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What Is Archery Golf And How Do You Play?

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Tim Rhodes

Archery golf is quite different as it involves arrows like the ones for shooting or hunting birds.

By the mention of golf, one thing that will most likely hit your mind is the famous game that involves golf balls and sticks that one plays in a beautiful grassy ground, at least in most golf clubs.

If you have been looking to venture at an exciting outdoor activity, then this may become one of your current obsession.

One only needs a basic bow and arrow to play the game and you need not have a fancy ground for you to play or instead to visit a golf course to play the game.

You can use the small space that you have at the back of your house and enjoy this great game with your family.

Unlike the golf ball game where you use holes, in archery golf, you use arcs, and the number of shots that you will use to reach the arch is what will determine the winner.

One great thing with this game is that it is both an indoor and outdoor activity at least you have something you can enjoy at the comfort of your home during the winter season.

In this article, we consider various things you need to know about archery golf including how to play it, the rules of the game, and the hacks to winning this game, the safety measures, and the equipment you need to play the game.

Table of Contents

Purchasing Golf Archery Equipment

Any archery game will not be complete without the right tools, and this is probably the first thing one should think of before engaging in any sport.

Before you select the kind of equipment you want, it is best that you check your strength, skills, and interest and more so the quality of the tool.

A high- quality tool may be pretty much costly but comfortable to use and will last you much longer.

Its, however, worth noting that the equipment you have, no matter the cost and the quality is not a guarantee for your success in golf archery.

You need to be knowledgeable and have the right skills to win in this game; otherwise, no amount of money will change the number of scores that you male in the game.

If you are a beginner to the archery world, it may be hard to determine the equipment to buy, especially if you have no one to guide you through.

However, you can use the equipment that the golf course club will give you before considering to buy yours.

Equipment You Need In Archery Golf

Here are some of the tools that you need while playing archery golf:

  • A bow – it typically consists of a shank with a sting joining its ends
  • An arrow – the diameter of most arrows in archery golf is about 9.3mm and one can distinguish them from that of the playing partners using one’s initials or different colors
  • An armguard – you need an armed guard to protect yourself from scratches while releasing an arrow
  • A chestguard- you wear it to protect your body when you release a bowstring
  • Sight – a tool that you will place on the bow when shooting to help you aim

Bows and arrows are the primary tools for playing archery golf and you don’t want to go wrong in the one that you select.

Choosing The Right Bow

Different archery shops will have a variety of bows, all with separate price tags, and knowing the best one to buy can be overwhelming.

Here you will be shooting different bows for some time to allow you to access the quality, comfortability of the grip, and valley of the bow.

However, you can follow this technique and settle for the one that fits you best:

  • Know the amount you want to spend in purchasing a bow, this makes your selection much easier since you will restrict yourself to the ones that are in the price range you have
  • Try out different bows that have fit the budget you have
  • Check the grip of the bow which is typically the contact point with the bow which essentially acts as the point of balance with your hand as you take a shot
  • Assess the draw cycle of the bow which generally begins with the first pull and goes all along to the cam rolls until the valley and back wall is hit
  • Another essential feature you need to check is the valley and the Back Wall
  • Some archers prefer a shallow valley while others a shallow one
  • You also need to consider the hand shock which is typically the feeling you get when releasing an arrow

Both valleys are vast what matters most is the comfortability you get when taking a shot.

Different archers have different experiences depending on the bow one uses but a bow that has a smooth draw cycle is critical while shooting.

You don’t want a bow that feels like its getting out of hand when firing.

When you consider the above guide, you will make an excellent investment option for your bow.

Choosing The Right Arrow

Having the best archery bow without an equally excellent arrow to complement it will ultimately limit your success.

Similar to selecting a bow, it’s a task to choose a right arrow, and without proper guidance, one may end up having the wrong choice.

Some of the most important factors to consider include:

1. Spine

The spine, which is the most crucial feature to look at when choosing an arrow shows the stiffness in a bolt

The two major spine measurements are the static spine and dynamic spine.

You need to take the time to choose the right spine size depending on the bow and arrow you are using.

2. Material

Another crucial factor to examine is the material that makes the arrow

Aluminum and carbon are the most popular material for making arrows.

Most archers prefer using carbon since its thin, durable, and highly reliable.

The aluminum arrows, on the other hand, are sturdy, thin, and flexible.

