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10 Most Common Archery Trophies & Awards You Can Win

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Tim Rhodes

You love recognition for work well done, right?

Awards give you the motivation to continue doing your best in any field that you are in and help you retain your top talent.

The introduction of archery awards was to recognize the best archers and promote competition among the players in the game.

The award’s primary goal is to make the game popular and encourage more people to join the archery clubs.

The awards are divided into different groups based on age, and therefore you don’t have to worry about low chances of winning as you’ll compete with people of your age group, that is, the juniors and the adults.

The award’s choice entirely depends on your needs and what you want to achieve by awarding the top talent.

The archery awards are available in different sizes and designs, and therefore your selection depends on your taste and preference.

Table of Contents

10 Most Common Archery Trophies And Awards You Can Win

This article focuses on the most common trophies and awards that you can win from playing archery.

1. Archery Two-Tier championship Trophy with Wood Base

When you are always looking to have a pleasant representation of your achievement in the archery world, then this trophy does just that.

It’s designed in a way that you will have a feel of greatens in your hands just as you did while looking to be awarded.

This trophy’s design goes all the way to ensure that you will have no regrets when holding it up high.

When you win this trophy, it becomes a part of you, and you most definitely want to keep it in a place where you will have a clear view of it.

This is made possible for you as this trophy has a tailor-made base to enable you to balance it on any surface safely.

Its broad base makes sure it will support the upper weight perfectly, making sure you will not have to stress about it falling off and breaking.

This trophy’s design was made, keeping in mind that you most definitely have a sense of fashion and want your award to blend in with your environment.

For this reason, the base of the trophy is made of wood, thus making sure it blends perfectly with any surface you may decide to place it on, whether glass or concrete.

Archery is a prestigious sport, and as such, this trophy will give you the feel of prestige as its two-tier design does just that.

This will enable you to lift your trophy high with both hands for the world to see and get the appreciation you genuinely deserve.

If what you seek is the feeling of real recognition, then this is the trophy for you.

2. Perpetual Series Trophy

If you are looking for an archery trophy that stands out, then this is the pick for you.

Sure, you will want to be recognized as you truly deserve, and what better way to do that than with a trophy that genuinely defines finesse.

This trophy is a definite right choice for its size.

Small-sized trophies are not bad, but you will want your symbol of recognition to be as big as your achievement.

The trophy stands 23 inches long and is made of a silver plate at the top.

This works for you in that you will have evolutionary advantages with it.

For one, modern-day trophies are being designed for cheap and fragile materials that will easily bend or, worse still, break.

With this trophy, however, you are guaranteed safety first, making sure that you will live to see the outcome of your labor for a very long time.

As an archer, you must love the game as much as you would love a recognition award.

This trophy will fulfill that desire as it is designed with an archer symbol at the top to get to enjoy yourself.

This trophy’s design gets even better for you because there is a beautifully crafted wood base to support the upper silver part.

This provides enough space for you to write your names on it and experience the real feeling of ownership.

3. Archery Mini Shield

If what you are on the search for is a trophy that is not too big but still gives you the best feeling, which is of a champion, this is the trophy for you.

This trophy is molded from a superior grade of resin, making sure it is as hardcore as you were on the field, securing your win.

This trophy’s design will make you appreciate it as it is as sophisticated as it is small.

The general design of this trophy brings out the make of a star.

Other than that, it is designed to make sure you see a reflection of the sport you love as it is designed with arrows striking it.

The thing you will want to happen most is to have your name engraved on your achievements.

This will honestly give you the feeling of ownership as it is well deserved.

The design of this trophy makes your wish a reality with the custom made sophisticated base.

The rectangular base on which this trophy is mounted gives you enough room to have your name engraved.

This trophy’s general decoration will be quite a sight for you because it has a target plate-like shape on top topped up with arrows.

4. Star-Studded Archery Shield

Just as the name suggests, this award is best suited for you like a star.

If you want to feel like you are a true star after you have won, then this shield will do just that for you.

The make of this design is made to make sure that your achievement lasts long, especially.

This is since it is made out of resin material, and thus you are guaranteed to see it for a long time.

