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5 Archery Whistle Commands Every Archer Should Know

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Tim Rhodes

Well, do you know about archery whistle commands?

Here are the five archery whistle commands you should know.

There are five commands like 1st whistle blast, 2nd whistle blast, 3rd whistle blast, 4th whistle blast, and 5th whistle blast respectively.

As you know, two whistle blast means “go the shooting line”, one whistle blast means “start shooting”, three blast whistle means ”go walk forward and take your arrow”, fours or five whistle blast means “immediately stop shooting and wait for you hear two whistles and go shooting line.”

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5 Archery Whistle Commands Every Archer Should Know

Let’s check out these 5 archery whistle commands every archer should know.

1. One whistle blast

The first whistle means the beginning of the shooting in archery; you must know about this whistle.

When you hear, one whistle means to knock your arrow, then begins the shooting. It is the commands that you should know about this 1st whistle blast.

It is also known as the start or commence firing; this archery means the first whistle blast recommends that the archers load your arrow then, take a bow, finally, start shooting.

Indicate that the archers start the firing.

After hearing one whistle blast, here’s what you should know.

First, remove your arrow one at a time from your quiver, then load your bow and commerce at the target.

After all, the arrow has been shot, then go back in the waiting line, put the bow on the rack.

Wait for the signal and walk forward to remove your arrow from that given target.

Basic commands that archers should know

The shooting line must be evident to all. So that, the archer should shoot from this shooting line.

While shooting, the archer must shoot from the shooting line.

As you know, the layout is designed for safe and sound recreation.

One can shoot, winning time for a safe game.

No one can use it during the archer and the target because the archer can shoot in any direction.

The archers should know that they can shoot at the target in the opposite positions.

The archers shouldn’t hold bow and arrow; you should put them back in your quiver so that no one gets hurt.

You have to wait for the 1st whistle burst and 2nd whistle bust to begin shooting.

It’s designed to whistle by hand to electronic timing.

The archers should shoot at the target in one only direction.

You should be very careful and shouldn’t release your arrow accident because anyone can get hurt.

You have been very careful and follow the rules and commands while practicing or competing.

Procedure for archery commands

Have to wait until you hear two whistle blasts.

You have to go to the shooting line.

After hearing two whistle blasts, you have to pick up your arrow and move to the shooting line.

Put your arrow in the quiver with a bow until you hear one whistle blast.

You should start shooting.

After shooting, the instructor will blow whistle three; this command means “forward walk and retrieve your arrow.”

You have to walk towards the line and wait for commands for pulling your arrow from the target.

2. Two whistle blast

When you hear two whistle blasts mean you should go to the shooting line.

Walk carefully towards the shooting line.

Place one foot on either side should touch the shooting line.

Then keep your arrow in the quiver and your string fingers off.

Do you know about archery commands?

You should ready your bow and arrow, and then ready your quiver.

Put your finger tab to protect whistle-hunting.

All the kits should know about then why to start and end.

After finishing your session or your shot, you put away the quiver, bow, and arrow.

Remove the finger guard.

Archery is practiced by many worldwide.

As you know, archery also needs more practice, inside archery or outside archery.

Knowing the archery commands is useful for fun and competitions.

The archery kits are bow and arrow, while the archery’s range on flat level needs to practice safe and healthy target archery.

For this, the range’s layout and qualified archer must need important archery rules.

There are two types of archery, inside archery and outside archery.

Inside, you should follow all the rules and procedures before install, inside archery.

The qualified archery needs it.

For the field archery, you should allow the entire requirement before install in this outside archery.

They are important before playing archery for the safe and sound conduct of archery.

Safe archery and the rules you should know

The act of archery itself should be safe, and the range’s layout must be safe.

Make sure you stay clear of any obstacles while you shoot your arrows.

Do you know the between archer and target is known as a shooting range?

It’s best to perform archery inside of a shooting range.

It’s safer, and there is a lesser chance of hitting unintended objects or obstacles.

It would be best if you had precautions in place before archery practice so that no one will get hurt.

Shoot safely during practice, so no one gets hurt.

Everyone will be able to enjoy it this way.

3. Three whistle blasts

Carefully walk towards the hunting arrow towards your target.

Wait for additional commands after stopping at the target.

