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10 Best Archery Arm Guards & Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

We’re here to talk about archery arm guards.

Are you an archer or a toxophilite?

Well, if you are one of those, you are yet to be acquainted with something that both of them will be fond of.

But most people believe that why should we get into so much detail when buying arm guards?

They are just to be worn over our forearms and they all are for protection.

Accurate, yet we have a question for all those people who say this, that why do we care to choose the best doctor when we get ill?

Why don’t we go to ‘any’ doctor as all of them have a medical degree.

I think now you got my point that it also depends upon the manufacturer of the arm guard just like the manufacturer of a doctor, a reputable medical college.

Therefore read this article till the end so that you can select the best bracer for you or your close one.

So, here are the ten best archery arm guards and their reviews for 2021.

Table of Contents

1. Allen Company Mesh Archery Arm Guard

Mesh Archery Arm Guard
If you want a unique type of arm guard to be generally used for adolescents, then this Allen Company Mesh Archery Arm Guard is the best for you.

This arm guard, as its name says, is made up of a hard mesh at the front to avoid the slapping of the bowstring when releasing the arrow and with soft material under the guard making it quite comfortable to wear.

The mesh also ensures airflow keeping the arm cool during hot temperatures.

The design used to make it is through ergonomics which notifies its users for not worrying about the fitness of this bracer over the forearm, thus making it a state-of-the-art technology.

An armed guard is used to protect the archer’s forearm from injury against the string of the bow or from the fletching of the arrow.

Kids frequently get injured due to incompetence, but by buying this protective gear, you don’t have to worry at all.

This usually comes in one size with adjustable straps so it can fit all of its users eliminating exceptional users.

The buckles used to hold the forearm can be clipped/unclipped by just one hand, so making it easy to wear/remove.

Its dimensions include 1 x 1 x 1.

Lastly, it comes with green, orange, and pink colors making it attractive for youngsters.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Light-weight
  • Tiny perforations providing airflow
  • One size that fits all

2. Bohning Archery – Slip On Armguard – Compression Snug Fit

If someone goes to market for buying archery-related products among the top companies that scroll down his mind is the “Bohning Company.”

The quality of the Slip ON armguard can be judged by the fact that Bohning had been into the market from the 1940s and 1950s.

So you can buy their products with your eyes closed as they have reached up to 80 years of excellence.

If we talk about its design and color, then it usually comes in black color giving it a professional look.

Nevertheless, the material used is also a very widely used metal aluminum.

Few Facts About The Feedstock, Aluminum

The company has carefully selected Aluminum because it is perfect for manufacturing the archery arm guard.

It has several advantages.

First of all, it is very lightweight while being durable and robust, so it is an excellent choice for making the bracer.

Secondly, it has a low maintenance cost, so it is not an expensive option for bowmen.

Thirdly, it has fantastic manufacturing flexibility, i.e., it is ductile and malleable, so it can easily be made by the company, again reducing the manufacturing cost and thus cheaper for the final consumer.

Fourth, it has a life of more than fifty years, so it is a one-time investment of money.

Lastly, it provides corrosion resistance, and thus, the user does not have to worry about losing its attractiveness.

On the contrary, aluminum does have some disadvantages.

These include being an excellent thermal and electrical conductor like all other metals and thus can be very dangerous for the user.

Now returning to the arm guard.

It comes in three sizes, and all the sizes fit correctly from the wrist to the elbow.

The material used, Aluminum, is also very stretchable and there are no buckles or straps, thus, making it like sleeves, you just have to slide them over your forearm.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It provides corrosion resistance
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Recyclable

3. TOP ARCHERY 12″ Cow Leather Arm Guard Protector

Leather Arm Guard Protector
TopArchery, just like Bohning, is one of the most famous companies when it comes to buying archery products for amateurs or professionals.

This protective gear for archery is remarkable as this product is made up of cow leather making it highly durable, flexible, and comfortable.

It usually comes in camouflage color.

Few Facts About The Feedstock, Genuine Leather

Top archery has chosen cow leather to make this arm guard.

There are many benefits of using this leather and some include its high resistant capability making it extremely durable.

Once you have bought this 12-inch cow leather arm guard, it will last for years.

Leather is also a timeless fabric, i.e., it has been used for centuries for making products, so its reliability is unquestionable.

If we talk about style and fashion, then again, leather wins the race among its fellow competitors as it gives a professional and elegant look, whether dyed or natural.

Some people say that original leather has some scratches and marks, but you don’t have to be worried as those marks indicate that the leather is pure.

When it comes to products that have to be worn over the body or any product that comes in contact with the skin, people always choose natural fabrics as they don’t cause any irritation.

This is the reason among others that Top Archery has chosen this leather as it is highly optimized for human wear.

Leather is also the best option when you have to add strength to your product as it is resistant to dry abrasion and dust mites and fungal attacks.

