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10 Best Back Tension Releases Reviewed

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Tim Rhodes

Archery is a fun sport, art, or skill to shoot arrows using a bow, and many people love archery for refreshment, fun, time pass, or even for a professional career.

In the past, bows were released only with fingers, but today we can use different back tension releases to improve accuracy.

The main reasons for using back tension releases are increased accuracy & greater range, reduced fatigue, etc.

If you love archery, then using back tension release aids would be the best tool to cure your target panic.

Target panic happens when you have anxiety while shooting, and you punch the trigger of release (thumb or index).

Back tension releases help you improve timing, quick target acquisition, and improve your back muscles.

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10 Best Back Tension Releases Reviewed

I’m going to show you the best back pain releases you can use for your archery practice or improve your archery skills.

1. Tru-Fire Edge 4 Finger Hand Held Bow Releases Aluminum

Tru-Fire Edge 4-Finger Aluminum Hand Held Camo Archery Bow Release
  • UNDENIABLE COMFORT - Super sleek, comfortable, CNC machined, solid aluminum handle and head
  • UNINHIBITED ROTATION - 360 degrees of uninhibited rotation providing torque-free shooting
  • ADJUSTABLE TRIGGER TRAVEL – For maximum performance and comfort
  • PERFECT FOR EVERY HAND – Adjustable thumb button for a custom fit on either right or left hand
  • MADE IN THE USA – Superior, WI to be exact

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Tru-Fire archery products have always been the best archery products with great accuracy, reliability, and functionality for many years.

Tru-Fire Edge 4 Finger Hand Held Bow Releases is one the best back tension release for beginners, hunters, or professional tournament archers.

This four finger release made of CNC aluminum helps to rotate the edge head full 360° for the torque-free shot.

Adjustable trigger tension and thumb know with, and its head is smaller than a dime.

Its anodized-aluminum handle with small jaws is also helpful for those having small fingers and hands.

It comes with a comfortable and convenient wrist that helps in multiple position trigger adjustment, release aids, and adjustable trigger travel.

It is designed with a perfect adjustable thumb button that fits either left or right-handed people.

The release makes a full draw easier and shooting much easier and accurately.

This is the most comfortable, smoothest, quietest, and sensible option among 1000s of others.

It also features great reliability for those shooters having a bad habit of slapping triggers on the release.

It’s awesomely light, high quality, and has a beautiful design with great adjustability that would be best for you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 360° head rotation
  • Slim and anodized-aluminum handle
  • Great for both left and right-handers
  • Made in the USA

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2. Tru-Fire Sear Hand-Held Archery Compound

TRU-FIRE Sear Hand-Held Archery Compound Bow Hinge Release, One Size, Silver (BTS)
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION - Constructed of fully machined components and heavy brass handle with a smooth, black-nickel...
  • GREATER VERSATILITY - This release features adjustable hot/cold setting and four-finger extension that can be swept...
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT - Heavy brass handle feels comfortable and snug in your hands allowing your fingers to sink in and...
  • BRAND TRUST - As the largest manufacturer of archery release aids in the world, TruFire leads the way with...
  • MADE IN THE USA - At TruFire, we are proud that our releases are made right here in the USA. The TruFire Sear...

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Again amazing back tension release by True-Fire; its design, color combinations, and power is amazing, and you will love it.

This heavy brass handle features a versatile end that ends up to 45°, so you can fit it 3 or 4 finger release.

It is adjusted with four different click options, and you can choose any as your will; no click, light, medium, and heavy.

It comes with features like it is fittable for both handed people, adjustable trigger travel, and a trigger thumb adjustment system.

It is constructed with fully machined components and a smooth handle that helps to adjust your hand and improve shooting confidence.

The heavy brass handle of it helps you to handle grip and improves your accuracy of the shot.

Tru-Fire is a worldwide famous archery release manufacturer whose products are innovative and consumer-friendly; you can trust their products.

It is available in 5 different colors, buy as your favorite color, its colors are orange, green, blue, silver, and red.

Practicing more and more with the Tru-Fire release can improve your target accuracy, boost confidence, and improve your long-term skills in archery.

Tru-Fire has tested their back tension releases, and they can handle an excessive amount of pressure and weight on it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Adjustable setting
  • Variable click options
  • 3 position adjustment
  • Ultimate versatility and comfort
  • Trusted brand

3. Scott Archery Ascent Micro

Scott Archery Ascent Micro Hinge Release 3 Medium, Silver (6013-3M)
  • Patent Pending Dual Sear Locking Design
  • Micro Adjustable Travel
  • Micro Adjustable Click Distance
  • Thumb Peg For Drawing Assistance

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Scott archery ascent micro is a great back tension release if you’re looking for features like dual sear locking design and micro-adjustable travel on it.

