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Archery Equipment Rental: What You Need To Know First

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Tim Rhodes

People who are passionate about sports make every possible effort to add perfection to their performance.

However, the athlete can’t excel in any sport if they are not using high-quality equipment.

Purchasing high-end equipment, though, may put a huge burden on the limited finances of some people.

Renting is a rational decision that will help the person get started with their sports passion.

Similar to many famous sports, Archery is not complete without a huge range of accessories and essential tools.

Table of Contents

Archery Equipment Rental: What You Need To Know First

Let’s dig into the required facilities for this international sport.

The Archery rental industry has revolutionized the bows and arrows culture for today’s generation.

Whether it is an Olympics competition or local, different bow styles and equipment are easily available.

Archery Equipment

Some of the basic tools of Archery include; a bracer, bow, strings, finger tab, a target to aim for, a bow stand, quiver, wooden arrows, and most importantly, a bow stringer.

Many newcomers may not be familiar with these devices.

Therefore, it is vital to know these first before starting your athletic journey.

1. Bracer

It aids in keeping away any sort of interventions, such as that from loose clothing that may get in the way, during practicing.

Sometimes, it may physically hurt you.

The bracer is right next to the bow, holding the arm, and fits well near the elbow.

2. Bow

The bow shot is of three types; compound, recurve, and longbow.

All of them are used according to the level of experience in the Archery.

If you are a beginner, then recurving is the most suitable fit for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re left-handed or right-handed; it is handy to use by both.

3. Quiver

This part is a support system for the arrows.

It is attached to the belt of the archer that drapes perfectly around their waist.

On the other hand, the ground quiver keeps the arrow intact on the ground, next to the archer.

4. Target

Target is an essential component of Archery.

It has three components; target face, boss, and reinforced paper.

Boss is a straw or rubber material that holds the target face in its place.

This improves the aiming stance of the player.

5. Bow stand

It’s a support stand to keep the arrows in their place when not in use.

6. Finger tab

The strings may be harsh on your fingers and skin.

To avoid any sort of physical injury, get hold of the finger tab.

If you hurt your fingers badly, it’ll be immensely difficult for the player to practice with full attention.

7. Arrows

When making an arrow purchase decision, make sure to opt for the arrow’s optimal length and stiffness.

You can choose from a range of options: aluminum, wood, carbon, or a combination of these.

A simple arrow has four basic portions.

Fletching is the feathery end of the arrow.

After this, there is a shaft, which is the main body of the arrow.

Make sure to choose the arrow with a stronger shaft.

Then comes the Nock part.

It’s the groove end that attaches the arrow with the bowstring.

Lastly, the pile is the pointy end of the arrow.

It is made from a stronger material to aid in the arrow’s straight flying in the intended direction.

Different Types Of Archery

Different types of Archery have different levels of aerodynamic qualities with exceptional projectile features.

Are you ready to build a professional career and get international opportunities?

But first, you need to know what type of Archery fits your style.

After knowing this, invest in equipment that suits your style.

There are two broad types of Archery; indoor and outdoor Archery.

1. Target Archery

Among all forms of archery, this is the most widely known option.

It is both an indoor and outdoor sport.

It can be played at various ranges.

What do we do in it?

In this type of shooting, you aim for a stationary target with a bulls-eye in the center.

This is commonly observed in many play areas of the household settings.

The target varies in different sizes and distances.

The longer the distance, the larger target is demanded.

The smallest target size is 40 cm of the largest ring, and the largest outdoor target size is 122 cm.

Suppose you hit the bull’s eye, bingo!

You have earned 10 points.

If you move away from the center, the score will decrease.

This type of archery is best for beginners to practice in the comfort of their homes.

2. Olympic Archery

Olympic archery is famous for team events.

Men and women around the globe play it.

It is a kind of target archery that can is played over a distance of 70 meters with the help of 122 cm WA (FITA).

However, there is only one limitation.

This type of archery game is only possible with a recurve bow type.

It is not permitted to use any other kind of bow style in the Olympics.

3. Field Archery

It is a course version of the Archery game played in an open-air, such as uneven paths or woody locations.

The players set their targets at varying distances; the uneven terrain provides different elevation and difficulty levels.

Since you are playing in a natural environment, the player has to deal with many distractions and environmental variables while aiming for their targets.

These variables include humidity, brightness, wind, etc.

Mostly, Field Archery has a set-up of 48 targets, half of these targets have a marked distance, and the rest are unmarked distances.

The player is allowed to aim three shots on each target; therefore, 144 arrows are used in this version of Archery.

Use whatever type of bow you want.

You are allowed to use compound, crossbow, recurve, or barebow, no matter what skill level you possess.

4. 3D Archery

If you are hunting a Deer or a Coyote, 3D archery is used.

