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10 Best Larp Bow And Arrow Products Reviewed For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

If you’re looking into unleashing the child in you, then LARP bow and arrow is the way to go.

In come LARP- which means Live Action Role Playing.

Every child loves archery role-playing and make-believe, but these games are getting popular among adults.

In the wake of COVID-19, indoor family games are the only active sports left.

It may be best to try LARP indoors while the lockdown restrictions are in place.

Bow and arrows can be used in sporting events, shooting practice, field competition, hunting, and fishing.

They can be homemade or bought depending on a specific activity.

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10 Best Larp Bow And Arrow Products Reviewed

These archery products are not recommended for children – they can have separate toy bow and arrow sets.

Here is our list of the ten best LARP bow and arrow products reviewed for 2021.

1. WOARCHERY Combat Archery

WOARCHERY Combat Archery Takedown Right-Left Handed 25LBS Recurve Bow (Green)
  • 25Lbs Draw weight Takedown Recurve Archery Bow with stringer
  • Suitable for Left & Right Handed
  • CE & ASTM Certification Approved
  • Material:Strong Nylon Bow Riser , Fiberglass Laminated Bow Limbs
  • Ideal for Archery Battle Sport Game / Archery Combat Game / LARP Battle Event

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The market is flooded with bows for right-hand use, but WOARCHERY Combat Archery is yours if you’re looking for an ambidextrous bow.

At 54-inches long, the draw length stretches to 32 inches with the 30-40lb draw weight—a perfect choice for both youths and adults.

It has a strong nylon riser and fiberglass limbs that do not snap back if handled right.

This recurve bow is lightweight, ergonomic, simply designed, and CE & ASTM approved.

It is simple to use, has no mounting points; you just shoot direct.

The package includes a user manual, a bow riser, bowstring, bow limb, stringer, and a wrench.

Silica gel is also included in the place of a finger guard.

Apply it to your finger, and you’re safe.

This is a perfect gift for beginners that can be used in both combat games and LARP battles.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 54 inches long
  • 32-inch draw length
  • Fiberglass bow limbs
  • Sturdy nylon bow riser
  • ASTM & CE approved

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2. TOP ARCHERY Traditional Recurve Bow 53''

Toparchery Traditional Recurve Bow 53'' Archery Hunting Handmade Horse Bow Longbow 40 lbs
  • The bow is very beautifully designed, it is suitable for people with strength under 200 pounds, such as Couples,...
  • We have improved the product material, from laminated fiber bows to locust wood and high-strength transparent epoxy...
  • Bow body length: 53 inches/135 cm; stretch length: 28 inches, according to customer feedback, we have strengthened...
  • If you are buying it for young people or ladies archery enthusiasts, we recommend you to buy it directly, once you...
  • Sincerely wish every customer to become a master of archery as soon as possible, all hits!

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If you’re looking for a traditional bow, look no further.

This is a cool looking rustic antique that can be mounted on any wall for decor.

It is carefully handmade, polished, and painted to withstand harsh outdoor weather.

TOP ARCHERY is 53-inches long with the ability to draw a 40 pounds weight.

It has a sturdy wooden grip that is ergonomic to your hands.

The leather laminate ensures that your hand does not get blisters.

A cheap and beginner-friendly bow that stretches 28 inches while drawn.

It can be taken down using a stringer for storage and transportation.

It comes with a strong black quiver; however, you will need to buy a set of arrows separately.

Some users don’t recommend it for daily usage as it wears down with weight.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Forty-pound draw weight
  • Standard curve
  • 53-inch length
  • 28-inch draw length
  • Sturdy grip

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3. No products found.

No products found.

This sleekly designed bow will unleash the inner child in you. 

CPTARCH 45″ is yours if you’re looking into reconciling the inner child that seeks fantasy role-playing.

It is ambidextrous.

It allows everyone to use it—a sure way to keep your muscles reflexed.

It offers a more significant range of draw weight between 25-45 lbs.

Youths and adults can use it.

It can be dismantled for easy storage.

