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10 Best Archery Bag Targets & Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

Archery bag targets answer all your concerns.

Unlike the foam block targets and 3D targets, bag targets are specially designed for indoor use either in your basement or backyard.

Choosing an ideal bag target is important for your practice because you want it to last longer and to get it at an affordable price.

A good bag target should include:

  • Durability –  it should withstand a large number of hits without ripping apart
  • Easy for arrow retrieval – it shouldn’t take much effort to pull out arrows
  • Safety – it should also provide safety to the arrows preventing any damage

You should also consider the size that suits your needs:

  • The cost of the target
  • The grommets or handles for hanging it outside
  • The bright color of the target that is visible from afar

Here is a list of the 10 best archery bag targets that we have gathered for you to help you choose the one that is perfect for your needs.

Table of Contents

1. Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target H25

Field logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target H25This archery bag target is great for beginners and sport hunters to practice their skills.

The key feature of the product is that it’s very durable.

The Hurricane company has built this target with 1000 psi tri-core technology that makes it able to withstand a great number of hits without much wear and tear.

It comes at a very affordable price with a good price to quality ratio.

You will love how versatile this target is providing bright color contrast and making it visible for long-range shots; as well as showing a backside with deer vitals drawn on it.

The most interesting and attractive feature here is that the aiming points on the reverse side are differently positioned than ones on the front providing a good range.

Moreover, the target is portable and extremely convenient to carry outdoors due to its lightweight.

It measures 20″ x 20″ x 10″ weighs only 5 pounds and has a heavy-duty handle to carry it easily from inside to your backyard or to the basement of your home.

The design is for indoor use mostly and has two sides available in three different sizes – 20, 25, and 28 inches.

This Hurricane archery bag is an excellent choice for prolonged and versatile practice sessions.

With easy retrieval of arrows with only 2 fingers pull and no damage to arrowheads.

Like all the other bag targets, it will last longer with field points but you should not use it for broadheads as they can form a rip apart the cover when pulled out.

It cannot withstand prolonged sun or rain exposure, so you should better keep it inside.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Sturdy and versatile
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Relatively affordable

2. Morrell Yellow Jacket Crossbow Target

Yellow Jacket Crossbow Target

Morrell targets offer the best archery targets.

They’re well renowned in the industry for their provision of good quality archery targets at an affordable price.

This particular bag target of Morrell is unique in its ability to withstand pressure from a range of high-speed bows including crossbows and compound bows.

It can stop bolts up to 350 fps.

Layering in the center of the target effectively stops the high-speed bolts and arrowheads.

While still taking care of the safety of arrows with no damage to them.

The sturdiness of this target is also commendable making it an ideal bag target for prolonged practice sessions.

To use it with minimal wear and tear, we would recommend using it for field tips only as bag targets are not ideal for broadheads.

If you’re new to archery or you don’t have a target stand, then this Morrell yellow jacket target is for you.

It has great stability for placing it on the floor with something behind it for support.

Don’t worry, your support will be fine as this target doesn’t let arrows to pass through it.

Another great feature of this target is the ability to remove arrows with very little effort requiring only one hand.

This two-sided 30 pounds target has a carrying handle for easy transport and carrying along with grommets for hanging it on a tree.

This provides a change in the practice techniques by trying for different angles.

If the cover of your target wears out then you can get it replaced to provide a cheap solution.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Long-lasting
  • Great stability on the ground
  • Easy transport and hanging
  • Replaceable covers

3. Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3

Yellow Jacket Supreme 3

The Morrell yellow jacket supreme is another bag target of the Morrell line.

If you practice with field points using high-speed compound bows, then this bag target is just for you.

It’s used for a variety of bows including longbow, recurve, and Mongol horse bow as long as you are using field points only.

It stops all the bolts perfectly up to a speed of 350 fps with easy removal of arrows requiring only two fingers for removal of bolts.

