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10 Best Back Arrow Quivers & Their Reviews For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

A good quiver is an integral part of any archery equipment set.

In a quiver that sits on your hip, rests on your back, or attaches to your bow, you can store the arrows.

Hunters tend to favor bow quivers’ portability, while target and casual archers may take their pick based on preference or purpose.

If you’re a professional archer, hobbyist, or just get started with archery, then a bow quiver is a must-have option to organize, hold, and handle your arrows and bow easily.

A bow quiver is the third most valuable bow-hunting tool, and many hunters, unfortunately, ignore its importance.

If you want to go hunting for bows, three things are a must.

They are a good bow, some high-quality arrows, and the best bow quiver.

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10 Best Back Arrow Quivers Reviewed

We have broken down the new, most popular models and styles of the new, most popular, and trusted bow quivers to simplify the process and help you understand the variations between model and type.

1. Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver

Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver, Camo
  • Three bright green LED lights on top of the hood
  • Ballistix CoPolymer construction
  • Braided hanging rope for bow or detached quiver
  • Customizable mounting bracket fits the quiver higher or lower on the bow
  • Dual arrow grippers for fixed or mechanical broadheads

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The Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver is excellent if you’re looking for a device that will need several mounting settings, as well as the ability to remove parts to lighten your load weight if necessary.

The included LED’s make an excellent ad-hoc flashlight when out and about at night’s range or trails, and once mounted, the arrows are kept very close.

Compared to rival products, the Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver stands out because it is also built with a non-reflective, camouflage finish.

It includes features such as the quick detach feature, which shows that it has been made with accuracy and usability in mind – so an archer with any level of experience can enjoy using this product.

As a bonus, some users have reported that the bow quiver also works great with crossbows, although this type of use is not advertised.

So again, it’s durable, flexible, and convenient to build, which shows that its value overall.

Even compared to other quivers, the Trophy Ridge Lite-1 Arrow Quiver is designed to make removing and locking your bow easier and easier to do, holding you on the range or shooting so you don’t miss your aim.

Customers mentioned buying a second or even a third Trophy Ridge Lite bow quiver because it’s not only well built and reliable.

Still, they will outlast any other bow quivers in the marketplace.

It is also very light (true to its name), and it is equally valuable to secure and release your arrows consistently-no matter what your goal is.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Works great with crossbows
  • Ideal for archers of all levels
  • Durable, flexible, and comfortable
  • Removable Parts
  • User friendly

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2. G4Free High-Grade Matte Velvet Arrow-Back Pot Quiver

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When you are looking for accuracy and ease of carrying and defending your arrows, the G4Free Arrow-back Pot Quiver is a great product.

This bow quiver is designed to carry up to 30 bows, which is very handy because you don’t have to think about taking extra or the hassle of carrying a separate bag along with you on your journey or to the range.

It’s made of a smooth, matte black suede material that helps keep the arrows and your bag silent, and you’re almost invisible to shooting.

The G4Free Pot Quiver is an excellent option that is not only comfortable but also robust and will hold up even in the most extreme weather conditions – just make sure that you dry your bag and take care of it after the ride!

The G4Free Bow Quiver is perfect because it is built to make it easy for you to easily and reliably catch your bows.

So, this is a fine, comfortable quiver that fits snugly and won’t let you down for those who may have trouble using their shoulders or hands in bending and stretching.

The G4Free Pot Quiver includes belt buckle loops that are durable and simple to use, keeping every pocket (and your items) safe.

The adjustable buckle for attaching to your back is also of a premium, versatile nature.

The additional two pockets included on this bow quiver are also perfect for storing and carrying additional tools such as a knife, strings, glue, and even a flashlight that adds value and practicality to hunting trips.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes easy to use belt straps
  • Lightweight, adjustable buckle
  • Two added pockets for additional tools

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3. Easton Flipside 3-Tube Hip Quiver

Easton Flipside 3-Tube Hip Quiver, Black, Left/Right
  • Reversible hook and loop pocket for ambidextrous Use
  • Integrated accessory attachment grommet, belt Clip attachment and Bow square slot
  • Three tube design to keep arrows organized
  • Reversible hook and loop pocket for ambidextrous use
  • Integrated accessory attachment grommet, belt clip attachment and bow square slot

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The Easton Flipside 3-Tube Hip Quiver should be an excellent choice when you need a practical solution.