Assembling it is also easy—an ideal gift for budding teen archers.

The package contains two fiberglass arrows, two sucker arrows, two bow limbs, a bowstring, an arm, and a finger guard.

Caution is greatly needed when using it around young children.

The small parts can cause fatalities if ingested.

The limbs are made from fiberglass.

The riser can be taken down easily for storage and transportation.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy assembly
  • Quick storage
  • Riser made of wood
  • Limbs made from fiberglass
  • Available for both left and right-handed archers

No products found.

4. SinoArt 54

SinoArt 54" Long Bow for Right Handed 30 LBs Draw Weight Archery Bow Shooting LARP Hunting Game with...
  • Designed for RIGHT HANDED shooters.
  • HAND ORIENTATION: A right handed bow will be held in your left hand and the string pulled with the right hand. Left...
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP-the riser is ergonomically designed with rounded edges and a fine finished wooden handle which...
  • HIGH-QUALITY - Hard Wood Riser. Strong fiberglass limb. Light weight wooden riser,can be taken down.Quality tested...
  • PACKAGE :1 x riser,2 x bow limbs,1 x bow string, 9 x arrows,3 x target faces

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It is designed for right-hand users, but special orders for left-hand users can be made to the manufacturer.

The package includes three target faces, bowstring, and limb.

It comes with strong and durable risers made from hardwood.

It is 54-inch long with sturdy fiberglass limbs.

It is designed for right-hand users.

Nine arrows that are 29-inch long are included in the package.

It is lightweight and can be dismantled.

It can hold 40lb draw weight.

A perfect gift choice.

It can be used in games and real-time hunting.

If you’re looking into enhancing your eye-hand coordination, this archery is your best bet.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Target faces included
  • Riser made from hardwood
  • Limbs made from fiberglass
  • Sturdy grip
  • 54 inches long

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5. No products found.

No products found.

This one is for archery lovers with a taste of art.

This is a beautifully crafted piece that can be hanged on any wall.

It comes with brown faux fur that compliments the Native American traditions.

It’s an archery set that is easy to assemble and dismantle.

It makes storage and carrying easy.

The package includes a bow and a matching arrow.

You can buy additional arrows and quivers separately.

It is designed for both left and right-hand users.

The elasticity of the bow gives a larger draw length without breaking.

Feathered Indian Bow and Arrow Set come in brown and white colors.

Users are offered a range of draw weights of between 40 to 50lbs.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Sleek fur design
  • 45 inches long
  • Ambidextrous riser
  • 18-inch draw length
  • Free sight pin included

No products found.

6. KAINOKAI Traditional Handmade Bow

KAINOKAI Traditional Handmade Longbow Horsebow Hunting Recurve Archery Bow Recurve Bow Set (Red...
  • Draw weight: 20-70LBS
  • Product Material: The bow arm is made of transparent epoxy and wrapped in leather. It is more delicate and durable....
  • The advantages of the traditional recurve bow: the left hand and the right hand can be used, the power is strong,...
  • Note: Due to the long product length and long-distance transportation, the packaging is easily damaged. This is a...
  • Package Contents:Hand guard *1 Finger guard *1 Arrow target paper *3 Arrows *6 Bow string wax *1 Bow String *1

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If you love beautifully handcrafted archers with a touch of tradition, then you’ll love KAINOKAI.

This archer is beautifully crafted to resemble the old fashioned bows.

You can assemble it quickly and easily.

It is long but not collapsible, and transportation can be hindered by the fear of breakage.

The strong and durable handle is made from locust wood that is evenly handed polished.

The paint and polish increase longevity by reducing wear and tear.

The package includes one arm guard, bowstring bow, targets, and three wooden arrows.