Morrell yellow jacket supreme is the most rugged and durable of the Morrell targets.

The graphic is excellent using red, yellow, and black coloring.

It’s spotted easily from afar.

The target is not very stable on the ground, but you can easily overcome this by putting a block of concrete behind it for support.

It offers grommets at the top corners for hanging it on a tree and trying various heights for target practice while a handle helps in easy carrying.

If you don’t want to move the target a lot and want to just leave it somewhere after adjusting it, then this target would be your ideal choice.

It is weatherproof and you can leave it hanging outside in the rain.

But don’t leave it in the wild as it’s weatherproof but bears and wildlife can damage it.

If you are an experienced archer using high-speed crossbows and want to practice your skills a few times a week, then this archery bag is all you need.

Pros & Benefits:

  • An ideal target for crossbows
  • Its graphic is perfect for long-range
  • Weatherproof
  • It stops bolts at a high speed

4. Morrell Yellow Jacket Stinger Field

Yellow Jacket Stinger Field
If you have just started polishing your archery skills, then you would need a target that stays with you for a lot of practice and doesn’t rip apart in the center.

This Morrell yellow jacket stinger is an ideal bag target for you.

The unique feature of this target is the layering in the center where it’s very dense and consists of 38 layers.

Thus, effectively stopping all high-speed bolts but still providing enough softness to the material that it doesn’t damage the arrowheads.

This bag target of 20″ x 20″ x 12″ and weighing only 19 pounds can stop bolts up to 325 fps.

Like other bag targets, it also has a long life and durability due to its inner layering and effectively stuffed material.

The arrow retrieval is surprisingly quite easy requiring no more than two fingers and not affecting the arrows at the same time.

This Morrell target with two shooting sides and 10 bullseyes is perfect for traditional and compound bows.

Its innovative design is ideal for long-range as well as short-range.

Its tote carrying handle makes it easy to carry and move around while you can leave it outside in rain with no damage to its cover because of its waterproof quality.

Like all bag targets, we recommend it only for field points while the use of broadheads or field points larger than arrow shaft is advised against.

This target is best used for indoor practice sessions by beginners or skilled sport hunters to hone their skills avoiding its prolonged use in the field.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Effective layering to stop arrows
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Waterproof
  • Best for traditional and compound bows

5. Morrell Supreme Range Field Point Bag Archery Target

Supreme Range Field Point Bag Archery Target
If you are passionate about archery then chances are that your children would be too.

National Archery in the school program is an initiative to indulge students in the educational benefits of archery and this would be an excellent medium for your children to enhance their skill level.

Morrell provides Morrell Supreme range field point targets especially as a NASP target with NASP scoring rings designed on it and with special consideration for adult bows.

The key feature of this target is that it’s 100% weatherproof.

This is essential for the long practice sessions by young archers, letting it stand in the sun and rain for long periods.

This NASP target is brutally tough and very sturdy providing a target for thousands of practice sessions.

The grommet holes in the target give variety to it letting it hang in the field on a tree or from a pole providing a different challenge for accurate shooting.

Weighing at 55 pounds, its design is ideal for long-range shots with a variety of aiming points to check your accuracy.

Similar to other bag targets, this target is also very durable.

The ease with which you can remove the arrows is exceptional.

Another interesting feature of this target is its ability to stop the arrows without letting them penetrate through it.

Its quick stop helps to achieve this feature while some arrows may bounce off after prolonged use of this target.

It’s built for field points only and using them would increase its life; unlike broadheads which would pierce it resulting in a large hole.

Pros & Benefits:

  • NASP archery target
  • 100% weatherproof
  • Prevent arrows from bouncing off
  • Sturdy

6. Delta McKenzie Speedbag 20/20 Archery Target

20/20 Archery Target
This is the first McKenzie archery target in this list.

The distinguishing feature of this specific bag target is the hydro-press stuffing of material.

Unlike the process of manually stuffing the material.

