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10 Best Archery Gloves & Their Reviews In 2021

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Tim Rhodes

Archery gloves are essential protection for the drawing hand and the archer’s hand. 

Anytime shooting can damage our fingers, that’s why archery gloves are mandatory to wear at shooting time. 

Most of the archery gloves nowadays have an adjustable velcro wrist strap. 

Normally almost all the archery finger gloves have three fingers with an added tip component. 

For kids as well as for adults, archery gloves are available everywhere in today’s’ world.

In case any shooter is doing shoots with their bow for a lengthy time, thereafter they can irritate their nerves, and they can start to feel a lot of pain. 

Truly, without gloves, there is no other best way to protect your fingers and nerves.

Table of Contents

1. Archery Max Handmade Brown Leather 3 Finger Archery Gloves

ArcheryMax Handmade Brown Leather Three Finger Archery Gloves
  • Material: Cow Leather
  • Brand: ArcheryMax
  • Outstanding sensitivity for proper feel of the string
  • Four Sizes For Choice : Open your palm , use a ruler to measure your palm length and three fingers width . Then...
  • Adjustable velcro wrist strap

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Archery Max Handmade Brown Leather Three Finger Archery Glove’s materials are cow leather and these gloves have outstanding sensitivity to the absolute feel of the string and these gloves have an adjustable Velcro wrist strap.  

Definitely, it helps keep your fingers from trouble when you are shooting your recurve bow. 

As an amateur shooter with few average skills, everyone has used a trigger release. 

This glove is the best one and it’s very easy to replace your hand. 

This item is a really great glove than any other glove.

Also, this item has some limitations such as – this item is too short for big handed people who have extra-large hands than average people. 

Sometimes makes it very uncomfortable for extra-large-handed people. 

Some people think that this item is designed only for left-handed people. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • All the materials commit it easier to realize the arrows
  • It works prominently with upper draw weight bows
  • It provides more and more naturalistic realize to the hand
  • Good protection with excellent fit, little slippage, and very comfortable

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2. Coolrunner Archery Glove 3 Finger Leather Archery Protective Gloves

Coolrunner Archery Glove Three Finger Leather Archery Protective Gloves Archery Shooting Gloves for...
  • ❤Material: the archery glove three finger made of quality thickened leather and Breathable stretch knitted...
  • ❤Three-Finger Designed : the tip of the archery protective glove has the leather non-slip design, which helps...
  • ❤Adjustable: Finger archery shooting glove with adjust Velcro Strap, you can adjust the tightness according to...
  • ❤Ideal Accessory: suitable for any types of archery, can protect the fingers and the lower arm from being hit by...
  • ❤Comfortable and Breathable: Breathable stretch knitted fabric, will not make your hands hot and sweaty after...

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Coolrunner Archery Glove’s material is made of quality thickened leather, also it breathable stretch knitted fabric, sewing is too good, very lightweight and it is durable. 

Three-Finger designed is a non-slip design, which helps to enhance the cushioning effect; also it can remove any type of discomfort.

Finger archery gloves have an adjustable velcro strap so that it can easily adjust according to the measurement of your hands and makes it fit and it can take off easily too. 

Also, Coolrunner Archery Glove’s texture is good and will last for long time usage.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Suitable for all types of archery
  • Adjustable velcro strap 
  • Non-slip leather design for 3 fingers
  • Comfortable for fingers
  • Breathable stretch knitted material

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3. Bear Archery Leather 3 Finger Traditional Archery Glove

Bear Archery Leather 3 Finger Traditional Archery Shooting Glove, XL, Black (ASG101XL)
  • Handcrafted and constructed of 100% full grain leather for increased durability
  • Adjustable velcro wrist strap ensures comfortable fit
  • Reduces friction from bow string
  • Great accessory for any traditional archer using a recurve bow, traditional bow, or longbow
  • Ambidextrous design for left- and right-handed shooters

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Handcrafted and manufactured purely full-grain leather for increased durability. 

Also, it has an adjustable Velcro wrist strap and ensures comfortable proper fitness and it reduces friction from the bowstring. 

Ambidextrous design for left-handed and right-handed both shooters.

Surely this is excellent finger protection for all the amateur as well as professional archers. 

It’s easy to fit and it makes anyone feel archery is more and more fun with less pain once the archer gets the right finger protection. 