Do’s and Don’ts for Archery

You aren’t allowed to wear necklaces, no hoodie, hood strings, no sweatshirt sleeves; your hair should be tight.

You won’t get tangled with the bowstring this way.

Comfortable shoes, closed-toe, and your shoes should be sports shoes.

One of wearing things like earrings, rings, and piercings may strike with your bowstring, so you should remove them for your safety.

You must wear your arm guard on your forearms while shooting.

You have to be very careful about the arrow’s point and nock.

Since the arrow is the point and sharp too, nock can hurt anyone and can pierce it.

You have to be very careful while pulling the arrow.

Your bow and arrow are always put in the hip quiver and carry out until shooting begins.

You should never place your bow and arrow on-field or on the floor where anyone can step up.

You have been very careful; otherwise, anyone gets hurt easily.

Carry your kits in your quiver and put in your quivery materials.

Pull the arrow and bow, where no one is there. Otherwise, anyone can hurt you.

Before hunting, don’t eat caffeine or sugar; it can make you shaky.

Always be straightforward while shooting or archery and drop your arrow after shooting or wait for the signal from the instructors.

4. Four whistle blast

These four whistle blasts mean a very menacing condition.

Stop shooting if you’ve already started.

Put the arrow in your quiver.

Do you know the aim of archery?

As you know, archery is a very intense and focused game.

It includes an arrow, bow, and bowstring.

There are different forms of various, but the aim, to shoot towards the target.

It is a competitive archery form of games.

Among all of the archery forms, in the Olympics Games, the standard form is from a distance of 70m.

According to world archery, you have a bow, arrow, and bowstrings and attach them to the string nock’s tip.

You have a bowstring with several strands according to it that suits you.

You must have an adjustable arrow and bow; a damaged arrow may not perform optimally.

The maximum diameter of the arrow shaft is less than 9.3mm, and the diameter of the tip is less than 9.4 mm.

The player should have an arrow identical and round.

The index finger must be used with tape or gloves to prevent finger injury.

Different kits like arm guards’ cheat prevention and kits must be used for archery safety.

In the Olympics, it consists of 10 circles, concentric rings maximum 122 cm.

The score is different according to these rings.

As you know, the outermost circles consist of two rings, i.e., one ring and two rings, white, three, and four black colors, five and six are blue color, seven and eight are red color and nine and ten are gold color.

Archery “score points”

The score in archery in the Olympics is the highest; it is gold color in the innermost ring.

If you didn’t hit white color, it means no score.

You have hit white color; outermost rings are white color.

There are 10 points, according to World Archery, when you hit the target.

According to the WA, the archery event particulars are:

  • The white color is one ring and two rings. ( Outermost concentric circle)
  • The black color is three rings and four rings.
  • The blue color is five rings and six rings.
  • The red color is seven rings and eight rings.
  • The white color is nine rings and ten-color respectively. (Innermost concentric circle)
  • The common size, the different round, and distance is
  • Indoor Compound (WA) = 40cm (16in) (18m [20yards]
  • Indoor Recurve (WA) =60 cm (24in) (18m [20yards]
  • WA= 80 cm (31 in) (30 and 50 m [33 and 55 yards])
  • WA =122 cm (48 in) (70 and 90 m [77 and 98 yards]) (Olympics)

As in Olympics archery, you have to just shoot a maximum of 72 arrows within 12 phases.

After according to your target and you have hit your target and its color you define.

According to your color hit, your ranking defines.

In Olympics archery, you have head to head competition, which means to knock out rules.

There are different formats of archery, but the aim is to hit your target with strength and focus.

5. Five whistle blast

  • Unsafe, danger detect to anyone call is known as “terminate fire”
  • Wait for resume shooting, next signal.

Archery the “winner”

In Olympic archery, as you know it’s a game so there is always a runner.

There are many knocks out and the highest archer having maximum points is the “winner.”

The different archery has a different format and timing but having the highest number 10, the innermost gold color is called the winner.

The archer having tied with 10 scores is the winner.

As you know, there is the “winner” who is the most deserving of the archer.

World Archery Rules

  • You have to follow the rules official, all the terms and official kits and dress.
  • The maximum timing is two minutes for three arrows and six arrows for four minutes.
  • You should never raise your bow until you get the signal, otherwise, you have to get the penalty.
  • An error like misfires, can’t shoot, it’s considered and extra time is given. Not following rules and the commands can be a disqualifier or get the penalty, deduce the point, or be banned too.
  • You’re allowed to change your kits if it’s damaged. You have to follow the terms and rules for your safety.