Now just imagine what would happen if you had sealed the whole room.

The room would be attacked by fungus, would become dry or too moist, all of this because air is not flowing.

But this is not the case with leather as it is shockingly, breathable.

We have made all this conversation about leather being durable and robust that you might question its flexibility.

Leather at first is indeed very stiff, but with time its flexibility increases as it molds to the owner’s lifestyle.

Last but not least, you can be an eco-conscious consumer when you would buy this forearm protective gear as it is entirely natural and no toxic substances are released when it is processed in a factory.

Nevertheless, the disadvantages are also present for using this cow leather arm guard.

Mainly, the high demand for leather has turned the manufacturers into merciless butchers slaughtering millions of cows each day.

Leather is also very costly.

Now returning to the properties of this Bohning arm guard.

It is very lightweight, only 68 grams, and the dimensions of 30 x 4 cm fit the forearm perfectly.

The unique characteristic of it is that it comes with four adjustable straps, so you don’t have to be worried about the size when buying it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Water-proof
  • Four-strap buckle system making it fit for all sizes

4. SAS 8″ Armguard Archery Bow Range With 3-Strap Buckles

Archery Bow Range
SAS which stands for Southland Archery Supply is also a company famous among bowmen.

The material used by SAS in manufacturing this 8-inch arm guard is very comfy and thick.

The exceptional property of this arm guard is that it is appropriately vented because it has big rectangular spaces on its sides and cylindrical spaces on its base.

It has three-strap buckles making it one less than the previous arm guard, but still, it is easily wearable by all users.

It comes with fascinating black and red colors.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Properly vented
  • Gives a professional look

5. Wizard Youth Archery Arm Guard

Youth Archery Arm Guard
This model Wizard is manufactured by Bear Archery which works mostly on youth archery products or archery products for recreational activities.

This company is known to be the number one when it comes to manufacturing archery products for kids.

The excellent quality of this guard relies on the fact that it has been in the manufacturing industry for over eight decades.

This is initially designed for younger people and one rare quality that does not exist in many of the arm guards is that it is designed ambidextrously.

It has a length of 6.5 inches, so it can easily cover the forearm of kids.

It usually comes in black color and the material is also lightweight making it portable.

The two-strap detaching system makes it suitable for children as they can comfortably wear or remove it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Durable
  • Light-weight
  • Perfect for kids

6. Sportsman’s Tarantula Sleeve Wrap Armguard (Camo)

Sleeve Wrap Armguard
Sportsmen have been manufacturing archery gears over a long period and their expertise is depicted on this Tarantula Sleeve Wrap.

If we study its name, then it seems, for instance, that does it refer to the biggest spider on the planet Earth, Tarantula?

Yes, it refers to the spider’s name, but that is not all.

The Tarantula symbolizes that one should nourish their body, mind, and soul.

But how does it relate to archery?

It relates as archery does nourish the body, mind, and soul as it is not just a sport for amusement, but rather, it is also an activity that nurtures our mind and soul.

Now coming to the boring yet essential facts.

It is made up of hard material, therefore, it absorbs the tension forces when the arrow is released by the archer.

It also has tiny holes on the base of the arm guard for aeration and so keeping the arm cooler in high-temperature environments.

Sometimes, the cloth interferes during arrow release, but wearing this tarantula armguard will not allow this to happen.

It is made up of three elastic belts and buckles making it fit for all sizes and it usually comes with an eight-inch long length size.

It has a mossy oak pattern and thus has a killer look.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Light-weight
  • It can fit all sizes
  • Tough and rugged material

7. HZMAN Adults Faux Leather Arm Guard

Faux Leather Arm Guard
This is made up of Faux leather also known as artificial leather just like the leather used in sofas.

Few Facts About The Feedstock, Artificial Leather

Artificial leather or synthetic leather is an alternative to original leather and is made from different plastics.

Faux leather is cheaper than the original leather while giving exceptional durability, but it is not as durable as the original leather.

This leather, also called PU-Polyurethane leather, is fade-resistant, so when buying arm guard, one doesn’t have to worry about losing its beauty.

PU leather can be cost-effective as it needs fewer resources.

One notable thing about it is that it is straightforward to clean as it does not absorb liquids and so can give a new look every time the user cleans it.

Now discussing its drawbacks, the first thing is that it is not as breathable as the original leather.

It is not degradable just like rubber and thus would pollute the environment.

Lastly, it also has a longer lifespan than genuine leather.

But overall, if one cannot purchase an original leather armguard or is worried about the pollution it may cause to the environment, this may be the best option for you.

Now returning to the features of this bracer.

This bracer is specially designed for adults and is excellent in LARP-Live Action Role Playing.

