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10 Coolest Archery Patches & Stickers That Look Great

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Tim Rhodes

Ready to hit your target with these cool archery patches & stickers?

Passionate archers are beginning to tap the opportunity to add cool and designer archery patches & stickers to their collection.

You can easily fix these amazing and colorful patches to your desired location.

Gone are those days when you had a boring gear or case and weren’t able to flaunt the cool archery accessories.

Now, you can add these supercool archery patches & stickers to your cases, gears, backpacks, hats, and garments.

You can use different stylish and colorful patches based on your mood and occasion.

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10 Coolest Archery Patches And Stickers That Look Great Reviewed

Once you own these patches and stickers recommended in this article, you’re going to fall in love with the super cool feeling.

1. Archery Bow 2 inch Iron on Patch

Archery Bow 2 inch Iron on Patch Ava3035
  • 2 inches
  • Iron or sew on
  • Quality embroidering on heavy canvas
  • Perfect for clothing or gear

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This beautiful embroidered patch is for those who are looking to refresh the look of their garment or case.

This 2-inch cool bow patch can be easily applied to your case or garment.

It comes with beautiful archery bow embroidery on heavy canvas.

The border of Bow and Arrow is of bright yellow color and placed on the black background giving a perfect contrast.

The patch has a cherry red border on blue shade giving it a really cool look.

You can apply this cool patch on a fresh or laundered garment and decide the location on which you need to place this patch.

After this, you need to place the hot iron on cotton with a temperature of around 400 degrees and let the iron heat up for five minutes.

Now, you need to iron the garment area where you desire to fix this patch.

Once this is done, you can place the patch on the desired area with the embroidery facing up and place the light towel or cloth on the patch.

Now, you need to press the patch firmly for 30 seconds using a circular motion and iron the backside of the patch for 30 seconds as well.

Let the patch cool for a minute and your patch will be fixed in the area of the garment or case.

The beauty of this patch is that you can also sew this patch onto your garment in case you need a permanent fix.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Cool design
  • Beautiful color combination and embroidery
  • Quality embroidery work

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2. Tactical Bowhunter Patch

Gadsden and Culpeper Tactical Bowhunter Patch (Coyote Tan)
  • Made By Gadsden and Culpeper! Velcro Hook backing for attachment to Tactical Hats and Gear
  • 2"x3" sized perfectly for our caps
  • 100% Embroidery
  • Made In USA
  • Can be used with Condor, Tru-Spec and other Operator / Contractor Caps

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This Bowhunter patch is strategically designed for hats and gears.

It comes in black, coyote, olive, silver, tan, and also has a multi color option.

This patch is great for Tru-Spec, Condor, and other Contractor/Operator Caps.

It has an awesome archer embroidery and a compact rectangular design occupying less space.

This tactical patch comes with a hook side and you can easily attach it to your garment if you have a loop side attachment.

You can personalize your gear as these patches match most of the gears, boonies, and patterns.

Gadsden and Culpeper have hundreds of designs with amazing color options resulting in hundreds of cool designs of tactical patches.

You can give a really cool look to your hunter T-shirt with multiple color options.

You should be assured of the quality of this product as it has been very well stitched.

You can apply this patch to a compatible surface on gear, hats, and backpacks.

If you wish to change your patch to a new design, you can easily switch with the multiple available options.

This patch is of 2″x3″ dimension and has been 100% embroidered.

Gadsden and Culpeper have stocked thousands of patches and you can get these patches in a really short time.

The tactical patches hold really nice of the garment so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product.

All of the designer tactical patches are made in the USA.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multiple color options
  • A cool option for backpacks and gears
  • Velcro hooks for tactical gears and hats

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3. Antrix Antlers Wildlife Hunting Patch

Antlers Wildlife Hunting Patch Hook and Loop Fastener Emblem Patch Embroidered Military Badge Emblem...
  • Measure:3.15"*2" (80mmx 50mm).
  • Fully 3D embroidery.Includes Antlers Wildife Hunting Patch * 1.
  • Comfortable,durable and tough,easy to remove and wash.
  • Includes looped backing for any application use.
  • Perfect for Hats,Caps,Bags,Jackets,Backpacks,Military,Airsoft,Cosplay,CS,Tactical Exercise and other outdoor...

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Antrix Antlers Hunting Patch is tough, comfortable, durable, easy to wash and remove.