The make of the trophy is in such a manner that it is not only meant to appreciate you but pay respects to you.

This is since the crafting and design of the trophy itself is done by careful and experienced hands to make sure you love it.

Since the best way to appreciate your efforts as an experienced and achieved archer, the trophy’s design is made to reflect archer as a sport.

This trophy’s design is truly sophisticated as the top part is made of bronze and silver material.

This is so that you will feel the weight of your efforts every single time you are lifting it on just placing it on a surface in your home.

Other than that, you are bound to love it since, at the center of it lies an arrow striking the bull’s eye.

This is incredibly thoughtful since it symbolizes that your award was given to you for actually hitting the bull’s eye and winning the award.

This is truly an opportunity for you as an archer to appreciate your efforts.

The trophy then has more than enough space for you to have your name engraved, and one can have a name engraving surface tailor-made for them for free.

5. Cosmos Archery Award

If what you are searching for is a trophy to make you feel appreciated for your efforts and stand out, this trophy is best suited for you.

As a matter of fact, in matters of prestige and sophistication, this trophy will, without a doubt, put a smile on your face.

What will get you to fall in love with this trophy is that it is eye-catching.

What I mean is that even though you might already have countless awards in your awards cabinet, this award alone will still capture the attention of anyone.

What this award does for you is that it first takes away the worry of it ever breaking.

It is made from the best high-degree plastic material, meaning anytime you are lifting to show your achievement, you will not have to worry about breaking any time you are lifting to show your achievement.

The trophy material itself is what makes sure that the design is even more fulfilling for you.

The top of the trophy’s design is made to create the impression of an archery shield with three arrows striking it at the center.

The shield is designed in a striped manner to make sure it’s as unique as it is available.

Right underneath the shield, the word archery is engraved on the shield in bold to feed your need to appreciate the sport.

The award goes further to put your sense of style in high regard by having stars engraved on it being well polished.

It has a surface set aside to have your name engraved on the trophy to finish the look and give you a more customized feel.

6. Archery Acrylic Trophy Award

Having a customized award to clearly show that it personally belongs to you is more than satisfying.

The best thing about this archery acrylic award is that it gives you the option of engraving up to three lines of engraved texts.

This makes this award appropriate for competitions as the participants will be striving to win a customized trophy.

The different plates on the trophy also conveniently allow multiple similar trophies to be awarded to a single archer who has won different events.

You only have to engrave the texts of the different categories won on that single award.

The trophy has a full-color archery insert detail that clearly shows the sport that the archer was participating in, and that is archery and not just any other sport out there.

The sumptuous unique design of the trophy gives you an exciting feeling of owning it, and hence you can’t miss working extremely hard to hold the award.

The unique design is eye-catching and will transform your trophy’s space and give it an elegant feel such that you or your visitors can notice the award from your distance.

If your award space is in an office setting, this archery trophy can help you strike amazing deals with your clients as it portrays you as a star or rather a performer in whatever you do.

7. JOAD Star Pins

The Junior Olympic Archery Development pins are awarded to you for gaining scores.

The more scores you get, the more pins will be awarded to you.

If you want your kids to start filling their room shelves with plenty of awards, enroll them in archery clubs and watch them grow to the competition levels, and start bringing home those awards.

You definitely love watching your kids’ achievements while they’re still at a very tender age, and this is your joy as a parent.

The pins are awarded for shooting a barebow, compound bow, or the primary compound recurve.

The juniors can also win the “6 Gold” pin by shooting six 10’s in a row either in two successive three arrow ends or in a single six arrow end.

The pins are customized with the USA archery texts and hence give you a more defined victory position.

They also have the archery game symbol engraved at the top; hence everyone is aware of the type of game that you won and not just any game, which increases the chances of you joining top world archery teams and helps you retain your top talent.

The pins also have stars; that is, different pins have a different number of stars depending on the number of shots you win, and therefore you can get an award that is equivalent to the efforts you put in place during gaming.

Having awards in different colors to distinguish you from the rest is impressive.