This item gives you powerful help to achieve a good shot with a strong bow. 

These types of the bow have an 80lb pull with great accuracy and completely perfect design. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Completely handcrafted
  • Reduce the friction from bowstring in a much better way
  • Adjustable velcro strap
  • Full-grain leather
  • Soft and flexible

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4. Krayney Adult and Youth Leather Gloves

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For youth, this item length will be 7in and for adults, this item length will be 7.5in. 

Also, this item’s material is leather, very soft, and durable. 

It has an adjustable wrist strap with an elastic insert for a more comfortable fit for anyone. 

It protects the archer’s fingers far from injury when the archer is hunting or shooting. 

Also, it provides the best protection for lower fingers as well as the arm. 

It helps put on and off easily only for hook and loop fastener design. 

It’s lightweight, very convenient, and easy to carry any time of hunting or shooting. 

This item’s wrist wrap is the perfect size for all.

It’s best to choose for longtime users. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Soft leather 
  • Flexible and durable
  • For both kids and adult size available
  • Better protection for lower arm and fingers
  • Classic design with anti-skid fur on fingers

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5. Damascus Doeskin Shooting Glove

Damascus Doeskin Shooting Glove Large RH/LH
  • Model Number: DWC
  • Item Package Length: 5.799999994084"
  • Item Package Width: 5.49999999439"
  • Item Package Height: 0.299999999694"

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Due to the thinner leather, this glove is much different from other full palm design gloves. 

It is made from doeskin and that allows the Bowhunter to have a good feel of the string. 

It has an adjustable velcro closure wrist strap to assure a snug fit. 

It is manufactured by Damascus Protective Gear, leaders in full body defensive gear for law enforcement, fighting, and game applications. 

The Damascus 3 finger archery glove is more different from other archery gloves because Damascus doeskin shooting glove has soft, thinner leather and gives the perfect “feel” of the string.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Full palm design
  • Reinforced tip
  • A lightweight, thinner leather
  • Velcro closure wrist strap
  • Suitable for 45-50lb bow

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6. Toparchery Leather 2 Straps Arm Guard & 3 Finger Protective Gloves

TOPARCHERY Leather Protective Gear Arm Guard 2 Straps Hunting Target with Three Finger Gloves Tab...
  • Material: leather, Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Arm guard Length: Approx. 18cm / 8.66 inch, Arm guard Width (upside): Approx.11cm / 4.3inch, Arm guard Width...
  • Finger gloves Length: 20cm/7.9 inch, Finger gloves Whole width: 7cm
  • The arm guard and the finger glove is easily adjustable to fit most size arms
  • Package Includes: 1 x Arm Guard 1 x 3 finger archery glove

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This is one durable archery arm guard with 2 completely elastic straps. 

The arm guard in this item will protect your forearm from being hit and will prevent any damage by the bowstring.

The arm guard is very comfortable and easily adjustable to fit most of the sizes. 

Very lightweight, easy to carry with you wherever you might go. 

With the belt in the wrist, adjustable this item could be suitable for most people.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lightweight and easy for carrying
  • The arm guard is easily and comfortably adjustable
  • 2 elastic straps
  • Have a belt on the wrist
  • Comfortable touch feeling

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7. Mountain Man Leather Shooting Archery Glove

October Mountain Products Traditional Shooter Foots Glove (Dark Brown - XSM)
  • Hand-crafted, premium quality leather shooting glove
  • Reinforced finger tips with adjustable Velcro strap

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This shooting glove is handcrafted from premium quality leather. 

It is reinforced with fingertips and has adjustable Velcro straps. 

This shooting glove is soft with good quality leather as well as more comfortable.

This shooting leather glove has really helped all the archers during archery practices. 

This provides the best protection for lower fingers and shoot will be perfect with pain-free. 

This leather is very soft and very nice bow gloves real leather with a good fit for all the men and women and it is very comfortable and looks pretty good.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Handcrafted gloves
  • Reinforced fingertips
  • Premium quality leather
  • Adjustable velcro strap
  • Provides a good feel on the string

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8. YJYWZH 1pc Archery Cowhide Finger Guard Protector Archery

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The leather material finger tab has a double layers protector and it will protect the archer’s thumb. 

This glove fits for hunting or shooting recurve bows. 

Also, it can be used with finger savers or arm guards. 

