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Diamond Archery Inifinite Edge Pro Review (Updated 2021)

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Tim Rhodes

The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro is a bow that is manufactured in a way that’s suitable for both beginner and intermediate users.

Diamond Archery was created by a bow manufacturer that made it especially for competition, recreation, and hunting purposes.

It is the best option for target shooters and bow hunters to practice and gain solidity.

It allows longer draws and distances for your shots.

And, on top of all of that, it is an excellent option whether you are a beginner or intermediate.

Table of Contents

Quick Specs

  • Bow Type: Hunting, Recreation
  • Mass Weight: 3.2″ LBS
  • Ibo Speed: 310 fps
  • MSRP: $399 w/ Boondocks Pkg
  • Draw Length: 13-31″
  • Brace Height: 7″
  • Draw Weight: 5-70 lbs
  • Axle to Axle: 31″
  • Effective Let-Off: 80%
  • Kinetic Energy: 74.7 ft-lbs
  • Binary Cam System: No
  • Extreme Adjustability: Yes
  • EZ Adjust Pocket: No

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

If you’re a target shooter or if you love hunting, then no worries, the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro comes with nearly all the features you need.

The 70-pound draw weight of this compound bow helps you shoot at the speed of 310fps, which is appropriate for taking down large elk or black bears.

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro provides you with an extra level of accuracy with its extraordinary features of a dual camera to cut the time and gain overall speed, which is remarkable.

The adjustable draw length from 13 inches to 31 inches is preferable for taking down large targets.

If you’re a beginner, adjust it according to your need, and you’re ready to go.

If you do not know how to set the draw length, you should either read the instruction booklet or feel free to consult with a professional.

For balancing, a stabilizer is present that provides the best, most accurate shots.

It is also efficient in reducing noise.

Loud noises will spook your target, so it’s a bonus because this bow has both low noise and vibrations for you.

After Unpacking

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge comes with a complete kit with instructions written in the English language.

There’s also a booklet which shows proper usage for beginners.

It shows that this compound bow has the limit to extend the draw length up to 31° with a newly and completely redesigned camera system, making it a flawlessly smooth draw cycle.

It has a peep sight with a rubber tube inside the package octane, quiver, and a stabilizer.

Also, there is a bow sling that looks like a sort of hostage style.

There’s lubrication on the post side that the cable guard rides on, and the cable slide goes on.

The solid black wall gave it a smooth touch to make it over the competition and stabilizer, which helps for perfect balancing.


Dual Camera and Draw Weight

This is the complete package that appeals to both beginners and intermediates.

It has been manufactured very efficiently without a problem.

It has a dual camera, one at the top and the other at the bottom; both are synchronized and elliptical that move tandem at the same place.

The other features of the product are so good, they make you feel like buying other products from the manufacturer too.

The draw weight of the product is adjustable, which is between 5 to 70 pounds.

If you’re a beginner, you can adjust it to 35 pounds, and when you are ready, you can change it to 45, and so on.

The product is durable so long as you take care of it.

Draw Length and Back Wall

It has an excellent feature of adjusting the draw length as you can set it at 31 inches on the long and 13 inches on the low end that seems like an incredible range that makes it fit for every height.

The back wall of this product is very stiff, which makes it good for the finding of anchoring points.

Feet Per Second (FPS) and Axle to Axle Length

Several bows have great speed and go up to 370 FPS, but those models are very high-end models suitable for expert use only.

But this bow is able to propel its arrows at 310 FPS, which is fast enough for the target.

The axle to axle length is sort of little but is fit for shooting and gives shot stability.

Weight and Let-Off

There are some lighter products out there, but this product’s weight is 3.2 pounds that don’t make it any worse.

The let-off value of this product is 80%, and that is pretty good compared to other bows.

If you’re looking for a decent product, this certainly seems like one of the best options.


This compound bow Diamond Infinite Edge Pro has so many benefits that it will make you want to buy this product.

Here are some advantages of this product that makes it versatile and different from other types of bows:

Adjustable Draw Weight and Draw Length

As mentioned above in the product structure, it has an extraordinary feature of the adjustable draw that makes the bow fantastic to use.

You can adjust the bow to 5 pounds if the user is the young archer, and you can easily shift this to 70 pounds if necessary.