The pins are made in different colors to distinguish the different categories won, and therefore you don’t have to worry about your runners mates getting a pin similar to yours.

You got a pin, too, as different pins are awarded to varying winners in various ranks, and the different colors help in distinguishing.

You can start earning the JOAD pins as soon as you join the archery clubs and put a lot of effort into becoming the best archer of all time, and as a junior, you have what it takes to become the best.

You can order the JOAD pins in the link below if you are in a team and want to encourage competition among your team members.

8. Adult Star Pins

As an adult, you may desire to get the awards and trophies to show your kids your achievements, and maybe you aren’t getting them in your workplace or other fields.

If you have an interest in archery, you can win those awards very easily.

The adult star pins are awarded to you as a senior archer for shooting indoors or outdoors with compound bows or recurve.

Just like the JOAD star pins, the adult star pins are made in different colors, and each pin has a different number of stars to distinguish the different categories won and help in recognizing the best talent.

You can also get the “6 gold” pin by shooting six 10’s in a row either in a single six arrow end or two successive three arrow ends.

The pins are customized with the archery game symbol, and this allows them to be the best awards in this game as they show the world the exact game that you qualified as a winner just by a glimpse.

The pins have a unique sumptuous design that makes you proud of owning one and making others respect you for the skills you got in archery.

The best thing about the pins is that you can’t be asked to re-earn the pin that has already been awarded to you. 

Therefore, if you remain a top talent, you can get as many pins as you qualify, which reflects you winning multiple awards. 

How cool is that?

9. “ Doc” Counsilman Science Award

The good thing about awards in archery is that they’re all rounded.

It’s not just the players who get recognition for a job well done but rather all stakeholders who took part in the game’s success, including the coaches.

If you are a coach, the “Doc” Counsilman Science award is what you should be striving towards achieving.

This award suits you if you are an innovative coach who uses scientific knowledge in sports to train your players.

In the modern world, science continues to influence, inspire, and guide.

Any coach who effectively integrates scientific knowledge in coaching must be recognized.

This appreciation will encourage other coaches to embrace scientific coaching methods.

The interesting thing about this award is that it can be engraved with your name’s texts showing that it personally belongs to you, and this is something to be proud of.

This award trophy has a unique and simple design making it outstanding compared to other award trophies that don’t show creativity in the making.

Most of the “Doc” Counsilman award trophies are made of wood, which makes them durable, and therefore you don’t have to worry about winning an award and then losing it the next minute due to breakage or other accidents.

This trophy will be with you for a lifetime, and it’s very important as it helps you retain your top talent even for generations to come.

10. Archery Sculpture Resin Trophy

The amazing reason why this trophy suites you is that it comes in 3 sizes, therefore suitable for you if you want to award players in the same category but with different ranks.

The trophies are very portable as they have lightweight, and therefore, you don’t have to worry about moving them if you have a new place to put them.

The durability of this award is going to amaze you.

It’s made of cast resin; therefore, resistant to breakage easily compared to trophies made of glass.

The fact that it’s made of a superior type of resin is a surety that it’s going to be with you for a considerable amount of time, that’s not to say forever.

The trophies have gold plates at the bottom of each, where there is a customized text and, therefore, very suitable for awarding individuals for their top talents.

The trophy’s design is such that it has a broad base that supports the award’s upper weight, hence reducing the chances of falling and breakage.

It has a unique luxurious design that will change your trophy space and give it that elegant feel.

Final Thoughts

It’s always nice to get a trophy or award as a reflection of your hard work.

Trophies and awards are available in different designs and making but give you that luxurious, elegant feel can never be a wrong choice.

You want an award that will transform your awards space such that it’s even catching the eyes of your visitors, which gives you a victorious feeling of your efforts in archery.

You don’t just want an archery award for yourself and others to encourage them to join the game and get similar awards as archery is not as popular as other games such as basketball.

Therefore this also helps in making more people know about the game.

As a coach, you’ll love recognition for the efforts you put in place in training your players, and therefore getting an award like the one mentioned above makes you feel appreciated for all that you do.

The awards are also available in different sizes and options depending on who you want to award and the number of people you are rewarding.

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