The commodity consists of the highest quality materials.

So it will last many years.

The quiver is intended to serve multiple uses.

The quiver can be used without any question by both beginners and experienced bow-hunters.

The Easton Flipside 3-Tube Hip Quiver will manage to keep all the arrows organized.

You can quickly access your bolts, and it’s more natural to load the quiver too.

The quiver also provides additional space where you can hold an extra string or glove wax and bowstrings.

The Easton Flipside 3-Tube Hip Quiver has a cool, neutral black color.
It does not hold a lot of noise.

And you could go hunting undetected.

If you want to make regular use of your quiver, you should pick this one before the stock expires.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A great choice for newbies
  • Zipper pocket for additional tools
  • Comes in beautiful black or white
  • Solid build
  • Great for regular use

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4. LimbSaver Silent Quiver for Bow Hunting

LimbSaver Silent Quiver for Bow Hunting, One Piece, Black
  • Five-arrow Quiver with innovative low profile and lightweight design, great for Bow hunting
  • Grippers made from LimbSaver's proprietary vibration- and noise-dampening NOVCOM technology
  • Universal design fits both fixed and expandable Broad heads, as well as wide spectrum of shaft sizes
  • Quick disconnect System Operated by an easy-to-access thumb Release, positionable shaft gripper
  • Durably built to be used outdoors in harsh environments

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The LimbSaver Silent Quiver is an ideal hunting solution, and, in keeping with its purpose, it provides a very tight, secure hold for your bow and arrows while moving or at the range downwards.

This bow quiver is also built for the easy keeping of broadheads, and protection is an added usability feature that cannot beat.

LimbSaver has a very good, long-standing reputation in the local archery and hunting community and has been making strong, robust bow quivers for years.

It also has the bonus of being built with two retention bars for extra security, so you don’t have to worry about making unwanted noise, or worse, dropping any of your arrows or bows while walking or running.

Durably made from heavy rubber and steel, you can rely on this bow quiver for almost any weather or hunting environment.

It holds up well, and almost all customers were more than happy with both the performance of this bow quiver and its construction.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy access thumb release
  • Built to last
  • Lightweight and compact design

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5. Allen Youth Archery Compact Back Quiver

Youth Archery Compact Back Quiver, Purple/Black, One Size (7038)
  • Youth sized archery arrow quiver
  • Sling style can be worn across the back
  • Adjustable strap
  • Holds up to 14 arrows
  • Designed to keep arrows in place

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This Allen Company entry-level quiver is targeted towards children beginning in archery.

It is very lightweight and has a sling-style design that allows it to be worn across the back, which can accommodate up to 14 arrows with sizes that can reach a height of 30 inches.

Allen Youth Archery Back Quiver Compact is a safe and secure choice.
It is one of the present-day ‘s most excellent items.

The Quiver back is made from the highest quality materials.

Sure it’s going to last and serve you many years to come.

Included on the Quiver is a secure harness so you can take it around.
The bracelet is adjustable.

Allen Youth Archery Compact Back Quiver is designed to be used regularly and rawly.

It keeps the arrows right, without any problem.

Thus teenage archers can comfortably use Quiver.

The arrows will not fall if they run while carrying the Quiver.

Also, individuals up to 6 feet 2 inches and 200lbs can use the product without any problem.

The Quiver can keep together as many as a dozen arrows.

It is fast and easy to load.

You can easily trigger your arrows too.

The price is relatively appropriate for the good.

Give this one a try.

You’ll love the performance.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Smooth, practical design
  • Customizable
  • Holds up to 14 arrows
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Tough construction

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6. G4Free Archery Deluxe Canvas Back Arrow Quiver

G4Free Archery Back Arrow Quiver Shooting Shoulder Hanged Target Arrow Bag Holder
  • Made of Oxford fabric, Very durable material, water resistant
  • Size: length approx. 21.7inch. Three-points carry system. Lightweight and comfortable, it can hold about 30 arrows...
  • Easy to carry and take off, Accommodates arrows of any length
  • Large front storage pocket with quality zipper. It can hold your arm guard, arrows puller and other archery...
  • Suitable for both Left and Right Hand. Perfect for shooting, hunting, target practice and so on. Package: 1x arrow...

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The G4Free brand is, for good reasons, well-trusted among archery hobbyists and hunters.