Similar to field archery, there are different terrain and different elevations of the land.

The environment will have a huge impact on a hunting activity.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose the top bow and other equipment to execute the sports activity.

Some people say that bow hunting and 3D archery have huge proximity.

Both require similar skills and techniques.

The 3D archery has a scoring ring that helps to compete with the fellow archery competitors.

The more accurate the shot, the higher the score.

In a 3D archery game, each player is given 40 arrows to aim for 40 targets.

The players can use any type of archery equipment, such as crossbow, recurve, compound, or even barebow.

Just choose the right option according to your skillset.

5. Flight Archery

Flight archery is related to long-distance arrow games.

Therefore, terrain or elevated land is not a hurdle.

Instead, a vast open, flat land is used for this type of archery competition.

Ordinary tools don’t work for this game.

You need to get your hands on professional accessories and special arrows.

This will enhance the performance of the player.

These special arrows are shorter than the normal ones.

It is designed with certain materials that help to counter air-resistance and the weight of the arrow during the game.

Let’s see, what are some of the record-breaking distances recorded in the flight archery.

A distance of 1222 meters was recorded by a flight bow, 1410 meters from the foot bow, 532 meters from a target recurve bow and 873 meters from a compound target bow.

Therefore, it can be concluded that you are free to use any sort of bow for this type of archery game.

All you need to do is be mindful of your skillset and choose the right one.

However, it’s safe if a proficient archer engages himself in flight archery.

6. Clout Archery

This type of archery game is similar to target archery.

The only difference is that the targets are marked on the floor, and the flag acts like a bullseye.

Therefore, like shooting arrows in war, you aim your arrow in the air.

It will fall back to the ground.

The arrow should be as close as possible to the circle to gain maximum points.

It is optimal to use a recurve bow or compound bow for this type of game.

But, you can also use a crossbow, if you wish.

All of this depends upon your skills.

7. Ski Archery

This game has a biathlon cross-country trail system.

In that, you have to aim through a rifle to the target.

If the player misses the target, it faces a penalty.

In Ski archery, the rifle is no more there.

You use a bow and arrow to play the game.

The course is 12 kilometers long for men and 8 kilometers for women teams.

The bow is carried on the waist of the player.

This game’s target is a 16-centimeter circle, and the aim is taken from 18 meters apart from the target.

Either you get your aim right or miss it.

The players have to use a recurve bow and should have perfect endurance to play the sport.

8. Run Archery

It is very closely related to Ski archery.

The only difference is that the contestants have to compete for long distances.

This sport is most prevalent in hot countries where there is no snow all year round.

Run archery has a standard course of 5 to 12 kilometers.

Each contestant is given three shooting stops.

At each stop, they aim four times for a target.

The rest of the dimensions are similar to all other types of archery games.

A recurve bow is used in this type of archery.

This is a tough sport; therefore, athletes with great endurance should opt for it.

9. Traditional Archery

This type of archery has its roots in the ancient era.

People don’t use any sort of stabilizers or modern equipment while playing traditional archery.

The most common bows used in these games are longbow or crossbow.

Sometimes, people call this type of archery “trad archery.”

These types of games take you back to the Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen wannabes, kind of hunting expeditions.

10. Crossbow Archery

If you are opting for a crossbow, then you are playing according to the International Crossbow Shooting Union.

International players are more likely to play this type of archery.

These matches are played at a distance of 10 meters to 30 meters.

The field set-up is similar to that of field archery.

However, the game is designed with varying difficulty levels.

They alter the elevations for the shooters frequently.

It is recommended to use a compound crossbow for this area of archery.

11. Bow Fishing

For people who are constantly looking for adventurous sport, Bow fishing is for them.

The adrenaline rush of going to the depths of the lake in search of food using your bow and arrow is not to be missed experience.

This process of hunting water animals with a bow is termed bow fishing.

Due to the reel feature, the hunters prefer to use the bow fishing tool for this purpose.

However, if you wish, you can use a recurve bow to hunt and satisfy your need.

Moreover, some hunters also use barebow for this purpose.

This sport is famous among survivalists and people who have relevant skills in Bow fishing or hunting.

12. Para Archery

Para archery is an amazing sport for disabled people.

People who possess athletic qualities, but their physical condition doesn’t allow them to play the sport, para archery fulfills their sport needs and passion.

International games like Olympic competitions have a separate category for physically impaired athletes that is closely related to sports such as Open, Visually impaired V1/2/3, or W1.

You can use any type of bow for this sport, but this game is played by people with disabilities, only.

13. Mounted Archery

It is a traditional type of game in which you aim for your target on a horseback.

This is a tougher form of archery, but it has its roots back in the ancient era.

This was famous amongst army personnel and cavalrymen.

Although, it is very difficult to find a proper setup for this sport, today.

