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10 Best Archery Bracers & Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

Here is a list that will help you get the best archery bracers to help you protect yourself from any injury.

Since 20,000 BC, the evolution of archery has been limitless and evergreen.

Our history tells us how the magnificent bow and arrow shaped the art of warfare.

Around the world, this craft is giving no signs of surrender as it continues to capture the soul of its user.

Currently, Archery is not only considered as a battle device but also widely accepted as a sport.

As the mastery of archery promulgates generation after generation, it’s also essential that its tools are made with the best quality.

Archery bracer is part of the whole package as you aim for the target, it gives the support to protect you from injury or any hindrance.

It’s the reason why we created this list, to point you in the right direction and educate.

As you search for your target archery brace, as Effie Trinke says in Hunger games, we hope that “May the odds be ever in your favor”.

Table of Contents

1. Southland Archery Supply Armguard

Archery Supply Armguard
From the makers of everything about archery comes this easy to use, affordable, and convenient bracers.

Southland Archery Supply has been producing quality products that circles around crossbows and archery.

One of which is this armguard that’s so economical but won’t sacrifice your forearm literally.

Using 8″ Arm Guard with 3 Straps you can be sure it is snug fit while you’re chasing for that bull’s eye.

Composed of lightweight materials, the bracer itself won’t add much weight as you support your arrow.

At the same time, the vented mold provides proper airflow to cool your arm.

The minimalistic style makes it easy as well to put on and take off.

Despite that, it doesn’t compromise its snug to fit wearability.

The elastic banding is stretchy enough that it doesn’t easily slip off.

The durable arm guard also has a slick surface that allows bowstring to easily traverse over and not to slap you if ever you misfire.

Moreover, it’s easy to adjust to any forearm diameter providing confidence in building protection, especially when held up.

This one size fits all gear can assure you that you can always strike with confidence and peace of mind.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 8″ arm guard with 3 straps
  • Quick buckles adjustment system
  • One size fits all

2. Goabroa Archery Arm Guards 

Archery Arm Guards
Goabroa archery arm guard is one of the top items for archery bracers in Amazon.

As you know, to prevent yourself from being hit with the bowstring, the arm guard should provide excellent coverage and protection while shooting.

It’s for the same reason that they undergo product inspection under a reputable third party company.

Part of their premium quality product is to ensure that their arm guard is constructed in a way that will fit most size.

Using 3 adjustable velcro straps, you can be certain that it will hold securely in place.

The straps were tight enough and its elasticity can hold on to any arm.

This arm guard is also made of leather which easily takes the shape of your arm after many use.

Aside from that, it’s made of 2 centers inside stiffening rods to prevent painful bowstring slap making it more durable and convenient.

Though rods were used, the moderate thickness of pure leather makes it comfortable to use.

The smooth beautiful line of durable leather makes it possible to use it double-faced.

All these high standard quality was made available for an affordable price.

So, it is no wonder why it’s part of archery’s cream of the crop.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Practical perfect design
  • Fit most size arms
  • Premium quality

3. Allen Company Mesh Archery Arm Guard

Mesh Archery Arm Guard
For everything about outdoor sports, Allen company has been providing a wide array of tactical equipment from fishing, shooting, hunting, and archery.

That’s why it is no surprise they also put an intricate touch to their arm guard.

This particular archery arm guard from Allen company is suitable for the young enthusiast.

The ergonomic shape with the help of elastic straps conforms to the arm without sliding around.

These straps are soft and wide while the buckles are easy to clip/unclip or adjust with one hand without having to remove the armguard.

The armguard also features a heavy-duty strip down the center that will take the abuse from your bow instead of your arm.

Aside from its flexibility, it’s also available in 3 different colors which are blaze orange, lime green, and bright fuschia.

Giving a fun touch to whoever uses it especially for its market target.

Beating most of the leather or the plastic armguards the mesh helps to provide proper air circulation in your forearm.

Given that versatility, for sure kids will love it!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Breathable mesh
  • Designed younger archers
  • Two straps adjust with one hand

4. KESHES Archery Armguard

KESHES Archery Armguard
Perfect for youth and adults, Keshes archery armguard measures just right with dimensions of 3” by 8”.

The company knows that aside from durability, the size is also just as important to avoid obstruction.

This one size fits most bracers is adjustable with 3 straps that will firmly keep your archery armguard in place.

Made considered for utmost comfort and quality, this armguard is manufactured with smooth, soft, and lightweight material.

Making it easy to move and support your arm as you handle your bow and arrow.

Also, it’s assembled in a way that it has vents to keep the forearm cool.

Keshes company also made sure that it can support its user with ultimate protection.

They’ve created outside thick protector to safeguard the forearm from being hit by the bowstring.

Ideal regardless if you’re right-handed or left-handed.

So, if you’re ambidextrous or not, this brace won’t give you a struggle just because of your dominant hand.

The best part about Keshes is that they have a risk free purchase.

This means that, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, they will refund you for the full amount.

How’s that for your satisfaction?

