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10 Most Useful Archery Catalogs For Archery Shopping

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Tim Rhodes

This article regroups the 10 most useful archery catalogs to buy your future equipment.

Historically, archery has been used for hunting and fighting.

Nowadays, it’s a trendy sport.

Thanks to the movies “Hunger Game,” “Lord of the Ring,” and the famous TV show “Game of Thrones,” who have been beneficial to this popularization.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety, archery is amongst the most secure sport to perform in any organized group setting.

Besides, several of these catalogs are also incredible resources to masteries archery.

In purpose to understand the quality of archery catalogs, you’ll have an overview of their history, look, products, prices and shipping fees, and customer service.

Table of Contents

1. 3Rivers Archery

The Catalog’s Story

In 1985 3Rivers Archery was founded in a back bedroom downtown in Fort Wayne India.

Later the business grew up to 10 000 square feet warehouse in the small town of Ashley, Indiana.

Nowadays, the company is the “World’s Largest Traditional Archery Supplier”.

The Catalog’s Look

The online archery catalog is impressive.

It’s straightforward to use; there is the possibility to shop by category such as target, bows, or you can buy by brand.

Besides, 3Rivers Archery helps you choose the product adapted to you by making available to select your product depending on your gender, experience, interest, and age.

Product descriptions are complete, and you can read the customer’s feedback.

For those who prefer traditional archery catalogs, you just need to request it by completing an online form.

What Can You Get At 3Rivers Archery?

That you’re a beginner or a professional, 3Rivers Archery is for you.

The brand sells a wide range of products:

  • Arrows in wood, aluminum, and carbon
  • Arrow’s accessories such as cases, display racks
  • Traditional bows and accessories
  • A building kit for bow and arrows (you can personalize at 100% your arrow)
  • 3D, face, deer, big game, and many other types of targets
  • If you’re looking for children’s material, this website is perfect
  • The company has a vast range of arrows, bows, and targets for the youth of all ages

Prices And Shipping Fees

The company has products for every wallet, you can find cheap traditional bows and more premiums.

Shipping fees vary depending on how much you spent and where you live.

Customer Service

The business possesses knowledgeable employees that have expertise in everything.

If you’ve any questions, live chat is available, or you can quickly contact them by phone call.

Many blog posts are available to understand everything about the subject.

2. Lancaster Archery

The Catalog’s Story

Robert Kaufold is the actual president of Lancaster Archery.

Founded in 1983, the company possesses the largest selection of top quality 3D, target, bow hunting, and traditional archery equipment.

The Catalog’s Look

The website is easy on the eye and users friendly.

You can look directly at what you need with the search bar.

Moreover, you can shop by brand or product type (arrows, bows, shooting gear).

You can read the customers’ feedback, and product information are clear and precise.

At the bottom of the website, you can upload the PDF version of the catalogs or request to have it send at home.

What Can You Get At Lancaster Archery?

The company has more than 500 hundred brands in stocks and an extensive panoply of products suitable for all levels and ages:

  • Compound and recurve bows (the best choices of formula recurve bow risers and limbs used by Olympic archers around the world)
  • 3D, hunting, and traditional arrows
  • Starters can find shot training aids, DVDs, books, and stretch-bands
  • Hunting materials such as tree stands, cooler, and camera
  • Youth bows (compound, recurve, and longbows)
  • Casual and hunting apparel (camo and heated clothing)

Prices And Shipping Fees

The prices are high; the less expensive bow costs $350 and the most expensive one cost £3000.

Delivery rates change depending on where you live and how much you spent.

Customer Service

Live chat and phone numbers are available if you’ve any questions.

Lancaster Archery employees are all passionate about archery and expert in the domain.

Whatever your problem is, they can answer.

Articles and videos are often posted to help you to understand archery and to review the different products obtainable at Lancaster Archery.

Besides, it’s simple to have a quick look at the frequently asked questions.

3. Hunting-Bow 

The Catalog’s Story

The founders Marc and Paul decided to hunt after having a conversation about their plan and desire to escape the chaos of the city.