It’s totally according to your needs and how well you can use it.

It also has the solution you can easily adjust the range of draw length as you can set it 31 inches on the long and 13 inches on the low end that makes it a combo option.

Durable and Versatile

Some bows are good for some and not for others, but this bow is a great option in general.

As I said above in the mentioned details, every age group of people, beginners and intermediates, every height person, and hunting and shooting purposes.

These are all the features that make it versatile and suitable for everyone.

This provides durability for a long period as far as you keep it with good care.

Great Option For Switching to Compound Bows

Recurve shooters are mostly starters who want to pursue their hobby as a passion because they find recurve bows easy and intimidating.

Most people think that this bow is not for hunting purposes and it has complex uses, but the truth is, it is the best bow in the town, which will give you confidence and pursue you to change your hobby into a passion.

Efficient for Starters

If you’re new to archery, the Diamond Infinite Pro Max is one of the best tools to kickstart your new hobby or sport.

It’s superior to other bows as it comes in an easy package with an instruction booklet and extremely easy to use with adjustable draw length and weight.

It is packed with a three-pin sight on the riser and peep sight, a bow sling, and a stabilizer for perfect balancing.

This is all you need to start your archery career without having any worries.


Well, it is said that to every pro there is a con, so there are very few cons of this product.

All you need to do is:

Tune Before Use

When you receive this product, make sure to tune it first, especially if you’re a beginner.

Do not use it for shooting until it is tuned.

The draw weight is adjustable.

First, adjust it according to your needs, and then reset the peep sight.

The three-pin sights may take a lot of time to adjust.


The other problem associated with this device is that most people complain that the measurements are pretty bad.

I assure you that this product contains three-pin sight, which means that it aims at the target up to 40+ yards away.

However, if you want to shoot 50+ yards then you need a five-pin sight.

This product’s grip is okay, but if you’re somehow having trouble with the grip, then use some tape.

This issue is very common in all types of compound bows.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of this compound bow, however, more than makeup for the disadvantages associated with it.

Bow Design

If you are looking for something wild and colorful, this Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is the best for you.

It comes in different colors, i.e., pink blaze, black ops, mossy oak, and all of them look elegantly beautiful.

The best feature of this bow is setting options A, B, and C, which you can set according to your priority.

As the draw weight is adjustable, you can set it using a 3/16 inch hex wrench to tighten it before use.

All you need to take care of is to equally adjust them so you won’t have any trouble.

If you’re a hunter, it is preferably suited for you as it is very lightweight, making it easy to carry and use, just perfect for you.

Its ultra-light feature is due to aluminum in it, which makes it a riser and takes the weight off the bow.

If you’re a beginner and you are into shooting and hunting, it helps you manage, control, and shoot.

Noise and Vibration

The stabilizer helps in the elimination of noise and vibration.

One of the most important things necessary for a hunter is to remain silent until he takes the large target down.

To remain silent while hunting is considered to be the crucial step because you might be left empty-handed.

The product has a good stabilizer, which is very important so that there is less noise.

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro promises you to provide the ultra-light stabilizer with well-equipped material that limits the vibrations efficiently so that you won’t worry about the noise and vibrations.

This compound comes in a very affordable package and it eliminates separate investment in accessories such as silencers.

What’s Included?

Now I’m going to give you a quick preview of what is inside the package.

• Three-Pin Apex Sight

• BCY String Loop

• Octane Hostage XL Arrow Rest

• Comfort Wrist Sling

• Tube Peep Sight

• Octane Deadlock Lite Quiver

• Octane Ultra-Lite Stabilizer

Three-Pin Apex Sight

Before using a bow, you need to tune the three-pin apex sight, but it is not easy to tune because they are made from low-quality plastic.

Any mishandling can lead to breakage, so be careful before using.

But it is good for starters when you get command on the product you can change it.

Octane Hostage XL Arrow Rest

It is good and reliable.

If it is tuned right, the brushes can wear out a bit fast.

Comfort Wrist Sling

It is very comfortable for the wrist and easily adjustable.

Octane Deadlock Lite Quiver

It is very solid and holds the arrow tight.

Tube Peep Sight

As the sight name indicates, the tube peep sight is for the starters who want to properly manage the peep rotation.