Giving this assurance makes us think that they are also 100% confident that they deliver only the best and expecting satisfaction from the customer.

And that sounds like the company you’re looking for.

Pros & Benefits:

  • One size fits most
  • Utmost comfort and quality
  • Ultimate protection

5. Huntingdoor Arm Guards

Huntingdoor Arm Guards
We believe at one point in your life you have watched a movie or a scene wherein archery is involved.

Perhaps that’s the reason why you were hooked in this craft the first place.

There are numerous motion pictures to depict the use of bow and arrow and how it gave importance to an outcome of warfare.

The materials used in archery have come a long way but still, some of the modern-day users want a feel of what it was like during those old times.

That is where the Huntingdoor arm guard comes in and makes a difference.

They specialize in archery bracers that are quite similar to the ones used in ancient times.

Whether you’re using it for cosplays or actual sport, Huntingdoor arm bracer screams quality all the way.

Made of superior and durable leather, this arm protector was assembled using metal embellishments and thick leather that will protect your arm like a true warrior.

Despite the various intricacy, it is lightweight, convenient, and easy to carry.

The arm guard has dimensions of 9.8inch in length, Appro 7inch adjustable in the width, and 240g in weight.

Also, this archery forearm protector can be worn on either arm.

In two-color preference of black or brown.

Equipped with buckles and laces, its adjustable string is ideal for your hands to work and hold the arm guard in place.

You can also adjust the strap to fit your hand or wrist size especially for women, men, and beginners.

One thing that is outstanding in this archery bracer is the sophisticated sewing.

Every detail part is sewn well and brings a perfect wearing experience.

True to its goal of medieval-style armguards which is excellent for clothing accessories and can be used for costumes.

Lastly, it provided good coverage that protects your forearm from scratches and friction during hunting.

Making it so versatile that regardless if you’re using it just for show or for the actual purpose either way you got nothing to lose.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Superior & durable leather arm protector
  • Armguard length
  • Sophisticated sewing

6. Krayner Archery Arm Protector

Archery Arm Protector
Krayner archery arm protector is a bit similar to archery bracers used in medieval times.

If you have watched movies set during that period especially in times of war or Vikings era, you will notice that the style is kind of the same.

The difference between the Huntingdoor brace and Krayney is that the later is much simpler.

Made of high-quality leather, it’s soft and durable on both sides.

Preventing leather skin scratches or irritation.

While it’s mainly used to protect the forearm from being hit by the bowstring, the open surface on the strap side gives space for ventilation.

It’s easy to put on using three adjustable straps that fit most sizes.

As for the length, the adult gear size is 8inch while for youth is 7.5 inch.

Both sizes come with two options for color which is either black or brown.

Great for hunting, shooting, or other outdoor activities.

Its special design also makes it very presentable.

In case you’ll use it for cosplays or costumes, the overall look makes the bow and arrow appear very cohesive and structured.

The decorative stitching adds more character and aesthetic factors for the whole bracer.

Overall a good forearm protector. Easy to put on, doesn’t slip and easy to tighten.

Just in case you want an archery bracer that works but with character, Krayney archery arm protector is the way to go.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of high-quality leather
  • Three adjustable straps
  • Comes in two sizes

7. KRATARC Archery Arm Guard

KRATARC Archery Arm Guard
Next in line is the archery bracer made by Kratarc archery.

True to their mission of providing security and comfortable products for Archery lovers.

They aim to bring great service and deliver a great product to archers.

Unlike other bracers wherein it’s kind of cylindrical, Kratarc archery arm guard is rectangularly shaped.

Approximately 9 inches in length, it is suitable for right or left-hand shooters or ambidextrous users.

Though the shape is rectangular it’s made of durable fabric with vented design to keep the forearm cool while you’re focused on your battle.

It is also easy to attach and to adjust.

Made of durable fabric with 3 adjustable straps it is lightweight and helps to fit most sizes.

The cushion of the pad is suitable and comfortable as well and at the same time, it protects the forearm from being hit by a bowstring.

Aside from archery, you can also use this bracer for shooting, hunting, and target practice.

Making it very versatile especially for users who has multi-interest that requires the need of an armed guard.

All these arm guard features are compact in a non-hefty price making it 4.5 out of 5 good reviews in Amazon.

If that doesn’t convince you, we think you’re wallet would, making it hard to resist this deal from Kratarc archery.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Suitable for ambidextrous user
  • Adjustable design
  • Vented design

8. Sportsman’s Camo Armguard

Camo Armguard
Based on National Geographic, camouflage is also called cryptic coloration.

It is a defense or tactic that organisms use to blend in with their surroundings.

The background matching is perhaps the most common camouflage tactic.

This was observed through animals in the wild.

For them to survive, instead of defending itself using strength and prowess, it adapts its environment as a shielding mechanism.

Ever since man signed himself up to warfare, this tactical move was also adopted.

As you can observe, usually the uniform of an officer is in a camouflage scheme.

It for that idea that perhaps Sportsman’s armguard followed that suit in terms of pattern.