The materials used for manufacturing are Aluminum, Neoprene, Leather, Cotton, etc.

It would be best for you if you’re looking for the best back tension release for hunting purposes.

Micro adjustability would be a perfect feature for you, and its click is just after a full draw, and release is pretty quick.

Its sweet hinge release comes with straight up, wide on, the nicest, most comfortable, and easily adjusted hinge.

You’re able to adjust the length of the click and how fast it will fire after the click makes this release the best of its type for you.

It is larger, cheaper, properly sized with great adjustability to your style in setting the click time.

It is available in silver color, recommended for adults, and available in medium size.

Extreme flexible used by tons of pros worldwide, if you’re thinking about it, just get it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Dual sear locking design
  • Easy click adjustment
  • Thumb peg for drawing adjustment

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4. Stanislawski Perfex Resistance

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A blue in black amazing back pain release comes in 4 different sizes they’re small, medium, large, and X-large.

This tension release is great for your safety because it will only fire after you reach full draw; once a certain amount of activation tension is released, it will fire.

Load an arrow, drawback, crawl into your anchor and start pulling; that’s all you need to do.

The Perfex is supportable with three or four finger support.

It can be paired with the perfect trigger to get the best accuracy level, and it contains a trainer lock for safe practice.

It also features a highly customizable design with a switchable finger to get the best fit in your hand for your extreme comforts.

Blue dip-anodized aluminum core with matte finish finger extensions.

This is made in USA products designed to help you to improve your speed and smooth functionality.

The short neck fits perfectly, its less weight makes it easier to carry, and adjustability is a great point of it.

You won’t miss your shot after the proper setup of it, perfect release to learn proper techniques.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • Great adjustability
  • Smooth functioning

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

5. Scott Pro Adv Back

Scott 6003-PA Longhorn Pro Adv Back
13 Reviews
Scott 6003-PA Longhorn Pro Adv Back
  • Package length: 25.4 cm
  • Package width: 16.002 cm
  • Package height: 4.318 cm
  • Product Type:SPORTING GOODS

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All its parts are made of high-quality products for durable construction and full value for your money.

Designed to shoot targets of long-distance lengths easily without much effort and accurately.

The trigger comes with a micro-adjustment screw that helps you to control the flexibility of the draw.

Excellent construction and design are the most effective functions of Scott’s back tension release.

Its three-finger design release is specially made for large hands, so if your hands are large, it’s alright.

Its shape and weight give it a beast-like look, and brass containing it gives it amazing gold a beautiful look.

This release can improve your accuracy by 100%; the quality is well worth the price here.

Unique and mixed light gold look with a great experience of shoot, and it is perfect for beginners to use with productivity and relaxation.

Very comfortable and ergonomic release because it provides a compatible grip, and its handle is made to provide an effortless shot.

As it contains brass as the main component, it would last for a long time.

It has a click feature, which means it will alert you when the bow is about to fire.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Stainless steel parts
  • Click option included
  • 3 finger design

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6. Scott Archery Longhorn Hunter Release

Scott Archery Longhorn Hunter Release Camo, 3 Finger
  • Three Finger Design
  • Rope Connector System
  • Full-Radius Handle
  • Department Name: Unisex-Adult

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Scott archery’s longhorn hunter release is built for the hunter; you can take into the woods with confidence.

Three-finger designs are made with light metal, steel, or aluminum, making them light and easy to use.

A high-quality release to cure your target panic and groups are tighter, especially at longer ranges.

It provides amazing accuracy and reliability; it is the best thing about Scott archery longhorn hunter release.

The three-finger design and handles ensure that you are comfortable with it while aiming for a long time.

Bracket stop made for quick and simple loading with a draw optimizing auto-reset hook.

The buckle waist belt gives extra support and flexibility that the release aid is accessible at all times.

This item is the perfect release for someone who is trying to get over the target panic.

Its patented rope connector is great for variable length adjustment of release and adds with ergonomic full radius handle.

Each release puts your fingers in optimal action postures – we call this “finger ergonomics.”

Pros & Benefits:

  • Three-finger design
  • Full radius handle
  • Rope connector system
  • Made in the USA

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7. Carter Enterprises Inc Carter 2 Moons Release

Carter Enterprises Inc Carter 2 Moons Release
  • Brand New & Original! Archery Gear Ready When You Are!
  • 673665053508
  • Blue

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The carter two jaws are designed to be D-Loop friendly, and its nice shiny blue color makes it more attractive.