The target of mounted archery is within 45 meters of range from the rider.

For this sport, it is ideal to use the traditional recurve bow, and it can be played by any skill level player.

However, the bottom line is that they should be good with horseriding.

14. Archery Tag

This is best for children who have is passionate about this game.

This allows safe shooting with a bow and arrow.

Due to this, the person is not injured during the game.

The arrows have foam head, the players are required to wear headgears, inflatable bunkers,

paintball style hurdles, arm, and leg guards, etc.

This sport is played in close vicinity.

The players use fiberglass bows for practicing archery tag.

This is the best entertainment for office events, parties, etc.

15. Kyudo

It is a Japanese martial art term that has a literal meaning of “The way of the Bow”.

It is a form of meditation that helps to develop your physical and spiritual being.

The experts of this entertainment use a Japanese tool, Yumi for this sport.

It is a 2-meter high bow, crafted from bamboo, leather, or wood.

Still, it hasn’t let go of its roots.

It is still practiced in the same way as that of ancient times.

Equipment Rentals

Many people say that equipment rental is not a very profitable business.

However, one of the archery equipment store owners did a close analysis of its sales and realized that it was a hefty business.

According to some statistics, the athletic store earned an average of $704 each month by just renting the bows and arrows.

After some time, the archery store owner came up with a new business idea.

He believed that if people will try the tools with limited knowledge, they will not have the same experience as those that have a complete know-how of the machines.

Therefore, he started lessons and classes to educate newcomers.

This way, they can safely experiment with the tools without harming themselves.

Later, he made certain policies.

According to them, only the enrolled students will be allowed to rent the equipment.

More people are driven to visit the store, maybe with their friends, and sometimes family.

This enhances the customer base of the archery rental business, but everything has its disadvantages.

Rental Problems

Everything has its pros and cons.

Some people visited the store to have a few hours of physical activity.

These people are never interested in lessons and classes.

Therefore, they never showed up again.

Moreover, the family and friends were not allowed to experience various facilities of the store, just because they were not enrolled in the plan.

This was a huge setback for the archery rental business.

It’s wise not to include any such policies in your equipment business, the sales will shoot the sealing, as soon as you make it a public store.

Experiences and experiments are a part of life.

You learn new things every day.

Therefore, it is essential to keep everything under control in the archery store, earning long term benefits and profits.

During the peak seasons, the employee may be diverted between new and existing customers.

This may be a drawback, but not a very bad one that will end your business.

Benefits To Retailers

The archery shops and retailers must get their hands on advanced technologies, such as ePRO software.

This helps retailers and shop owners to get skyrocketing returns from the archery business.

The business activities are sped-up.

The customers will be more satisfied and content.

ePRO stands for electronic Pro shop Retail Organizer.

It is necessary to have good-quality equipment but at a decent price.

This way, the archery rental business can be very profitable.

Don’t spend money on expensive advertising, or social media marketing.

Use cheaper means, and your rental business will start growing in a very short period.

Due to the rental facility, more people are interested to try the sport, at least once.

Man people find their ultimate passion and pursue a professional career from there.

This is all because of archery rental equipment, available in the house.

It is also cheaper than buying permanent equipment.

Rules Of Archery Headquarters

The archers are not allowed to rent the equipment and take it to their homes.

If you want to rent the tools, an electronic range sign-in is necessary along with a disclaimer agreement.

This way the company is not bound to provide insurance to its users.

There are few overhead costs, process archery rentals, but all of it‘s still profitable.

Just make sure that you know all the required information, and have complete knowledge of archery before getting yourself into this.

Rates & Equipment

In open shooting ranges, different hourly rates are applicable on different hours and days of the week.

Early morning to noon shooting, you’ll be charged $5 for each hour.

n evening to a night shift will be charged at $10 per hour from Tuesday to Friday.

However, an hourly rate of $10 is applicable.

If you rent the equipment then, $10 is charged for the tool along with the hourly rate.

The tools available at this rate are bows, Quiver, Armguard, and Five arrows.

Archery lane rentals are also applicable.

Each person has to pay $30 for lane rent, equipment rent, and an hourly rate for each person.

You will not be allowed to share equipment, or bargain for half an hour discounts.

If you have your equipment, then it will cost you around $12 for each hour.

Final Thoughts

Archery can be an expensive sport or hobby to pursue.

However, this shouldn’t restrain you from following your dreams.

Be mindful of all the basic principles and techniques related to this sport.

In this era of millennials, you may consider renting archery equipment instead of buying them outright.

Whether you are a hunter or a professional archer, all this equipment will make a professional ground for your bright future.

It will help you acquire new skills and techniques in the field of archery, making it a marvelous experience of your life.

Never give up on your dreams, always learn new skills, and you can make a different world for yourself.

Follow your passion!

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