This hydro-press helps to set up ample space for accommodating an enormous amount of material inside the bag target.

Thus, increasing its arrow stopping power many folds.

This excess material stuffed inside the bag also makes it a lot more durable and long-lasting with little damage to the cover.

To be able to provide an accurate target for long-range shots, it holds excellent graphics with contrasting colors making it visible from long distances.

This 20″ × 20″ × 8″ target with a weight of 27 pounds has amazing stability for putting it on the ground and shooting at it.

Except maybe near the top for which you can use a concrete block as a stabilizer.

The bottom of the target also gives a Velcro flap that can help you to re-stuff the bag when needed.

To make the bag more portable, it has a sewn-in handle attached to it that helps in carrying it around.

The price of the bag is much cheaper compared to other targets possessing these qualities.

Compared to the Morrell bag targets listed above, this McKenzie target presents some difficulty in the removal of arrows.

Don’t worry, if you face some difficulty in pulling your arrows out, then the trick is not to yank them out.

Instead wiggle them a little and retrieve each arrow slowly and they will come out easily.

This bag target is for indoor practice, so bring it inside with you after practice.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Best arrow stopping power
  • Portable
  • High contrast graphics
  • Affordable

7. Morrell Keep Hammering Outdoor Range Target

Outdoor Range Target
This Morrell bag target is perfect for beginners or sport hunters who want to hone their skills on a long-range target that is kept outdoors.

The size of this bag target is almost double the size of similar targets providing a large room for errors by beginners and long-range shots.

Preventing any damage of the arrows which miss the target.

This Morrell target has dimensions of 32” ×29” ×13.5” and it has a large heft of 54 pounds.

The versatility of this bag makes it very favorable with two sides having an expansive shooting area and full-size bullseyes.

It is a favorable target for crossbows and compound bows.

76 layers of arrow stopping material in the bag provide an efficient stoppage of up to 380 fps.

The contrasting exterior of the target with black rings and red aiming points provide excellent visibility for long-range shots.

Multi-layered density design, internal frame system, and nucleus center of this target help to enhance the endurance and life of the target while practicing with field points.

You can take thousands of shots at it without any damage to the target.

Its weatherproof quality is an essential requirement for its outdoor usage preventing any damage by rain, sun, or even snow.

It also features an easy retrieval of arrows withstanding thousands of shots providing arrow safety and high visibility for target acquiescence.

It also provides an immense area to target with its enormous size and internal framing system.

The cover of the target provides a unique set of various dots to target and shoot at giving some variation.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Huge size and shooting target
  • Ideal for outdoor practice
  • 100% weatherproof
  • Versatile design

8. Field Logic Hurricane H21 Crossbow Archery Bag Target

Crossbow Archery Bag Target
Another top-notch target in the Hurricane bag target series is this field logic hurricane h21.

Similar to the other Hurricane field logic h25 target, this bag target also exhibits two shooting sides with versatile design.

One side shows multiple aiming points against a highly contrasting background; while the backside shows deer vitals.

The two sides demonstrate different target points, aimed at multiple positions all varied and off-centered from one another.

This provides a highly versatile target for shooting practice.

This specific model of hurricane series is smaller than its h25 companion with the dimensions of 21″x15″x20″ and weighing only 30 pounds.

The lightweight of the product along with the grommets and heavy-duty handle provides all the basics for carrying and moving the bag around with ease.

The smaller size of the target makes it an ideal practicing target for indoors and close-range aiming.

Thus, this bag target is perfect for beginners or for hunters with no time to practice outdoors.

The stuffing of this bag target is high-class and completely weatherproof preventing it from mildew, mold, or rot.

The high contrast graphics of the bag target are ideal for aiming and target acquiescence.

This h25 target has exceptional durability and sturdiness being able to withstand thousands of shots without any damage.

It can endure several shots from crossbows and high-speed bows providing easy removal of arrows and arrow safety.