For them, hunting is a way of getting away from the unhealthy meat industry.

After spending hours to chase, they grow a passion for archery as a sport.

Not long after, they open their online shop: Hunting-Bow.

The Catalog’s Look

The online platform has a professional look, and it’s easy to navigate.

You can shop by category or research what you desire by taping in the search bar.

Products are well explained, and customers’ reviews are available.

What Can You Get a Hunting-Bow?

If hunting is what interests you in archery Hunting-Bow is the catalog for you.

A wide range of products is available:

  • Recurve and longbows
  • Compound bows
  • Fletched arrows ideal for hunting as they offer high accuracy at a longer distance than others style, however, it’ll decrease the speed
  • Different styles of targets, such as bag, 3D, face, lock
  • All the essential for perfect hunting – clothes, backpack, scent elimination, lures, games call, and tons of other accessories
  • Turkey, deer, misc, and waterfowl decoy

Product from brands such as October Mountains Products, PSE, Bear Archery can be found on the company website.

Prices And Shipping Fee

Hunting bow has highly competitive prices;

For instance, you can find a traditional bow for just £100 and a compound bow for £200.

The company proposes fast & free shipping in the US from $59.

Customer Service

The service client is excellent.

Live chat is available to help you with your shipping process.

Moreover, it’s possible to call the company directly.

You can find more than 100 articles on the Hunting-Bow website that are lovely to become an expert in hunting.

4. TenPoint Crossbows

The Catalog’s Story

Rick Bednar and a small group of investors founded TenPoint Crossbows in 1994.

The founder selects the name “TenPoint” out of the desire to distinguish his company from competitors.

According to Rick, the word “ten” encourages perfection, like in the phrase “a perfect 10”.

In 2021, the business was launching the first silent cocking, safe de-coking system.

The most innovative part of the de-cocking design is its ease of use.

Business technology is identified as setting the industry norm for crossbow hunting technology, engineering, and performance.

The Catalog’s Look

TenPoint has outstanding web design.

Attractive images are used to enhance the online platform.

The product’s descriptives are very detailed and interactive, especially the ones for crossbows.

The customer reviews are useful and appear clearly.

What Can You Get At TenPoint Crossbows?

  • Crossbows
  • Carbon and Aluminum Arrows

TenPoint Crossbows is selling its brand, and some crossbows from Wicked Ridge can be found.

Prices And Shipping Fees

Prices are high, for example, you have to spend at least £459,99 for a crossbow.

The shipping fee varies depending on your location and what you are ordering.

Customer Service

If you want to contact the customer’s service, you’ll have to contact one of their customer centers.

All the customer centers are effortlessly findable from the TenPoint website.

You can choose to go straight to the customer centers or simply give a call.

It’s possible to get tons of information about crossbows on their website.

Video descriptions and text formats are available.

It’s pretty easy to look at all the frequently asked questions—each product as FAQ section.

5. Bear Archery

The Catalog’s Story

In 1933, Fred Bear and Charles Piper established the Bear Product Company.

At its beginning, the business was focus on silk and advertising support work for automotive companies.

Five years after its creation, the company broadens to offer hand-made bows.

In 1947 Fred Bear sold the advertising side of Bear Product Company.

The archery business was named Bear Archery.

The Catalog’s Look

Bear Archery’s website has a lovely design.

The image used to present the website are eye-catching.

Besides, you can easily navigate on the website, and product descriptions give valuable information.

However, there is any section “customer reviews” to help you in your shopping decision.

Also, sometimes the site can be tricky.

Not all products can be bought on the website.

There is no clear distinction between the products sold online and the others.

Although you can find many dealers in the US.

What Can You Get At Bear Archery?

  • Compound bows, crossbows, and recurves bows and longbows
  • Youth archery
  • Arrows
  • Accessories such as cocking rope, string stop replacement, and cases for traditional longbows

Bear Archery is working with companies such as Trophy Ridge and Fletcher Archery.

Prices And Shipping Fees

The quality product is premium, and this is why the prices are relatively high.

For instance, compound bow prices start at $499,99.