This bow quiver is unique in particular as it is made from Canvas.

Canvas is a sturdy, versatile material used to make backpacks, boat sails, tents, handbags, and high-quality shoes.

Using this material also means a lighter load, and in contrast with other competing quiver bags on the market, it is very convenient.

The G4Free Deluxe Canvas Back Quiver also uses a three-point harness technology and design that adds safety and stability.

Also, the F4Free Back Quiver can be adjusted to fit most sizes, whether adults or kids are a huge plus, ensuring maximum comfort.

Best yet, while this bow quiver can look thin, it’s incredibly spacious inside, making it perfect for storing field tips, broadheads, and any additional accessories – including keys, a torch, or even targets, too.

Overall, the G4Free Deluxe Canvas Back Quiver is an excellent option to use, whether in the field or at the range.

Its optimized design helps prevent your arrows from spilling out while keeping them easy to reach while keeping your draw quiet and precise.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Arrows are easy to capture
  • Easy draw
  • Good quality
  • Comfortably fit 24 or more arrows and additional tools

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7. Easton Flipside 2-Tube Hip Quiver

Easton Flipside 2-Tube Hip Quiver, APX, Left/Right
  • Ambidextrous quiver
  • Belt clip and molded arrow tubes
  • Color is APX

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The Easton Flipside is a quiver built for right and left users alike.

This is made from high-denier poly material and comes in a trendy camouflage color or an eye-catchy mix of orange and black.

It is intended primarily for targeting.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use arrow quiver, then the Easton Flipside 2-Tube Hip Quiver is likely to be the perfect match for you as it’s designed to hold up to a dozen arrows on your next archery trip, which should be more than enough.

This quiver is also perfect to use on the range for someone who has just started archery practice and conveniently clips to your belt without any pain or hassle to securely secure and draw your arrows.

Interestingly, the belt clip included with this bow quiver ensures that you have a product ready to go straight out of the box, which is always a great plus.

Even the Easton Flipside 2-Tube Hip Quiver is made fairly low, making it a perfect match for a bow for a youth.

So, if you need a smaller, lighter, more simple bow quiver while on the go, just get going, and want to buy a well-known product that is trusted to be also safe enough for use by kids, this bow quiver is the way to go.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Safe for children’s use
  • Usable right out of the box
  • Built with top quality materials
  • Durable
  • Compact

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8. OMP No Spill Tube Quiver

October Mountain Products No-Spill Tube Hip Quiver (RH/LH - Black)
  • Unique design does not spill arrows
  • Quick connect belt clip
  • Rugged 600 denier material
  • Reversible to accommodate both RH/LH archers

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The OMP is an affordably priced quiver that boasts a unique design and is incredibly helpful in keeping the arrows on the shooters’ side and at a good angle that facilitates the recovery.

Given its small and compact shape, it can accommodate up to 12 arrows with sizes upwards of 28 inches.

If you are looking for a plain, easy-to-use bow quiver for target practice and light hunting, then the OMP No-Spill Tube Quiver is perfect.

It holds your arrows securely while optimizing your ability to recover quickly and easily.

Capable of carrying up to a dozen arrows, this is sure to be more than appropriate for any hunting needs, and Changing with a flexible belt clip between the left and right-hand usage is a breeze.

Also, if you also use arrows or field tips 30″-31′′, you can find comfort in knowing that they are easily secured – although it is not recommended to use broadheads as they could result in the quiver being torn or damaged.

The OMP No-Spill Tube Quiver is also perfect for kids.

Other archery beginners as bending over, won’t cause your arrows to come loose, or worse, causing you unnecessary harm and discomfort in the middle of the target practice.

For those tired of having to bend over and pick up their arrows while out on the range, this is a great bow quiver product, and with minimal bounce, it remains a comfortable match for your arrow.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Belt Clip for fast and quick mounting
  • Strong construction
  • Designed to last
  • Fair pricing

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9. Kwikee Kwiver Combo – 4-Arrow Bow Quiver for Archery and Hunting

Kwikee Kwiver Combo 4 Arrow Bow Quiver for Archery and Hunting - Quick Detach, Lightweight, Quiet...
  • OVER A MILLION QUIVERS SOLD AND STILL COUNTING: Founded in 1957 by a WW II veteran pilot who created the...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO USE: The Combo 4 Arrow Quiver is 12 5/8" long and weighs just 9.7 oz while also featuring...
  • BUILT FOR DURABILITY IN ALL CLIMATES: Unlike other nylon made quivers that can become brittle and break, we use a...
  • WORRY-FREE SECURITY WITH DUAL ARROW RETENTION: Our proprietary, dual Arctic II rubber grippers securely hold arrows...
  • BROADHEAD FRIENDLY BUILD: Our foam-free, rubber-lined head cover prevents dulling and removes potential premature...