Use it for field points only and it will stay with you for years.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Indoor and close-range target
  • Easy arrow removal
  • High contrast graphics
  • Portable

9. Bulldog Targets Doghouse Field Point Archery Target Plus

Field Point Archery Target Plus
If you are an experienced archer or a toxophilite, who loves shooting at targets hundreds of times a day, then this Bulldog target is just for you.

This is the only archery bag target that comes with a lifetime warranty.

It could be the only archery target you would buy.

With the dimensions of 24″ x 24″ x 10″ and a weight of only 27 pounds, this target is very lightweight and easy to carry around.

It has an incredible arrow stopping power and is suitable for all kinds of bows including recurve, compound bows, and even crossbows.

Another great feature of this Bulldog target is the ease with which you can pull your arrows out of it; requiring only two fingers to pull.

This is an incredible advantage for someone who is progressing towards older age.

It is also suitable for someone who shoots a great number of arrows a day and needs to conserve energy for shooting arrows instead of pulling them out.

It provides two shooting sides with both sides displaying multiple bullseyes.

This target is unique in its ability to stand upright without any support on the ground.

Compared to the other bag targets with similar weight, they need concrete support to balance.

To increase its durability, use it for field points only; although it can stop broadheads.

They may penetrate through it and damage it extensively.

It also comes equipped with an easy-grip handle to make it convenient for lifting and moving around.

It’s recommended for all high-speed bows.

Shooters who don’t like to move their targets around and beginners who are starting with field point practice.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Great stability without target stand
  • Portable

10. DELTA 70630 Speed Bag Crossbow

Speed Bag Crossbow
This bag target is another one of the Speedbag series designed and created especially for outdoor use.

If you have a wide field for practicing your aim outdoors or if you want to spend some time with nature and in the middle of all the beauty, then this bag target is what you should have.

The hydro-press internal composition of this bag target makes it extremely well suited for long practice sessions and trying various aiming techniques and angles.

The extreme durability and sturdiness of this bag target owing to the hefty amount of material stuffed inside make it brutally tough and extremely rugged.

The vast amount of internal stuffing provides an unparalleled arrow stopping power.

This results in the stoppage of all fast arrows and bolts; including crossbows up to 400 fps; without piercing the target.

This bag target can withstand the storm of high-speed bows and immense pressure.

As well as enduring the abuse of thousands of shots aimed at every inch of the bag.

Just like all the other bag targets, this bag also makes the process of pulling out the arrows a breeze.

Another excellent feature of this target that makes it much favorable for outdoor hunting and shooting practice is the high-quality graphics.

These amazing graphics provided by a high contrast background and aiming points.

Including 7 medium bullseyes and 3 small ones result in an easy acquisition of targets from a long distance.

The size of this target is a little bigger than most traditional bag targets with the dimensions of 24″ X 24″ X 10″ and weighing a little more at 45 pounds.

You can just put it somewhere outside without moving it for some time.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Hydro-press internal composition
  • High contrast graphics
  • For crossbows up to 400 fps
  • Durable and long-lasting

Final Thoughts

To sum up, while choosing the archery bag targets for you, carefully consider all your requirements to make the right choice.

If you are a beginner then the best archery bag target is the one that is the most durable for which Hurricane bag targets are highly recommended.

If you want an affordable bag target with good quality to price ratio, then Morrell Yellow Jacket Stinger Field is the perfect fit for your requirements.

If you are an advanced archer who shoots thousands of shots a day, then Delta McKenzie Speedbag 20/20 Archery Target with its amazing arrow stopping power is just made for you.

However, if you’re are an outdoorsy person, then Morrell Keep Hammering Outdoor Range Target is an ideal pick with its weatherproof feature.

In conclusion, all these archery bag targets are for field points only and mostly for indoor practice.

As your skills enhance, you can try Block archery bag targets and 3D targets for broadheads and for honing your hunting skills.

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