This back tension release has a radical clicker that can be adjusted in the length of the release.

The micro-adjustable clicker system helps you easily adjust the release speed by two degrees at a time.

The Carter 2 Moons get along with the most relaxing and easy-to-use handle that provides super grip to your hands.

This release is made for hunting purposes, and also you can use it for practicing your targets and shine your skills.

These replaceable level inserts are accuracy made with 8/32 threads for the best user experience.

This new kind of split moon allows you to micro-adjust your clicker’s length in a .005 increase ranging from .0 to .030.

Because of the split moon design, the release rotation will be much smoother as it is before the click.

The 2 Moons is sure to excite by combining these creative features, and the most relaxed fitting handle shape Carter enterprises have ever made till.

At first, it is a little much harder to adjust it, but once it is done, you will enjoy it much more.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Awesome handle and plenty of adjustments
  • Contains adjustable clicker
  • Attractive design
  • Easy to use

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

8. Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback

Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Adjustable Archery Compound Bow Release - Black Wrist Strap with...
  • Plush black evolution II buckle has 2.5x more padding and is slightly wider with rolled edges creating the most...
  • Adjust trigger pressure (separate from trigger travel) from 3 ounces to well over 16 ounces by just a couple turns...
  • Over 5/8 inch length adjustment, swept back trigger
  • Hook design with Tru center technology 20 degree head pivot, guaranteed not to slip off loops
  • Quick and easy trigger travel adjustment. Fits both left and right hands. 100% made in the USA

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Tru-Fire is the largest manufacturer of releases globally; it has produced an excellent wrist release in the Tru-Fire hardcore buckle foldback.

Instead of jaws like other releases, it contains a simple single hook, making it perfect for hunting purposes.

It is constructed so that it won’t be harmed by excessive force and pressure on it.

It is very durable and reliable, even using it for more than five years doesn’t damage it much more.

Unlike other hardcore releases, buckle foldback is made of the same metal to maintain all release firing components’ hardness.

The release is made from solid steel, and its strap is constructed from leather to give it proper reliability.

Its body swings 20° to compensate for different anchor point positions, and it loops lines up straight with the centerline of the release for perfect shots.

This release hooks onto your D-loop quickly and simpler than a caliper and releases much smoother, which makes it awesome.

Releases fit for both hands, and it is made with adjustable trigger travel.

This USA made great quality product to improves your shots; the triggers are fantastic and very easy to use.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Excellent release
  • Perfect for every hand
  • Foldback buckle leather strap
  • Less noticeable release
  • Reliable and long-lasting release

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9. Tru Ball V-Lock Buckle Strap

Tru Ball V-Lock Buckle Strap
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS
  • Package dimension : 25.4 cm L x 19.812 cm W x 1.524 cm H
  • Country of Orgin: China
  • Package weight: 0.100 pounds

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The Tru Ball V-Lock is a wrist strap constructed to fit Tru Ball mechanisms, including the Max Hunter 3, Fang 3 & 4, the Max Pro series, Handle Thumb, Boss X, and Max Pro Series.

It enables the traditional handheld T-handle release to be attached to the wrist, which reduces the need for stronger fingers as it allows the draw to be boosted by the whole arm.

The big handle of Tru Ball V-Lock helps to improve the quality of handle releases and accuracy.

It is very comfortable to use and allows 360° rotation.

You will be able to pull more bow draw weight with a TRU Ball V Lock wrist strap with a lanyard to remove the danger of letting go of your release handle while using it.

Well built and high-quality release, which is very easy and comfortable to use and learn.

It is not suitable for hunters, but if you’re a beginner and willing to learn archery, it is the best option.

It is easy to connect triggers, and this strap easily attaches to the release and works great as it should be.

It is made so that it doesn’t allow your release to fall out of your hand.

It is very easy and safe to install without any worry of losing up screws.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Improves handle release
  • Easy and safe to install
  • Rotation of 360 degree
  • Highly adjustable Velcro straps

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10. Tru-Fire Patriot Archery Compound Bow Release

Tru-Fire Patriot Archery Compound Bow Release - Adjustable Black Wrist Strap
  • AFFORDABLE, EASY TO USE - The Velcro strap provides a quick and comfortable fit and allows you to make adjustments...
  • STURDY. SMOOTH - The patriot has a durable steel trigger with a smooth release whether it's your first shot or the...
  • ADJUSTABLE TRIGGER - Adjust the sensitivity to control the trigger travel
  • AMBIDEXTROUS - The trigger head rotates a full 360 degrees making it appropriate for either Left or Right hand...
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA - The most economical American made release suitable for all ages and perfect for the new...