3. Length

You also need to consider the length of the arrow with short arrows being risky to deal with

Consider using an arrow that is between 1 to 1.5 inches.

4. Weight

Weight is another critical factor since it determines the speed that the arrow will move with as well as how accurate you will be while firing.

An arrow with a medium weight will be best for archery golf.

5. Fletching

Consider looking at the fletching, which is the wing-like structures at the back of the arrow that ensures stability while firing

Rules For Playing Archery Golf

You may be having all the accessories and equipment you need to play archery golf but end up failing since you are not familiar with the rules for this game.

In the golf course area, there are 18 targets, and the equipment that you need is one bow and several arrows whose tip should have a diameter of fewer than 0.5 inches.

The only time one can use another bow is when the first bow fails, and you cant use crossbows while playing.

Here are more rules that come with archery golf:

1. No. Of Archers

The number of archers per group should be more than three but not go beyond six

2. Warning Flag

An archer will only tee off when the previous group completes its turn and moves away from the course, and a flag is necessary in the range to warn on the shots taking place

3. Tee-Off Shot

In case of a tee-off shot, one can make it from a realistic point at a line that is imaginary and perpendicular to the tee that runs across the tee off yardage marker

4. Supporting Tools

You can carry binoculars, rangefinders, and pacing

5. Distance

Apart from when firing a teeoff shot, you need to make all the other shots within 3 feet at any direction, but it should be ahead of your arrow

6. Loosing An Arrow

When group losses an arrow, the members should show the spot for the preceding shot, and there will be a penalty shot for loosing the arrow

7. Finding An Arrow

A group will have 5 minutes to look for the arrow, and you have to remove the flag pole and also have one member visible amongst the other groups

  • To get the score, you count the number of shots that you will take to kick the ball off the stand
  • The winner in archery golf is the one who has the lowest shots

Scoring In Archery Golf

The scoring technique in this game is straightforward and as stated earlier, you determine the points by looking at the number of shots you take to reach the target.

The highest score one can get in this game for smacking the target is ten while you will get 1 point as your least score.

Where your arrow doesn’t hit the target, you will not get any score.

In most competitions, the participants in archery golf have to fire 72 arrows in 12 different stages.

If you want to win such a competition, your score must be higher than that of the competitor.

Different tournaments have a unique way of playing this game.

Still, when it comes to announcing the winner, the person with the highest overall score after shooting several arrows is the winner.

The winner may in some cases be the one who defeats all competitors during a knockout setting.

A Case Where There Is A Tie Score

There may be a time where two groups or persons win the game.

In archery golf, you only consider one winner, and as such, you need to cut this tie.

You will decide the winner depending on:

  • The number of holes a person wins as such, the group or individual with most holes is the winner
  • One can also check the highest number of 1’s, 2’s as such
  • One can also determine the winner by checking the sudden scorecard death
  • Also, a preset hole can be shot, tying one arrow from each archer and you determine the winner by measuring the distance between the arrow tip and the stake with the shortest distance being the winner

Playing The Game

Once you acknowledge yourself with the rules of playing this game, now you can get set and head to the golf course to play.

Archery golf is much more like the basic golf game that involves but the main difference lies in what the name suggests ‘archery’.

Of course, you can’t fire an arrow with your target being for it to reach a hole as in standard golf.

In archery golf, there is a puck whose size and shape vary, but the goal you have while playing the standard golf is the same in archery golf which is to knock off the puck using the least amount of shots possible.

The placing of the puck varies, but mostly one places it between 100 to 500 yards away from the tee box.

A group of players in archery golf may be between one to four archers and they may either start playing in a standard or scrambling manner.

While using the standard form, the team may tee off following a specific order from the tee-off box.

The players can also make shots simultaneously like how the game takes place in tournaments.

While using this technique, one needs to ensure that there is no one standing in the direction that the shooting is taking place.

When making subsequent shots, you take them from a point looking at where your first arrow landed.

You need to remove first arrows from the ground before you make any other fires and this may be the best time to change your arrows.

However, you need to check for any cracks and damages before you use the arrows to shoot again.

The participant whose arrow is way far from the target should fire first while the other archers stand behind him.

In a case, an arrow is lost or is in a place where one cant shoot again, there will be a penalty, and the person shooting needs to fire to a position that is very close to the lost arrow.

