like target from Delta McKenzie comes in flexible and durable FlexFoam.

This material is tightly compressed in layers for increased durability during vigorous practice or even competition.

It is a huge animal target that resembles a real-life bear and is 28 inches high and 45 inches long.

It weighs 12.11 Kilograms and is entirely black.

This target comes with two 16-inch metal stakes that provide stability at the base.

These stakes prevent it from tipping over even when hitting with arrows from a mighty bow.

It has a replaceable core that can withstand either field points or broadheads.

Arrows that are moving at speeds of up to 350 feet per second stop instantly when they hit the target core.

The core is much more reliable due to the tight compression mold of the layered foam.

This speed is quite high and according to reviews from previous buyers, arrows from powerful bows are a bit difficult to pull out.

A replaceable core saves your coin since, in case of damage, you do not have to repurchase the entire dummy.

It comes with two metal stakes that you can simply hammer into the ground and set the target down on them.

It is suitable for practice in your backyard or even in economic competitions for a hunting club setting or 3D tournaments.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Use of layered foam
  • It has a removable insert core
  • It comes with two long metal stakes for stands

5. GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target With Replaceable Insert Core

GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target
If you want the biggest buck to practice on right there in your backyard, this 62-inch tall animal target is your best shot at improving your aim.

It is a magnificent life-like buck with a shoulder height of 37 inches and weighs 15.88 Kilograms.

Well renowned wildlife artist, Mike Carlson, is the man we should be thanking for carefully designing and sculpting this buck.

It’s a life-like 300-pound live-weight whitetail buck that features a large Radius Lock insert.

This insert is four-sided which means that immediately you start shooting on one side, you will have three more sides to practice on.

It’s a massive advantage for serious bowhunters because you are sure of the long life of your target.

Each of the four sides shows the location of the vitals by giving the shooter an inside view of the buck’s vulnerable points.

The core which measures 14*14*14 inches shows three locations: the heart, lung, and liver.

The practice with this buck creates a simulation of you shooting at a real animal and aiming for the vital parts.

This target has a very long life due to GlenDel using open layered poly fusion technology while manufacturing.

It provides you with self-healing surfaces which stops arrows with friction instead of force.

It is easy to set up as it comes with a 150-inch full rut stand for more stability.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The replaceable insert provides 4-sided shooting ability
  • It comes with a full rut stand
  • The vital signs locations are indicated

6. Morrell Bionic Buck Ⅱ 3D Archery Solid Foam Target

Solid Foam Target
This animal target is manufactured by a company known as Morrell which is well known for its block targets.

The company only makes a few 3D targets, the Bionic Buck being one of them.

It stands at 30 inches tall and 21 inches long while weighing approximately fifty pounds.

Morrell uses fade-resistant paint for longevity and provides a two-year warranty.

This target is mainly meant to take abuse from broadheads and is very suitable for a quality crossbow target.

This target uses peak quality foam sturdy enough to withstand an arrow moving at a speed of 320 feet per second.

It’s strong enough to stop a broadhead, field trip, or fixed blade.

At the same time, the removal of arrows is smooth without much damage to the target due to the Flex Back self-healing foam.

On one side of the buck are scoring rings, on the other side are raised vitals of the deer which gives you practice on multiple kill zones.

The head and butt plate both rotate due to the portholes at the end of the midsection.

It is easy to set up all the parts together and have it stand on two stakes.

The entire midsection with all the kill zones is replaceable after taking too many shots.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has four kill zones
  • Solid foam material
  • Both the head and tail can rotate

7. Delta McKenzie Howling Coyote 3D Target

Howling Coyote 3D Target
This animal target resembles a real-life Coyote with life-sized dimensions which make it an ideal practice for hunting shots.

It stands at 35 inches high and 33 inches long and weighs 6.28 kilograms.

Delta McKenzie uses the self-healing Tech Flex E-Z Pull Foam which provides increased durability that allows the target to withstand multiple shots.

This lightweight FlexFoam material makes the removal of arrows instant and hassle-free.

It can hold up well to field points, broadheads, and expandables.

This target can stay longer since there are replacement parts available for both the head and body after taking quite a beating.

It is suitable for backyard shooting, but it would also be ideal for competition or hunting practice.

The three scoring rings enhance effective practice over the vital section that assist you in honing your aim towards the smallest critical zone.

When planning to hunt coyote-size game, this target offers you a more realistic practice experience than when aiming at large targets.

This animal target does not have a replaceable core.

It means that its lifespan is shorter than that of those with a replaceable core.

It also comes without any stands and it’s not as stable as it would be with a stand for stability.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has scoring rings for focus on vital areas
  • Made from lightweight foam making it easy to move around
  • 3D life-sized

8. CW-X Delta McKenzie 3D Raccoon Backyard Target

3D Raccoon Backyard Target
If you are looking for a small budget-friendly 3D target, this lightweight option by Delta McKenzie is suitable for beginners and also experienced archers.

The use of FlexFoam material which is durable makes it a long-lasting target.

It is 20 inches tall and 12 inches long and weighs as little as 3.63 Kilograms.

It merely means that the target is easily movable.

One of the most attractive things about this animal target is its close resemblance to a real raccoon.