The patch has a sharp design and comes with white embroidery on a black background with a dimension of 3.15″*2″.

This patch is best suited for wildlife hunting enthusiasts.

Antrix says that you can easily apply this patch on caps, hats, bags, airsoft, backpacks, military garments, cosplay garments, tactical exercise garments, and others.

You can also collect this patch as a hobby and you can gift it to a friend or colleague.

For any application, this patch includes a loop for the backing.

This patch has full 3D embroidery on it and the quality of the embroidery is superb.

Antrix also provides hassle-free after-sales service and amazing customer service support which differentiates it from others.

You don’t even have to return the patch in case you aren’t satisfied and Antrix Antlers will provide you a 100% refund without any condition.

If you often go to wildlife hunting, this patch could be the one you’re looking for.

Antrix offers quick delivery of patches so you can expect this in no time once you have placed the order.

This patch has high-quality fabric so it will retain its luster and embroidery for a longer period of time.

Considering the cost of this patch, it looks like it’s worth every penny.

It’s rectangular and compact and you can apply this patch easily on smaller surfaces.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 3D look
  • Superb embroidery
  • Hassle-free after-sales support
  • 100% refund in case of dissatisfaction

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4. "ARCHERY" w/APPLE & ARROW - Iron On Embroidered Patch/Sport, Games, Competition

"ARCHERY" w/APPLE & ARROW - Iron On Embroidered Patch/Sport, Games, Competition
  • Embroidered Patch on Fabric Background
  • Iron On Backing
  • Size-- Approximately 2 inches

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The size and design of this patch are so unique that one will instantly fall in love with this patch.

Extensive embroidery has been done on this patch with bright and vibrant colors.

This patch has a design of red embroidered apple and an orange arrow is passing through it.

The arrow is designed with three colors and has fine embroidery which gives it a unique and artistic look.

If you’re an admirer of art and a lover of archery, you can add this unique and artistic patch to the collection of your patches.

This patch can be easily applied to the tote bag, garment, sheets, placemats, etc.

First, you need to preheat the iron to “cotton setting” but you shouldn’t use steam during application.

After that, you need to position the patch with a thin cloth and apply the continuous pressure for almost 25 seconds.

Once the pressure is applied, the patch needs cooling time before using it.

You shouldn’t apply the patch to Nyon, Rayon, and acetate fabrics.

The patch can be washed in a machine and can be easily dry cleaned.

It’s recommended that a cycle of washing should be delicate and the patch should be line dried.

The manufacture will also send application instructions if you purchase this patch.

The patch can be returned to the seller in case you aren’t satisfied.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unique and artistic design
  • Can be machine washed and dry cleaned
  • Vibrant colors

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5. Miniature Cute Archery Target Patch

TH Miniature Size Set 2 Tiny Cute Archery Target Cartoon Logo Embroidered Sew on Iron on Patch for...
  • Specification: Approx Size : Diameter 2.25 inches / Quantity : 2 Piece
  • iron on patch or sew on patch high quality iron on applique patch, delicate and exquisitely embroidered.
  • Perfect for Jeans, Jackets, Vests, Hats, Backpacks, Scrapbooking and more! - and they're also useful for hiding...
  • Top Quality, Detailed Embroidery,Great for Clothing.
  • Warnings: Be very careful with polyester fabrics, since applying the high heat necessary for ironing on patches can...

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If you’re an archery lover, this patch is one of the cutest patches you will find online.

It’s a cute miniature size patch with archery target embroidery on it and comes as a set of 2.

This patch is made in Thailand and best suited for jackets, jeans, hats, scrapbooks, vests, and a lot more.

Patches are very useful to hide the torn portion of a garment, backpack, or case.

The manufacturer says that these are high-quality patches, exquisitely embroidered, and delicate patches.

Also, delicate fabrics like silk are not good for patches as per the manufacturer.

Like any other patch, you can fix the patch on your garment through iron or sewing it in the desired location.

For permanent application, it’s recommended to sew the patch.

While using the ironing method for polyester fabric, you should avoid using a high amount of heat on the patch as it can cause burns on fabric and fabric can get discolored.

These cute archery target patches are 100% embroidered and can be easily recognized from a long-range.

The patch has a special glue that melts when you apply heat on it and grips the garment well.

These small patches are literally so small and that you can apply to your smallest gadget you have.

These cute tiny patches can serve as a perfect gift for your friend and family.