Delivery fees are free for all orders.

Customer Service

In case of a problem, you can send an email to the team, call the customer’s services, or contact a dealer directly.

On the online platform, there is a blog category.

You’ll find on it hunters stories and a small number of archery’s tips.

6. Barnett Crossbows

The Catalog’s Story

In 1962 Bernard Barnett started to realize crossbows in his garage, located in England.

Barnett slowly grows his reputation as an expert craftsman in the crossbow industry.

A couple of years later, he starts distributing his product in the United States by partnering with one of his friends from Michigan.

The company is responsible for some of the most essential innovations in the industry.

Such as crank cocking devices and the anti-dry fire device.

Nowadays, the business is owned by Plano Synergy Holding.

He also owns other well-known hunting brands such as HaloOptic and Tenzing.

The Catalog’s Look

The company has a fantastic website.

It’s effortless to navigate through the catalogs.

You can shop by product range or do your research using the research bar.

Besides, product descriptions are knowledgeable, and customer reviews are also available.

What Can You Get At Barnett Crossbows?

  • Recurve, compound, and crossbows
  • Youth archery (recurve and compound bows)
  • Arrows
  • Accessories such as case and cocking devices

Barnett is selling only it’s own brand.

Price And Shipping Fees

Barnett has affordable prices;

For example, the less expensive crossbow cost $149.99, and the most costly cost of £999.99.

The delivery fees change depending on your order.

Customer Service

The company can be contacted without any problem by email via its website or by phone call.

All the frequently asked questions are listed on one page.

If you’ve any problem understanding technical words, a complete archery glossary is available on the websites.

Besides, a heading “Learn” is present on the website.

By clicking on it, you can study the safety and state regulation in matters of archery.

A detailed article about bows is also available.

7. Easton Archery

The Catalog’s Story

Created in 1922, Easton Archery is always focusing on offering innovative, premium products that improve the consumer sporting experience.

In 1940, the business transformed the sport of archery, developing the first straight, consistent aluminum arrows.

Since then, Easton Archery has been the world’s leading archery innovator.

The Catalog’s Look

The online platform is practical to navigate.

Search function and category navigation (on sale, arrows, shops) are available.

Product descriptions are visible in video and text format.

However, there is no possibility of reading customers’ feedbacks.

What Can You Get At Easton Archery?

Arrows (target, hunting, 3D, and crossbow Bolts) and components (bushing, nocks, pins, points, vanes, inserts) can only be found in Easton Archery Dealers.

Online, a vast range of products can be shop:

  • Tools such as broadhead wrench and fletching
  • Case, quiver, and stabilizers
  • Clothing (socks, hat, tee-shirt, and jumpers)

Prices And Shipping Fees

Prices are medium, and delivery costs are depending on your location and the size of your order.

Customer Service

You can read tons of articles on this website to stay updated with the archery and beginners’ guides.

Besides, you can listen to almost 100 of the podcasts.

Presented by George Tekmitchov, Easton Target Product Manager, Sr. Engineer, and past USA World team member, and Steve Anderson, Pro Staff Manager, and previous World Field Champion.

One-on-one support for the beginner and the seasoned archer, are offered by Easton Archery Dealer.

Moreover, all the questions frequently asked are repertories on one page to facilitate your shopping decision.

If you’ve still issues after reading the FAQ, you can quickly call the company; an expert will answer all your questions.

8. Hunter’s Friend

The Catalog’s Story

In 1999, Hunter’s Friend began, it’s now one of the nation’s largest stand-alone archery pro-shops.

The company is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ and a member of the Archery Trade Association (ATA).

The Catalog’s Look

Hunter’s Friend has elegant web design, principally white.

The website is user-oriented; search bar and search by categories (archery, kids, accessories) are at your disposal to win time in your research.

The product descriptions are clear and useful.

Unfortunately, there is no customer feedback to help you with your purchase decision.

What Can You Get At Hunter’s Friend?