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Improve your shots with the Tru-Fire Patriot archery compound release during your next practice session.

Made with the padded nylon power strap and velcro closure system and its triggers are made for dependable uses.

Comfortable to use with both right and left-handed, and also contains adjustable trigger travel within it.

Tru-Fire takes comfort in the uses, quality, and performance of its premium CNC machined releases.

Most ergonomic Americans made release helpful for archers and any age, and it is perfect for both experienced and new ones, seasoned hunters, or target shooters, best for any use.

High-strength, ultra-wide jaws for quick loading and easily handle a large amount of pressure and force in it even with the long years of use.

It contains high-strength, ultra-wide jaws for quick loading and its Padded nylon power strap is easier to put on than V-style straps.

A perfect release for the newbie and experienced archer as it has adjustable travel, smooth trigger, and easy on and off the design.

The Velcro strap gives a quick and safe fit and enables you to make adjustments per your needs.

The patriot has a strong and durable steel trigger with a smooth release; whether it’s your first shot or the thousandth, it’s built to last long for you.

Easily adjust sensitivity to control the trigger travel, and its head rotates full 360°.

It makes your shooting 100% fun, no need to worry about hurting your fingers while using it; concentrate on your aim without any worry.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Smooth and adjustable trigger
  • Helpful for both beginners and new ones
  • Simple and effective
  • Made in the USA

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Bonus Products and Additional Considerations

You need to be very careful while choosing back bow releases as not every release will work for you.

Take care of your comforts, choose the best bow release as your needs, type, size, and don’t forget to check whether it has the ability or not for your desired task.

Not all releases would meet your budget, try to choose the best one in your budget without compromising with the quality.

If you are looking for releases for hunting then you need to choose those releases which are quiet as noise may disturb you while hunting.

You can choose release having more adjustments such as trigger sensitivity, size, and angel.

Durability and Reliability are the other two things you need to focus on while choosing releases.

I recommend you to buy a product having high brand value and brand taking care of their products like time to time upgrades and improvements etc.

Here are two bonus back now releases for you:

11. Spot Hogg Purple WiseGuy Release


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The Spot hogg purple wise guy release would be best for the people wanting too loose-fitting wrist straps.

This is made for improving the comforts and precise fitting gear throughout the sporting industry.

Very easy to adjust as it has versatility in wrist adjustment options.

It features a Micro-adjustable dial for a perfect fit Self-reloading hook and forward trigger structure for ultimate draw length and speed.

The materials used for making it are Nylon and neoprene with a stainless steel trigger barrel.

Excellent lightweight construction assists in improving the accuracy and speed of shooting.

It can automatically flip back against the wrist to stay out of the way when you’re not shooting.

Produces small noise while shooting which may create some unnecessary faults while shooting.

The trigger is super smooth and adjustable and this simple but incredible release works great.

The quality and comfort of it are far the best you have seen in any release on the market.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Excellent and lightweight construction
  • Comfortable and precise fitting gear
  • Micro-adjustable dial
  • Flip back against the wrist
  • Integrated BOA closure system

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

12. Cobra Archery Switch Thumb and Back Tension Release

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Designed for the winter and target archery thumb release and back tension release is self-closing & easy loading D-Loop.

The easily adjustable sensitivity thumb trigger setting comes with two standard thumb barrels.

Fast single step process to switch into shooting styles and fully enclosed caliper.

Modified technology and its stunning look make it more attractive.

Made from high-quality aluminum and stainless steel so there is no chance of rust as it doesn’t contain iron on it.

The release is perfect for using thumb release during the hunting seasons and back tension in the offseason.

Its dual style aim is constructed for the year-round archer, enabling them to use it both for competitions and while chasing their favorite game animal for hunting.

You can easily lock it for no-fire training and its head can be rotatable to 360 degrees.

Contains 100% CNC high compassion machined parts and roller sear for a smooth and clean release.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Designed for the hunter and target archer
  • Fully Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Dual style design
  • Fully enclosed caliper
  • Self-closing and easy loading

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of back releases available in the market for making your archery easier and comfortable; the mentioned above items are one of the best among all.

Having the best bow releases is an important factor in determining your archery.

Choosing the best release helps you to improve accuracy, strength, and comfort; always read descriptions and reviews about it properly before buying it.

If you have suggestions, questions, and any doubts related to the mentioned items, you can simply leave your comments; we will surely read them.

Thank you for reading our reviews on the 10 best back tension releases.

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