So this will help the peep to rotate properly by keeping alignment with your eye.

But if you are an experienced person, you will have to switch the compound as you’ll need very little weight on your bow and prefer the tubeless peep.

Octane Lite Stabilizer

It is durable if used with care and is very lightweight.

This is immensely great in eliminating the huge noise and vibrations and thus keeps you focused on your target.

It is small in size and very efficient for hunting.

BCY String Loop

It is made up of good quality material.

This compound is highly recommended for starters and intermediates as it is a very light, decent, and affordable product.

but if you’re an expert, though, then you may consider

The Power of the Compound

This compound is highly recommended for starters.

It has a very strong game in letting the large target down.

The draw weight of this compound is 70 lbs, this compound blasts the arrow at the speed of 310 fps with a bear height of 7.

If your compound is set at 70 pounds of draw weight, then you can shoot the arrow at the speed of 270-275 fps, following the draw length of about 28 inches.

For the average hunt, the suggested speed is 65 ft-lbs of kinetic energy to shoot the large target game, such as a black bear or an elk.

So this compound provides you with the 400 grains arrow to fulfill your need.

If you consider the use of grain arrows, for 350-grain arrows, the suggested draw weight is 70 lbs.

Also, for precautionary purposes, always use the arrows that weigh at least five grains per pound of the draw weight.

Otherwise, that may cause damage to your compound, and you may void the warranty.

Hunting Features

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro can take down any target.

The weight of the bow is 3lbs, so it is very easy to carry and makes it more stable.

Some hunters prefer the use of a heavier bow because they think it’s more stable, while others prefer light-weighted models as it provides more accuracy and prevents fatigue during a longer period of hunting.

The stabilizer is five inches, which reduces the vibrations so that there is no need to buy other accessories.

Flexibility and Performance

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro compound is the most adjustable bow you can buy.

The flexibility and performance of this compound are beyond expectations.

It does not define your age group and works fine with all the people.

There are three options named A, B, and C, which are present on the device that allows maximum flexibility.

The adjustable draw weight and length are ideal for more than one person to shoot, making it a multi shooter.

The solid black wall is the draw feature that makes it smooth and comfortable even at a weight of 70 pounds.

This compound provides the fastest speed of 310 fps in this reasonable price range compared to other devices.

It fires with a slight hint of hand shock to ensure that you won’t feel a thing.

Additional Features

It is durable if used with care and is very light weighted.

This is immensely great in eliminating the huge noise and vibration and keeps you focused on your target.

This bow is present in the market as both right-handed and left-handed so that you can choose wisely according to your dominant eye.

The bow can shoot at 310 feet per second (FPS), so you can propel the arrow at high speed efficiently.

It is suitable for beginners and intermediates who love shooting and hunting.

It is the best designed new model which is the most versatile bow which meets all your demands.

Price Range for the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

As the bow Tech Company provides you with an authentic bow at a very good price value.

For beginners, it is very inexpensive as it provides high-quality design and a high-end component.

Making the amount fair also includes the parts that have the average value instead of good, as there is a need for other additional equipment.

One of the average parts of this product is the 3-pin Tundra sight that could be better than average, but it is adequate for beginners, and with the increase in skill, it can be upgraded.

It consists of short fiber-optic lines that hold the low light shooting.

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is not for particular specialty purposes because it’s some average tool.

The most enthusiastic expert archers are more likely to choose the tool with a specific performance level.

But the price range of this compound is satisfactory for the user who is a beginner or an intermediate because it provides a good mix of balance.

What Others Are Saying

Before purchasing a new product, one of the things which matters the most is the reviews. 

Most of the people who buy the product give reviews either good or bad.

People are very satisfied with the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro.

From teens to old age people, all were fascinated by the use of this compound.

There are many other reviews you can find on different websites.

Final Thoughts

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is a bow that is available at a very affordable price with a lot of features.

This compound is great for beginners and very efficient in its feature of adjustable draw weight and length.

The quality of this modern compound bow attracts many of the people out there as they said that the bow shoots quietly and has low recoil, and the quality of this product was quite decent and easily replaceable.

If you’re a hunter, it is preferably suited for you as it is very lightweight, making it easy to use.

This compound bow is all you need to start your archery career without major worries.

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