  • Compound bows
  • Hand-fletched custom arrows
  • The company takes arrows seriously
  • Each dart is trimmed to your specification in one of its 8,000 rpm high-speed arrow saw
  • Crossbows
  • Accessories such as arrow rest, quivers, broadheads
  • Kids also have products adapted explicitly for them (small pink bow, bow set with arrows)

Hunter’s Friend is selling brands such as Obsession, Diamond, PSE, G5.

Less than 2% of the bows sell by the business are bare bows.

The other 98% are pro-shop compound bow systems (package deals) that are first set up and serve in the company’s pro-shop.

Prices And Shipping Fees

Prices are medium; for example, the cost of a compound goes from $325 to 100£.

Shipping Fees are free after $99 spend on the website.

Customer Service

The company can be easily contacted on social media messenger, phone, or email.

The employees are friendly and helpful.

A Guide helping you to buy a compound bow is available on the website.

The guide is complete, it reports everything you need to know before buying a bow.

9. Dick’s Sporting Goods

The Catalog’s Story

In 1948 Dick’s Sporting Goods was established by Dick Stack.

Everything started when Nick was working at an Army surplus store in New-York.

At the time, his director asked him to create a list of products needed to get into the fishing business.

Later on, David proposed his ideas; the owner told him that he had no bits of knowledge.

Frustrated, David discussed with his grandmother, who gave him $300, what was needed to start Dick’s Sporting Goods.

In 1970, the product line was developed to include much of what you’ll find at DICK’S Sporting Goods now.

The Catalog’s Look

The website is aesthetic and user-friendly;

To find archery equipment, you’ve to shop by sport and look under “Hunting equipment.”

Product information and customer reviews are readable at a glance.

What Can You Get At Dick’s Sporting Goods?

  • Crossbows
  • Compound bows
  • Recurve bows and longbows
  • Aluminum, carbon, fiberglass, composite, and wood arrows

Brands such as Easton Archery, Bear Archery, PSE, Barnett, October Mountain Product can be found at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Price And Shipping Fee

The company has low prices; for example, a basic recreational crossbow cost only £19,99.

The shipping costs are evaluated depending on your item’s size, weight, selected shipping methods, and delivery address.

Customer Service

The company has excellent customer service.

Live chat is available, and it’s easy to get the customer’s service by phone.

About ten articles are on the company website to give you tips about hunting and how to choose your material.

10. Cabela’s

The Catalog’s Story

The company was founded in 1961 by Dick Cabella. Originally, Dick ran the business from a kitchen table.

Nowadays, Cabela’s principal headquarters along Interstate 80 in Sidney encompasses more than 250,000 square feet.

The brand is recognized as the world’s foremost outfitter of hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear.

The Catalog’s Look

Cabela’s website is users friendly.

It’s relatively easy to find all the archery material by clicking on the categories, you can also directly type in the search bar what you are looking for.

Products description are explicit, and you can read the customers’ reviews.

If you want a paper version of the catalog, you can request it from the website.

What Can You Get At Cabela’s?

  • Compound bows, recurve bows, and longbows
  • Carbon arrows shaft or aluminum arrows shaft
  • Arrows building accessories
  • 3D target, foam block, bag, and burlap target

Cabela’s sells products from brands such as Gold Tip, Carbon Express, Apple archery, and Goat tuff.

Prices And Shipping Fees

Prices are average; for example, the cheapest compound bow costs $200, while the most expensive cost $800.

Delivery costs are free after $50 purchases.

The company is committed to honoring our military & veterans.

A 5% discount is available for them every day.

Customer Service

Cabela’s has excellent customer service.

Live chat, email address, and phone number are available on the front page for any request.

Final Thoughts 

Choosing archery catalogs depends on your needs.

So above all, you need to think about what you want to achieve with your equipment.

For beginners, 3RiversArchery, Hunting-Bow, Lancaster Archery, and Easton are fantastic catalogs.

You can find tons of articles, videos, and podcasts to become an expert in archery on these websites.

There are products adapted to every age range.

You can also find fantastic youth’s products at Lancaster Archery, Hunter’s Friend, Bear Archery, and Barnett.

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