This is an ideal gift for an elderly archery lover.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Three-string wax
  • Sturdy wooden handle
  • All parts handmade

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7. Enrack Recurve Bow for Archery

40 Lbs Recurve Bow for Archery Beginners or Right Handed Adults, Beginner Bow Takedown Recurve Bow...
  • 🏹PACKAGE INCLUDES - 1PC Bow Riser, 2PCS Bow Limbs, 1PC Bow String, 1PC L-Wrench, 4PCS Gaskets, 4PCS Screws, 1PC...
  • 🏹40 LBS RIGHT HANDED BOW - The maximum draw weight can reach 40 lbs when drawing the bowstring to 30''; Bow...
  • 🏹BEGINNER FRIENDLY - The 40 lbs recurve bow is great for archery starters to practice aiming at targets, it's...
  • 🏹COMPACT DESIGN & LIGHTWEIGHTED - Designed simply and practically, this recurve bow and arrow set is light...
  • 🏹HEAVY-DUTY & STURDY - Constructed with selected hardwood bow riser and high strength fiberglass limbs with a...

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This one is for archery lovers who love simply designed bows and arrows.

It is 51 inches long with a 40-inch draw length.

This strong archer consists of a hardwood bow riser and strong fiberglass limbs that have smooth laminate edges.

The lamination over them makes them waterproof and durable.

It is designed for right-hand users.

The package includes four gaskets, a riser, two limbs, one arm guard, screws, a bowstring, and a wrench.

The Enrack is easily dismantled for storage and transportation.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 51-inch longbow
  • Four Gaskets
  • Sleek wooden limb
  • 30-inch draw length
  • Right-hand use

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8. Rootmemory Bow And Arrow Archery

Rootmemory Archery Recurve Bow and Arrows Set for Adults 30 40 lbs with Quiver Target Faces Arm...
  • 🎯HIGH QUALITY - Durable wooden riser can be taken down and can hold enough resistance and stretch.Strong...
  • 🎯ARCHERY BOW SET FOR STARTERS - Simple designed for starters, a really great starter bow.Low pounds only...
  • 🎯SUPER EASY TO ASSEMBLE & CARRY - Easy to install,provided a simple wrench with the parcel,it’s very small...
  • 🎯ERGONOMICALLY DESIGN - The weight of takedown bow won't feel heavy in hand, the curvature of the handle is more...
  • 🎯JUST ONE ORDER - You can get all the Archery accessories for beginners in one order.You can go to the archery...

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If you’ve been withholding that game hunting expedition due to lack of proper gear, we’ve got you covered.

Rootmemory archery comes with six carbon arrows that can be used in real-time hunting.

It has a 30-inch draw length and holds 30-40 draw weight—an ideal choice for adults.

The package includes five target faces, one arm guard, an arrow quiver, six carbon arrows, a bow, a finger guard, and a reading manual.

It is made from hardwood that will not shrink with time.

This designed archery is ergonomic and ideal for beginners.

The package comes with a couple of free target faces.

Transportation and storage are comfortable as you can dismantle them.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Strong wooden riser
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Easy to carry
  • Ergonomic and simple design
  • Free target face included

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9. Adventure Awaits! Handmade Wooden Bow and Arrow Set

Adventure Awaits! - 2-Pack Handmade Wooden Bow and Arrow Set - 20 Wood Arrows and 2 Quivers - for...
  • Wooden Toy Bow For Kids: Arm your little one for epic imaginary hunts and battles with this bow and arrow set....
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of play, this bow set is sturdy and resilient, ensuring they...
  • Soft Rubber Tips: No need to worry about playtime, the arrows feature soft rubber practice tips.
  • Teaching Opportunity: Train your child not to point arrows at people, animals, or breakable objects.
  • Great Gift Idea: Give the gift of adventure to a child in your life with this wood bow set.

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If you’re looking for a lightweight but sturdy bow and arrow, Adventure Awaits! is your best option.

This is a set made from light bamboo.

It stands at 57-inches long with a capability to hold a higher draw weight of between 30-60lbs.

The package comes with 20 bamboo arrows,2quivers, a bow, a bowstring, and an armed guard.

It comes with a leather-bound handle that is comfortable to use.

It is designed for right-hand users and can be used in shooting practice, hunting, fishing, and field competition.