This glove quality guarantee with the adjustable size of universal fits for most of the fingers. 

This glove has double layers of protection pads and it will protect fingers from all the injuries during hunting or shooting time. 

This glove is suitable for right and left hands, both for all the archers. 

Also, the archer can adjust according to her or his measurement and it can take off easily too.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Double layer protection
  • Works great for traditional bows
  • Cowhide material
  • Adjustable and durable

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9. EAmber Archery Shooting Gloves

EAmber Archery Shooting Gloves,Three Finger Durable Cow Leather Protective Archery Gloves for...
  • 【Adequate Thick Cow Leather Finger】 - Soft cow leather finger will protect fingertips from the pressure of the...
  • 【Comfortable and Breathable】 - The glove is mainly made of high elastic polyester material. Lightweight and...
  • 【Velcro Wrist Strap】 - Adjustable velcro strap on waist,you can easily adjust it to fit your hand and wear...
  • 【Silicone Finger Guard】 - Adopt moderate hardness silicone, which will protect your finger from bow string...
  • 【Four Size to Choose】 - We would recommend you measure your palm size before purchasing the right size. Measure...

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This soft cow leather finger will protect fingertips from the huge pressure of the string, and it helps keep the fingers from any types of injuries during the shooting. 

Give archery a great feel for the bow. 

This glove’s finger part is made of thick, soft cow leather, and this glove will not affect the feel during use.

This glove is mainly manufactured from the high elastic polyester material. 

It is very lightweight with breathable fabric experience. 

This glove is pretty good, comfortable, and supple that you will forget you are wearing it. 

It has an adjustable velcro strap on the waist.

Archer can adjust it easily to fit and wear steadily.

Before purchasing this archer has to ensure the right size. 

At first measure your hand just below the fingers, then choose the size. 

Normally medium and small sizes are more suitable for women archers, on the other hand, large and extra-large size is usually suitable for men archers.

Archer can wear it during the summertime and it will be very comfortable. 

Due to breathing, it is good in the hot weather too.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Thick cow leather
  • Adjustable velcro wrist strap
  • Silicone finger guard
  • Fits most of the size 
  • Lightweight, comfortable and breathable

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10. Neet Suede Leather Archery Glove

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This leather glove is the elastic back that confirms a satisfiable fit. 

The Velcro wrist attachment and the archer can easily on it and ease off it.

The main point of this leather glove is the smooth leather tips deliver a slick release for clean string release.

These gloves are used for recurve bows and this glove protects the fingers from string burn as well as injuries. 

Usually, a female archer always wants delicate un-calloused soft fingers and hands, for this purpose this glove thickness is pretty good.

Overall, this leather glove materials are the best, also this glove’s stitching is better with the best finishing than other gloves. 

The leather wraps over the tips of archer’s fingers which is most important for every archer. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Elastic back 
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Reinforced leather tips
  • A good aid for accuracy
  • Better for new archers

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All About Archery Gloves

Hopefully, you have got some idea about the archery gloves till now. 

Here is some more information that could help you regarding archery gloves.

Types of Archery Gloves

Currently, there are only two types of archery gloves available in most of the markets. 

That two archery glove type such as – one is tabbed another one is glove but both protections are used for the equivalent purpose.

Both gloves’ designs are different. 

When you buy gloves for archery then you have to look at the fingertips because the fingertips of archery gloves have extra material and protection than the rest of the glove. 

That’s the main reason to choose fingertips for archery purposes.

The glove will appear in a variety of various designs and forms. 

Also, tab and glove have some differences in use as well as feel. 

Gloves are always the best option to protect your hands, nerves, but sometimes gloves won’t be an ideal fit in every scenario while someone is shooting an arrow from the bow. 

Using gloves serves you high protection and confidence while when you draw your bow and you’ll feel there won’t be any injury due to the thickness a glove provides. 

The thickness of the gloves will always give you extra protection for your fingers.

On the other hand, tabs are also capable of giving you a good feel for particular things. 

Usually, tabs are thinner than gloves material. 

Tabs give you the feel of the cord almost like you would with your fingers while protecting them. 

The tabs create smaller friction than gloves due to the smoother material, but tabs will commit your shots more perfectly.