Importance of archery

As you know, archery is a fun game or hobby. In the modern ages, it is used as a hobby or professional sports consist of bow and arrow.

In a standard way in the Olympics, you need focus and a safe person to make you healthy and fits. There are a lot of pros of archery, they are

More strength and healthy

  • Well, archery is a sport so it increases your body structure and makes you healthy and fit. As archery, focus on your arms, hands, chest, and your shoulder.
  • It makes your body healthy and fit as your muscles focus on your tension, many times your string releases in your tension. This activity daily improves your muscle development in your body. This is a pro from archery.

Cultivating Patience

  • As you know, archery needs focus, silence, and strength. You will learn about patience while archery.
  • This sport needs an increase in patience but you need more precision in this archery. From this patience, you need more maximum accuracy required in this archery.
  • You will calm, healthy, and focus addition, this archery needs extreme immense calm and needs time to be accurate and maximum precision.

Shoulder, hand, and eyes coordination improves

  • The archery requires the maximum correlation of hands, shoulder, chest, eyes focus on this sport.
  • The advantage of this is your eyes, hands, chest, shoulder movement. As you know, it requires the purpose to target from your arrow.
  • It needs maximum focus, you can increase correlations by more and more practice.
  • It also improves your balance between body structures like hands, eyes, shoulder, and chest. One of the most people overcome and gain control of the body, improve the shot, and balance.

Confidence is improved

  • Within this particular, confidence is the most important factor in archery. As you know, archery is a sport that needs confidence to win this game. They are talented archers competing for the title “winner” in archery.
  • The factor in archery is you have competed with your similar archers and you have to be confident yourself to win this archery. The result of archery calculates your confidence and your self-esteem. You have to increase your individual’s confidence and inner strength to win.

Focus is enhanced

  • The factor in archery needs to remove your distraction from anyone and release your strength, confidence to focus on your bowstring constantly.
  • In this archery, you have a lot of pressure because all are watching and listening so you need your focus in this archery.
  • You have to remove all your doubts and distract and help you with your archery. You have to focus and cope with distracting, the pressure to give your best shot while archery.

Physical exercise

  • Surprise, archery is a practice sport so you have to be fit and healthy. You have to burn a lot of calories to be in fit condition. In archery, you have to do heavy workouts to be in shape. You can also say, archery is a form of physical exercise.
  • All archers have to burn calories to be healthy and in the right position while practicing archery. It is the form of physical training to make in the right shape and tone.

Improves social relations

  • Since archery is a sport so anyone can play and have fun. Anyone can learn and play but archery needs companionship.
  • It shows the action during archery. If you interact during archery, you will be happy and enjoy archery.
  • It will teach you the meaning of a “group of team.” In archery, more people are more enjoyable and teach you to socialize with one another.
  • When you are happy then you will be away from mental depressions and give you a healthy world.

Enhances your general mental well-being

  • In this busy world, depression, mental illness arises and you can remove tension by playing archery.
  • Since archery is a form of exercise, it also focuses on patience in you. After removing your tension, depression, archery gives you focus on your target and makes you cool and relax too.
  • When you will hit your target and you hit it, you will be so happy and relieved. Archery is a perfect method of relaxing, cool, and happiness too.
  • Archery removes your all pain, you will forget your daily work and be happy with a cool environment.

Stretches your hands

  • While archery, your hands are very focused and patient, so your hand will stretch and strengthen in your hands.
  • Your hands will be flexible, because while practice makes your hands strong. Not one the hands, your finger will be healthy and strong.


  • You can also play by disabling people due to so special kits. Archery is played by anyone, enjoy the games or sports.
  • You can say, archery played by anyone or open for all archery. This unique archery is played world-wide and enjoys the most.

Final Thoughts

Finally, archery is a sport and anyone can play with it.

It’s a form of physical exercise and has you happy and healthy.

You can remove your depression, mental health, and be happy.

You have to know about the archery command that you know and follow all the rules for safety and enjoyment games.

You’ll get better results while you learn archery’ commands which you should know.

If you have any other questions, please let us know in the comments below.

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