They created an armed guard in camouflage appealing to more mature users.

The bracer is 8″ long in length and has three elastic straps plus buckles that keep clothing away from the bow.

While the exterior camouflage fabric is smooth and does not cause skin irritation.

The armguard has snugly wrap around bare skin which can be adjusted appropriate for both kids and adults.

It also reduces the possible noise and keeps the fabric away from the center of the body.

The difference between Sportsman’s outdoor brace from other armguards is that it has a wider grip for the elbow end of the arm and a smaller one towards the wrist.

So, whatever your arm size you can have peace of mind that it’s a snug fit to your comfortability.

While the three snap-clasps have enough support that keeps it from sliding up and down your arm.

Avoiding nuisance whenever you put your hand up or down or during maneuvering.

Also, the holes on the side provide ventilation and breathing of the skin.

Making it less susceptible to sweat and skin irritation.

Despite that, the materials are made of materials that are tough and durable.

Ensuring that every bowstring slap will not penetrate your skin forearm.

Another thing that makes it more appealing is that it has a Lifetime warranty.

As stated in their page, if ever their product breaks, they’re willing to fix it for you or process a replacement.

Making it very budget-friendly like having insurance for your archery bracer.

Indeed, a great gift for both experienced and new archers alike.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Camouflage
  • Lightweight

9. Mossy Oak Strap Armguard

Oak Strap Armguard
Another archer bracer that is fit for a warrior alike is the Mossy Oak Strap Armguard.

For the money, it works!

This arm guard does 1 thing very well, and that is protection.

It’s semi-comfortable and fits just about anyone.

This arm guard is also good for beginners who haven’t perfected their form yet.

It protects the forearm and bicep area and is thick enough that you don’t feel the whip of the string.

It works great without sliding or slipping of bracer when placed on my arm.

Making it slick fit in your forearm in every aim.

Built well with good flexibility, the elbow-pit protects a good portion of the bicep and all forearm.

Aside from the 4 strap guard, it’s also 10’ inch in diameter covering the majority of the arm.

The length can give you confidence that your arm is far from bow slap injury.

The straps are also aided with good clasps that are easy to adjust using only one arm to the content of its user.

Using a far superior design, it doesn’t compromise its material especially the inner part of the brace.

The camouflage look also helps if ever that you’ll use it in the wild or foresty places.

Adding a strategical look and style while mastering the art of archery.

It’s also soft and doesn’t chafe on the skin and inside of the elbow.

Sometimes that’s the dilemma of some archers.

It may protect the inner arm but also there should be equal protection for the outer arm.

Serving protection to your outer arm and prevents skin integrity from possible injuries.

In this case, Mossy Oak Strap Armguard can provide both.

At the same time, it is lightweight and won’t be an additional weight on your arm.

Not to mention it provides good coverage which not all arm bracers can achieve.

It offers security and comfort all the way which helps you to concentrate on archery alone.

Truly Mossy Oak Strap Armguard gives good value for your money.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 10″ full arm guard
  • Mossy oak break-up
  • Sturdy, adjustable clasps

10. Southland Archery Supply Leather Suede Arm Guard

Leather Suede Arm Guard
Coming in a full circle is another archery bracer from the Southland Archery supply.

The difference between the first recommendation and the last is the design.

While the first selection is leaning on the practical side, this last suggestion has a more sophisticated look.

They created this nice suede finish for their armguard that protects you in style.

The leather suede is made of fine quality that makes your whole look feel like an ancient warrior.

This 7.5” archery bracer is also built with sturdy buckles for easy adjustment.

The Southland Archery buckle adjustment system is constructed to fit any arm.

Making it a one size fits all gear.

Aside from the fit, it’s vented to provide proper air-flow to cool the arm.

Have you ever experience playing while there is building sweat and heat in your forearm due to your archery bracer?

Isn’t it’s very distracting and uncomfortable making you lose focus on your game?

Well, that not the case for the Southland gear.

They’ve made sure that function meets comfortability.

The arm guard provides good protection from the wrist to the elbow.

Helping you protect your arm from possible bruises, string slap, or welts.

Indeed, creating a comfortable experience without interfering with movement.

The elastic bands also hold firmly and are easily adjustable.

The buckles allow easy removal without changing the adjustment on the bands.

So, regardless if you’re for practicality or sophisticated design both of those choices can be found in Southland Archery.

It’s only a matter of preference & feel and that is all up to you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 7.5″ leather suede
  • Vented armguard
  • Quick buckles adjustment system

Final Thoughts

When it comes to archery bracers, always remember to prioritize quality above anything else.

In following this fundamental aspect, you get to enjoy the activity as much as you’d like, far from injuries or bruises.

Once that is fulfilled, you can consider secondary factors such as its comfortability and design.

These small contributing factors must be well thought of so that you can focus on your game after you’re all geared up.

If you have a product in mind that should be included in the list, please let us know.

Feel free to comment, suggest, and send your feedback at the comment box below.

We hope we’re able to help you in eyeing for that goal and keep practicing!

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