This patch can be returned in case you aren’t satisfied with the quality or you have any other issues with the patch.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Cute
  • Exquisitely embroidered
  • Can be easily recognized from far
  • Sharp design
  • Comes with special glue for fixing

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6. Girl Archer- Die Cut Vinyl Window Decal

Girl Archer- Die Cut Vinyl Window Decal/sticker for Car or Truck 5"x5"
  • Die cut from premium 6 year vinyl, the only thing to be applied is what's shown in white
  • Size is approximately 5"x5"
  • Complete application instructions provided for easy application
  • Can be applied to almost any clean, smooth surface! Windows, cars, trucks, laptop, etc

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Tired of seeing typical male archery decals?

As a female archer, you will love to own the exclusive decal of a girl targeting with a compound bow.

The White Girl archery decal is perfect for those who often drive for training or hunting.

If you want the world to know that you are a proud girl archer, you would definitely want to add this sticker to your collection and proudly flaunt your skill.

You can apply this decal to cars, trucks, windows, and laptops, but you need to make sure that the surface should be smooth and clean to get better results.

Red Clay Designs offer this minimalist decal with a size of 5″x5″ and can be applied to a dark background like black.

The manufacturer says that the decal has been cut from 6-year-old premium vinyl.

Since the decal is completely white, the chances of getting dirty are high if you often go out for offroading.

This decal can be applied easily and you will not notice any signs of peeling soon.

Decal sticks so well that you won’t be able to remove this decal without destroying it.

If you are looking to redesign your bow case, this decal is worth giving a try.

This bow comes with personalized handwritten words – “do not bend” and “thank you” and you will be pleased to see it.

Red Clay Designs ensure quick shipping and delivery once you have placed orders for this decal.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Best for female archer
  • Firm application
  • Minimalist white design

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7. Deer Buck Antlers Skull Hunting Sticker

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If you are looking for a super cool and sharp deer antler sticker, this one fits very well.

This sticker comes in 05 sizes starting with 06 inches and it will go up to 20 inches.

The sticker is made up of Polyvinyl chloride, comes in glossy white and it’s made in the U.S.A.

says that you can also send a request to them in case you want a sticker of a different color than white.

Available colors are white, black, blue, gold, green, pink, purple, red, silver, and yellow so you can try these decals on different color backgrounds.

You can use this deer skull decal on a truck, car, window, Cornhole boards, motorcycle, laptop, phone, home/office decor, store, signage.

Since decal uses premium quality vinyl, you will not observe any color fading even if you use it for a longer period of time.

Fascination Inc claims that the decal they are providing is of computer precision cut with clear background.

It should be noted that the room or outside temperature shouldn’t be lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit as the decal does not stick properly in cold environments.

It’s recommended to clean the area with rubbing alcohol before you apply the decal to the surface.

You can apply the sticker by holding the sticker by masking tape and peeling off the white paper.

Further, you can place the sticker on the surface, but you need to make sure that the masking tape should remain intact.

So, applying this vinyl decal is a simple and hassle-free process.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multiple sizes and colors available
  • Sharp skull design
  • Premium quality

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8. Hunt Like A Girl Sticker

Creative Concept Ideas Hunt Like A Girl Arrow Antlers CCI Decal Vinyl Sticker|Cars Trucks Vans Walls...
  • This is a vinyl, die cut decal....WAY better than a bumper sticker.
  • The material used is made to last 6 years on the outside of your vehicle but can be applied to most clean smooth...
  • This product applies to your car similar to how you apply a temporary tattoo....
  • ...dont worry, we provide indepth application instructions. The transfer tape that we use on our products is clear,...
  • Manufactured by Creative Concept Ideas. If you purchase this Creative Concept brand decal from a seller other than...

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Looking for a special hunting text sticker?

This decal is a perfect representation of feminism, passion, and respecting choices.

This design would definitely catch your attention if you are a passionate hunter.

“Hunt Like a Girl” is a cleverly designed sticker and sets apart this decal from other stickers mentioned in this list.

A white design comprises a text surrounded by a skull and an arrow crossing the text.

The decal also comes in pink color and could be a perfect choice for a female archer.

Decal material can last up to 6 years once applied and can be easily applied to most clean surfaces.

Once you have purchased this decal, the seller will provide you detailed instructions on the application of this decal so you don’t have to wander on your own concerning the application of this decal.