When shot with arrows from some powerful bows, they are a bit hard to pull out since the target is small.

You may require an arrow puller to solve this problem.

When you stick to shooting field tips at this target, the arrows come out quickly, and it is likely to stay longer than when practicing with broadheads.

Such arrows at a very high speed also cause the target to tip over, having no stand to secure it to the ground for more stability.

This target does not come with a replaceable core and hence can become worn out over time, especially with frequent and vigorous practice.

It is suitable for backyard practice and you can even improve your aim indoors with this life-like 3D raccoon.

It provides a fun and realistic shooting practice and kids love to shoot at this target.

For competitive shooters, it comes with scoring rings that enable you to focus more on the vital areas.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It resembles a real-life raccoon
  • It comes with scoring rings
  • Use of self-healing foam

9. Delta Riverbottom Series Challenger

Riverbottom Series Challenger
This animal target is suitable for whitetail buck hunting in your backyard or out in the field for a club’s member’s economic competition.

It’s made from FlexFoam which is light in mass and features a UV-resistant coating.

It can handle arrows from some of the most powerful bows.

It’s approved for use with broadheads, expandables, and field trips with the extraction of arrows being easy.

This 3D animal target comes with a 1-year warranty from Delta McKenzie.

The Delta Riverbottom Series Challenger stands at 40 inches tall looking like a real live whitetail buck.

The target has a small size which will make you a better shooter by helping you concentrate your aim.

This target is a replaceable vital core that consists of Delta’s technological self-healing foam that can withstand hundreds of continuous shots.

The core appears on both sides and can be replaced individually for each.

It means that you can keep shooting on one side even if the core on the opposite side is missing while awaiting replacement.

It is easy to move around weighing approximately 7.78 Kilograms.

This animal target can be for both kids and adults for practice as well as both professional and beginner hunters.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The target core is replaceable separately on each side
  • One-year warranty
  • It’s multicolored
  • You can shoot on both sides

10. Rinehart Woodland Boar 3D Target

Boar 3D Target
It’s a Reinhart Target’s product that stands at 29 inches tall and 39 inches long.

It’s sturdy and can withstand aluminum, wood, and carbon arrows shot from compound and crossbows.

The use of Reinhart FX patented self-healing foam enables it to work this magic.

Broadheads, expandables, and field trips are quickly brought to a halt by this 3D woodland boar target.

The removal of arrows does not require pullers or lubricants since they come out easily.

The hole created by the arrowhead heals and returns to its standard shape within 10 seconds thanks to its self-healing properties.

It weighs 10.71 Kilograms which makes it easy to move around your target.

It‘s also weatherproof and can withstand rain and ultraviolet rays from the sun which causes a lot of materials to deteriorate.

To ensure the prolonged life of your animal target, it has a replaceable midsection core with patented locking insert tubes that lock the target in place.

When you practice your shot at this 3D archery target, you are simulating yourself shooting at the real animal.

This target comes with 10-8-5 scoring rings that will help you improve your aim when you have a specific target to hit.

It can work well for both adults and kids and beginner and expert archers as it has the capability and durability to let anyone practice. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • It can handle shots from crossbows and compound
  • It comes with 10-8-5 scoring rings
  • It has a one-piece body design

How To Choose The Right Target For Your Bow

Beginner and even professional bowhunters are at some point puzzled by which archery target to purchase for practicing.

You no longer have to practice by shooting at old hay bales anymore.

There are three main types of archery targets from which you can decide which one meets your bow setup.

Nearly owned by every bowhunter are bag targets.

They are the most basic and generally contain a synthetic fiber that stops your arrows efficiently and still offers easy removal.

It’s advisable to use bar targets for indoor practicing where you can hang them in place and do not have to keep moving the target around anytime you want to practice.

You can use any type of compound bow setup to practice on bag targets, but ensure you use field points only.

Broadheads are likely to stay buried in the target and shred the outer cover of the bag upon removal.

Foam layer block targets are a step up from bag targets.

They are lightweight which makes them portable and are capable of stopping both field points and broadheads.

However, using field points more often will increase the lifespan of your target.

The foam layers use friction to stop arrows instead of force.

Using heavy bows on layered foam targets may cause arrow removal difficulties.

The final type of archery target is 3D practice targets.

These are the best archery targets that prepare you for real-life hunting situations.

They come in almost every animal species and provide a fun experience by simulating a hunting scenario.

Most 3D archery targets have replaceable midsections that you can easily replace after wearing out hence prolonged life for your target.

They are suitable for use with field points or you may lose a broadhead inside the foam core.

All types of targets differ from a quality level which determines the best arrowhead to use for practice.

Final Thoughts

3D animal archery targets are the best for hunting practices.

It’s mainly because they give you a scenario that is similar to what you will be facing when hunting.

The animal targets above all look like real animals and most of them are the size of the animals they represent.

The only limitation is that the foam wears out with more vigorous and frequent practice.

However, most of them have a replaceable core that handles all the damage prolonging the life of your target.

You can become a professional hunter by getting yourself one of the above and practicing right there in your backyard.

Through enough practice, they can also turn a beginner into an expert shooter who will be smashing the bullseye in competitions.

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