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The Kwikee Kwiver Arrow Quiver is the ideal, easy way to protect your arrows without having to worry about falling out while walking or running.

It also quickly detaches from the mounting point, maximizing both convenience and your ability to respond to a target quickly.

It features a diagonal angling structure, which is also built to keep any broadheads and blades out of the way and is also overlapped with two arrow retention arms to ensure stability for regular, consistent use.

You will find it equally stable with regular use hunting or on the range, as it uses a flexible, sturdy plastic construction.

Additionally, it can be used effectively without a rattle quiver while shooting as an added bonus for someone who hunts “quiver on” if you have left the bow fixed.

Overall, this bow quiver is ideal for almost any level archer and allows up to 4 arrows to be comfortably placed – which would be great for hunting most above a level of beginner experience.

It is also nice to see a bow quiver, which allows the entire quiver to be safely and quickly removed from the bow without making unnecessary noise.

Pros & Benefits:

  • User friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Included Quick-Detach Device
  • Made from top-quality materials
  • Made in America

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10. Kwikee Kwiver Kompound – 6-arrow Bow Quiver for Archery and Hunting

Kwikee Quiver K6Black 6 Arrow Quiver Black
  • Detachable bow quiver
  • Carries 6-arrows for the long haul
  • Mounting bracket allows easy-on/off without removing arrows
  • Arrow gripper is designed to stay pliable in a wide range of temperatures
  • Ultra-Lock screw is designed to reduce vibration and to securely hold the quiver in place

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The Kwikee Kwiver K6 Arrow Quiver is built with a powerful, robust construction and is ideal for those trying to optimize their next archery trip by allowing quick and easy disconnection of arrows.

This is the perfect solution for archers who frequently travel and hunt with their bow in the bush, holding their arrows tightly and not loosening their grip with regular use over time.

If you’ve been searching for a quiet, bow quiver that allows you to move and draw your arrows without hesitation, this is definitely a worthy product.

For 20 years or more, many Kwikee Kwiver customers have trusted these bow and arrow quivers and consider it perfect for use in premium tangents, new bows such as the Elite Energy 35, a Mathews Chill-X, or even an older model bow such as the Bear Polar LTD.

The Kwiver Arrow Quiver Bow is a multifunctional product.

It is equipped to hold a broad range of diameters of the shaft.

The products are about 12 cm long and only weigh 8.7 oz.

The product has a rapid-detach system as well.

So, it’s simpler than ever to use.

The Kwikee Kwiver K6 Arrow Quiver is perfect not only for use with your bow and arrows but also for bolts, meaning you can achieve multiple hunting goals on the same trip without multiple bags or bow quivers.

However, the double-gripper design has a downside.

Recovering an arrow takes a little longer than it does with previous Kwikee Kwiver models with just one gripper.

That quiver is lightweight and super quiet despite its durability.

Plus, five different camo styles come in, so you can adapt it to your setting.

For a backwoodsman bowhunter who is preparing serious hunting trips, this is a perfect pick.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Features system with Ultra-Lock bracket
  • Snug fit for your arrows
  • Multifunctional

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are several types of bow quivers available on the market, some individually or both, and commonly serving your bow or arrow quiver needs.

Often, for firing your bow while it’s still attached, some bow quivers are better than others, and not all are equipped for this purpose – known as “quiver on” shooting.

Finally, although the choice is yours, of course, you will find that most of these bow quivers are not only very common for various levels of experience and archery purposes, but are also manufactured by well-confident and reputable manufacturers.

I hope you’ll never have a problem choosing the best bow quiver, as you’ve read the whole article.

Although we’ve put together some excellent bow quivers and share some essential buying tips, the best product still depends on your personal preference.

It would help if you bought something that suits your needs.

Your hunting style and budget will tell you which one should be ignored and which one is the right choice.

Thanks for reading through our list of the ten best back arrow quivers & their reviews for 2021.

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