The decal will be provided with clear transfer tape which makes the application easy on the desired surface.

Creative Concept Ideas claims that it’s a computer cut decal of high quality and made in the U.S.A.

The seller claims that it’s better than bumper stickers as it’s made up of vinyl.

The application is so simple that you can apply this decal to your car or any other surface just like you apply a temporary tattoo.

The sticker can be easily applied to trucks, vans, cars, walls, or laptops and is available in size- 5.5 x 5.25 inches.

In case you are looking for a sticker that stands out, you can definitely go for this decal.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Creative design
  • High-quality decal
  • Long-lasting material
  • Easy application

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9. Born To Hunt Decal

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This sticker has a cool black text – Born to Hunt, Forced to Work, and a deer beside it, and wordings are of a unique font compared to the other decals in this list.

If you are a die-hard lover of archery and you feel that you are forced to work due to various reasons, this decal is the best fit for you.

As per the Chase Grace Studio, the material used for this decal is UV and it’s made in the U.S.A.

The best thing I like about this decal is that it comes with a transparent background.

The decal is made up of high-quality vinyl and can last up to 6 years in an outside environment.

The unique feature about this decal is its water-resistance which differentiates this decal from others in this list.

It has a dimension of 5.5″ X 4.5″ which is pretty decent to put on desired locations.

You can apply this decal to clean surfaces of windows, vehicles, tailgates, mirrors, glass, toolboxes, coolers, cups, electronic gadgets, home windows, interior walls, thermos, and blinders.

The clear transfer tape has been provided with the decal for ease of application.

Detailed instructions will be included in the order so you can easily follow the steps.

You can easily peel off the decal and you can use a credit card to press the decal onto the surface.

The beauty of this decal is that it will be flawless on any surface compared to the other decals which have backgrounds on them.

If you love unique and transparent stickers, this decal would be worth adding to your archery stickers collection.

This decal can be returned to the seller in case you are not satisfied with the quality of the decal or adhesion.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Water resistance
  • Transparent background
  • Can be applied on multiple surfaces

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

10. Slap-Art Archery Silhouette Decal

Bowhunter W/skull- Die Cut Christian Vinyl Window Decal/sticker for Car or Truck 8" X 3.5"
  • Die cut from premium 6 year vinyl, the only thing to be applied is what's shown in white
  • Size is approximately 8" x 3.5"
  • Complete application instructions provided for easy application
  • Can be applied to almost any clean, smooth surface! Windows, cars, trucks, laptop, etc

Last update on 2024-03-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This is one of the coolest archery stickers in which a passionate archer shoots the arrow.

The designer has managed to include four arrows in the decal – 3 arrows standing straight in the bow case and 1 arrow aimed by the archer who is shooting it at the target.

The arrow in the hands of the archer being shot towards the target, in this design, is sharp with a long length which makes it a perfect choice for a passionate archer.

This decal comes in white color and it can be applied on flat surfaces like cars, windows, laptops, doors, walls, etc.

The decal is made up of premium quality vinyl (Avery) that can last for more than 5 years.

Unlike other decals, this one can be removed with nil residue and it will not cause any kind of damage to the area.

This sticker comes with a length of 6 inches and a height of 4.8 inches.

Although you will find this decal in white color, the decal can also be availed in multicolor.

You can contact the seller in case you are looking for different color options.

If you are a proud archer and frequently drive for practice or training, this decal will keep motivating you all along and you can add this to your car.

The seller didn’t mention the application instruction but it can be easily applied like any other vinyl decal.

Considering the quality and design of the decal, this decal is worth every penny.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Can be easily removed
  • Doesn’t leave residue post removal
  • High-quality vinyl

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Final Thoughts

There is a plethora of archery patches options available online depending on what you desire to add to your collection.

Whether you want to flaunt an angry mood or you wish to communicate a proud archer feeling, you can definitely find a patch and decal which suits your mood and occasion.

The beauty of these patches and decals is that you have hundreds of available designs and colors so you can easily experiment with different options without getting bored.

You can go for a decal with a colorful background or you can choose a transparent decal.

You can go for a 2D patch or a 3D patch transforming the look of your garment or archery case.

These creative and unique patches will always remind you to aim for the stars and tell the people in a modest way that you are an achiever.

See a patch or a decal that’s not on the list and should be?

– Do let us know in the below comment section.

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