The specialty of this armor is that it does not have detachable straps neither does it have the two, three, or four straps buckle system, but instead it has strings which can be tied through the holes made explicitly so that it can fit on the forearm just like tying your shoelaces.

It comes with a brown color and gauntlet design making it highly professional.

It has one size which can cover the adults’ forearms from wrist to elbow completely.

The package dimensions are 7.87 x 7.87 x 0.59 inches.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Gives a professional look
  • Great for cosplay
  • Comfortable to wear

8. Yls Archery Arm Guard

Archery Arm Guard
The material that is used in manufacturing this product is a light-weighted silicon rubber making it comfortable and easy to wear.

Few Facts About The Feedstock, Rubber

Rubber, famous by the name of ‘latex’ is extracted from rubber trees.

It consists of polymers along with other organic compounds including water.

Now why Yls has chosen rubber for manufacturing this arm guard is because rubber is very elastic making it fit all sizes.

Rubber is also very highly resistant to pressures, so it is suitable for the arm guard because it had to absorb the pressure of the coming bowstring when the arrow is released.

Rubber also has incredible chemical stability.

When it comes to buying, the rubber is also very cheap, and surprisingly, the rubber is biodegradable, so no more litter addition to Earth!

One of the many disadvantages of using rubber is that it has a negligible resistance to oil and greases, and a little contact with these substances may distort the physical structure of the rubber.

Others include its weak tensile strength and a shorter lifespan.

Now coming back to discuss this arm guard by Yls.

This arm guard is designed for children which comes with different bright colors like blue, green, pink, red, etc., and it is adequately vented.

It has adjustable straps so they can perfectly fit over the forearm and the dimensions of this product by Yls is 13.8 x 4.6 x 6.4 cm.

Two rods can protect from the injury caused by the bow when practicing archery.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Light-weight
  • Durable
  • It can fit all sizes of children

9. Easton Deluxe Oval Armguard

Oval Armguard
Easton Archery started in 1922, and since then, it has evolved into the world’s leading innovative archery products supplier.

This model, Deluxe Oval Armguard, is designed for both children and adults.

It is made up of the most common thermoplastic, polycarbonate making it sturdy and durable.

Few Facts About The Feedstock, Thermoplastic

Thermoplastic is a synthetic polymer that becomes soft when heated and hard when cooled.

It is this property of thermoplastic that the Easton Company has engraved in their mind when producing the arm guard.

There are many types of thermoplastics, and these include polycarbonate, acrylic, nylon, etc.

If we talk about polycarbonate, then it gives several benefits to its user.

First of all, it can easily be mold making it flexible and thus ergonomically fit over the forearm.

Thermoplastic is also lightweight, flame resistant, and it is also resistant to high pressures.

Some disadvantages include its high price and it is a very deplorable fact that it is even more expensive than plastic or glass.

Thermoplastics are also very toxic and they can be hazardous when they come in contact with food.

Returning to the arm guard.

The dimensions of this product by Easton Archery are 1 x 1 x 1, the same as the mesh armguard by Allen Company and it usually comes with grey and green colors on guard and with black color on the straps.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Durable and tough
  • It can maintain rigidity up to temperatures as high as 140°C and as low as 20°C
  • The color does not fade quickly

10. Saunders Ventilated Target Armguard

Target Armguard
Saunders Archery operating in the United States is also very popular when it comes to making archery gears.

This product is made up of a D-75 material which shows users the sampling so you can judge the quality of the material.

The D-75 material used is durable and elastic making it an excellent choice for an archer.

It is also centrally braided making it more durable so you don’t have to worry about compression forces to your tissues of the forearm as it is also extensive throughout.

When it comes fitting, it comes with two straps below to fit your forearm.

Furthermore, it can also be worn/removed easily and also covers specifically the area where the string slap is likely to occur.

It is appropriately vented, so sweat cannot accumulate when the archer is practicing archery.

When it comes to buying, it is also very cheap, so it can be a perfect choice as it is a whole economic package for an archer.

It usually comes with black color with a size of 7.5 x 5.5 x 1 inch.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Light-weight
  • Durable and elastic
  • Perfect for rare slaps that happen through the bowstring after the archer has reached the anchor point and the arrow has released

Final Thoughts

Archery is a sport that requires a lot of focus and concentration.

Just like the focus needed when it comes to buying archery products and correctly archery arm guard.

Archers would agree with me that they desperately need arm guards as nothing can be worse than a bruise caused by the bowstring slap.

Therefore for you, I have narrowed down the things, so you just have to keep three things in mind when buying these protective gear.

The first thing is material and if I sum up, then, the material used in making the arm guard should be comfy, durable, and elastic.

The second thing is the size.

You should prefer a four-straps or three-straps buckle system in your archery arm guard so that size may not be a problem for you.

Lastly, it is the look that matters and for that, you should keep in mind that it should look professional when it comes to adults and fancy when it comes to children.

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