Places You Can Play Archery Golf On

Archery golf being both an indoor and outdoor activity is a great advantage to most people, especially if you are not in the mood of going to a club to practice the game.

You can set up your backyard and you will be useful to enjoy the archery golf moment with your family.

In such a setting, you need to be extra careful, especially where you involve your kids in archery.

One way to ensure you protect your kids is by using suction cups arrows.

If you have a large garden, you need to identify a vast area where you will carry out your shooting.

Some people may prefer joining an archery club, maybe because that what they feel more content with or perhaps they lack ample space in their homes to set up an archery golf playing space.

Whether at home or in a golf club, you will still enjoy this game.

The good thing with an archery golf club is that they provide all the tools and accessories you need to play.

The only thing you should assess is the tools that will perfectly suit you.

Becoming A Great Archer

To succeed in this field, you most importantly need skills and knowledge on how to shoot.

Especially if you play golf archery in a competition, high skills will help you sail through the game.

Even with the most expensive equipment, you may still fail on your shots if you lack proper know-how of this game.

Some may think that being strong is a guarantee for winning the game, but strength is not all you need.

You need to be stable, stand in a comfortable and convenient posture, and also be flexible when firing your shot.

This is why you need to look out for a way to start your fitness journey so that you can boost your skills in using your bow.

When you focus on exercises that will help on archery golf, as such, you will be able to control your body easily be stable and fire shots that will hit the target.

To increase your strength in playing this game, you can train on the range at home or at the gym.

You need not be competing in an archery golf game for you to engage in some of these exercises and taking part in them will play a significant role in improving your strength, shooting skills, and accuracy when firing.

As a beginner, a lightweight bow is excellent to start practicing with since you are not looking at straining yourself while drawing the bow leading to fatigue.

As time goes by, you can now shift to heavyweight bows which will enable you to shoot at a far distance position and at the same time increase the speed of your arrow.

While using a heavyweight bow, you will apply greater force and to hit the target.

You need to engage in exercises such as Specific Physical Training (SPT) that will help increase your muscle strength.

Safety Measures

Like all other indoor and outdoor activities, an accident may happen.

All gaming activities are fun, but when an accident occurs, one may not see the fun part of it.

This is why you need to know and keep in mind the various safety rules that you need to take caution at while playing archery golf.

The rules vary from the one you consider while shooting to the ones that you need to look at while at the range.

Safety Rules To Follow While Shooting

  • You should never point a bow at anyone
  • Don’t shoot your arrow too high since you may never know where it is going to land
  • Always ensure that you have your armguard on
  • Ensure that your arrow aims to the ground before you fire
  • Don’t carry your watch or jewelry to the range
  • Never pull out your arrow when people are standing between you and the target even when your purpose not to shoot
  • When stringing your bow always ensure that you use a bow-stringer

Safety Rules To Follow When In The Range

  • Always listen to what your instructor says
  • Ensure that there is a first-aid kit in your range
  • You shouldn’t run when taking out your arrows since you may end up hurting yourself
  • Never draw your arrow unless your instructor tells you to do so and only pull it when you are at the shooting line
  • Always ensure that there is no one behind you as you pull an arrow from the target point
  • Ensure that you check the effectiveness of your equipment for any damage before you get to the shooting line
  • You should never be beyond the shooting line, and you shouldn’t cross it up until the game couch instructs everyone to cease the shooting

There are many other safety rules that one needs to look at while playing archery golf.

They not only make one’s life more comfortable in the game but also ensures protection from various accidents that may occur.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking at a beautiful, calm, and relaxing way to spend your weekend, then archery golf can be your life savior.

Many people want to enjoy a great game but in the comfort of their homes, but they have no excellent options.

Well, with archery golf, one can simply set up their backyard or a place in their garden and start firing using bows and arrows.

When taking part in a competition that involves archery golf, you need to master the skills and go for muscle and entire bodyweight training to ensure that they fire shots that will guarantee them success.

This game is one great way to relax your mind and considering that you can play the game either at the comfort of your home or an archery golf club, then this gives it a plus.

Another great thing with the game is that any person of any age may take part in it so it’s a game that you and your kids can enjoy together as long as you give them the right arrows to play, train them, and ensure that you protect them as they play.

Archery golf is one exciting, engaging, and relaxing game that is worth trying.

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