Gloves Benefits:

  • Gives an absolute feeling of the string
  • Gives the best protection for fingers
  • When doing other activities don’t need to take it off
  • Due to less friction gives you confidence in your shot and safety
  • Very easy to take on and off

Tabs Pros & Cons:

  • Gives less protection than gloves
  • Comfortable due to thinner materials
  • It can be lost easily
  • When doing other activities need to be taken off 

Finger Tab

A finger tab is normally a very small leather or synthetic patch that always protects the archer’s fingers from the bowstring.

The finger tab also is known as the archer tab.

In the summertime, tabs are more suitable than gloves. 

Also, it can make you feel more convenient for the use of thicker material. 

The finger tab price is cheap as well as it is very easy to fit your hand properly.

The tab usually comes in various forms. 

The easiest is made of an individual patch that is placed at the nocking point between the fingers and the string. 

Also, this custom of shooting is called ‘three fingers under’. 

These all are used in the barebow or longbow system for archery.

The tabs are more comfortable than gloves.

Also, tabs are most conveniently used because of solid materials.

Thumb Tab or Thumb Ring 

A thumb tab or thumb ring basically used likewise to protect the thumb by archers practicing the Mongolian draw. 

The Yugake is a reinforced glove along an extraordinary ridge that holds the string.

Gloves Material

Different kinds of materials are used in the gloves to create maximal performance and protection. 

The choice of material depends on the need and requested properties.

Leather Types

From the beginning to now leather is a fully natural material and leather always adapts to the neighboring temperature, environment, and conditions. 

Different kinds of leather have different types of advantages also. 

Leather depends on the different types of animals and as well as origin.

The cow leather is too good for a long time to use because it is really a durable glove. 

Also, cow leather can absorb heat, thickest leather, and this leather’s moisture quite better.

Pig leather is thick leather alike to cowhide with a soft and tender feel and too much better durability. 

Pigskin is very modest, very excellent, and water-resistant.

Goat leather is lightweight, very comfortable, soft, flexible, and water-resistant. 

Goat leather is pliable and very soft and quite durable. 

Goatskin is slightly softer than cow leather. 

Goat leather is thinner leather. 

Goatskin leather is profitable, potential, and durable, with soft fine grain.

Sheep and lambskin leathers are particularly very tender, comfortable as well as pliable. 

Sheep leather is lightweight, heated, and minimal and exploits water very well.

Deerskin is one of the strongest leathers available, for the thorny nature of the animal’s inborn habitats.

 Deerskin leather is very highly extensible, is friction resistant, and has high durability. 

Deerskin is very much comfortable with a spongy feel and deerskin is particularly soft, lightweight, water-friendly, and fits very well. 

Deerskin currently is more expensive than all other leathers.

Crocodile renders a much more attractive and fashionable leather than other animal leather. 

Crocodile leather is very valuable, very strong, flexible, and durable.

Crocodile leather is used to make luxury and glamour goods.

Buffalo skin is heavy-duty as well as durable leather and very value-priced than other animal’s leather.

Buffalo leather is tough and strong, supple with a rubber waxy feel. 

Buffalo leather is used to make shoes, jackets, bookbinding, stuff, belts, rugs, gloves, and baseball gloves.

Synthetic Leather

All synthetic leather has the same look as natural leather. 

Usually, only two types of synthetic leather are available.

Polyurethane laminated (PUL) on a too-thin polyester. 

Polyurethane laminate material is thin, but still stable with excellent grip and also it has a water repellent surface.

On the other hand, the polyurethane fiber (PU) is mixed with polyamide into a non-woven element. 

Polyurethane fiber is naturally soft as well as stable with high breathability. 

Also, polyurethane fiber has a divided leather appearance.

So it depends on materials to comfort different types of gloves. 

So when you buy gloves you have to choose your gloves as per your needs and requirements. 

Final Thoughts

Well, hopefully, all of you understood the importance of using archery gloves and if you should use gloves or tabs whichever is necessary for you. 

To transcribe it in short, gloves are the best for protection to your hand and finger. 

I believe you don’t want to have any long term injury to the hand or finger because of the shooting. 

The tabs are something I would normally try to avoid and usually don’t use. 

This is not because I don’t like those, but in my opinion, you will find the gloves just better for any sort of archery purposes.

Remember, in the end, if you should use tabs or gloves it is completely your choice and it is not my choice. 

This always has to be based on your preference, liking, benefits, etc. 

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