The manufacturer offers a wide range of series, from beginner to elite archery.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy assembly
  • Sturdy

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10. iMay 45

Mxessua 45" Bow and Arrows Set for Teens Recurve Archery Beginner Gift Longbow Kit 9 Arrows, 4...
  • Ideal Gift: This is the best gifts for children and teens. Archery teaches concentration and increase patience and...
  • Strong And Sturdy With Perfect Design: Easy to assemble design. Fiberglass arrow gives durability. Ambidextrous...
  • Archery Bow: 44.3 inches overall length with 22 - 24 inch draw length and 16-20 lb draw weight. Recommended user's...
  • Safety First: non-sharp arrow tips, finger saver attached to the bowstring, and arm guards in the bow set will keep...
  • Included :1 * Bow, 9 * Safety Fiberglass Arrows, 4 * Target Faces Paper, 1 * Arm Guard, 1 * Arrows Quiver, 1* Pin...

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The iMay 45″ comes with a durable and robust riser.

Its plastic limbs can stretch up to 20 inches.

It is strong, durable, but lightweight—an ideal package for beginners.

The package includes nine fiberglass arrows, a finger guard, bow, arrow stringer, bowstring, and two targets.

The arrows have rounded stainless steel heads.

You can easily dismantle it.

Putting it together takes less than a minute.

iMay 45″ is designed for right-hand users only.

It is a great choice for shooting practice.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Wood-fiberglass limbs
  • Stainless-steel heads
  • Easy dismantling

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Larp Accessories

Below is a list of the things you’ll require for your LARP collection.


Traditionally, quivers were usually made from leather, but today purchasers can see durable plastic quivers in the markets.

Quivers ensures that you’ve your arrows within your reach.

You can strap them on your back, shoulder, or hip.

Most people prefer hip quivers over shoulder ones because of back opponent attacks.

It is easier to reach an arrow from the hip than from your back.

Quivers also come in handy for storage and transportation when not in use.


LARP approved arrows are mostly rounded and soft.

While hunting or shooting, arrows are sharp-pointed.

These arrows have different heads according to their specific jobs.

Some users prefer using carbon arrows to wooden ones as they are more strong and durable.


Traditional bows were wooden.

Today there is a mix of wood and metal alloys that are durable.

The markets are flooded with ranges like crossbows, fantasy bows, recurves, and horse bows.


Die-hard LARP players go to the extent of wearing reenactment clothes according to the role they choose to play.

Why don’t you also give it a try?


Other smaller parts that may not be included in all packages are; face targets, guards for your arm and fingers, stringers, wrench, wax string, face targets, and a silencer.


Before making your ultimate purchase, there are a few characteristics to look for in archery while keeping safety as your priority.

Below are some pointers to keep in mind.

Sharp Arrows

You do not need sharp arrows for duel LARP games.

Arrow edges can be made with styrofoam, bottle tops, or soft padded material.

On the other hand, if you’re using target faces, stainless steel arrowheads can be great but always aim away from crowds.

Wooden Arrows

These tend to break during games and send sprinters flying.

If you’re not careful, they can hurt you or your opponent.

It is, therefore, important to look for sturdy laminated wood.

Polish or paint your wood occasionally to give it a new lease of life.

Painting acts as a laminate in wet conditions.

Small Parts

Most of these packages have small parts that are dangerous for children under three years.

Children below ten years have a different kind of mock archery product; it’d be unwise to allow them to use these sharp types.

Metal Alloys

Meta alloys are the best products to own.

Alloys are durable and lightweight.

They do not contract under heavy weight or in extreme weather.

They are ideal for daily usage.

  • Always aim your arrows away from people to avoid accidents. LARP has rules against hitting your opponent on the throat, eyes, and head
  • Store these archery tools away from children’s reach, the smaller parts are dangerous when exposed to children below three years
  • If you decide to get creative and make archery yourself, use soft materials that you can get around you like a sponge, styrofoam, or soft bottle-tops
  • Children will always want to try shooting with your arrows, have alternate toys for them
  • Bows and strings

The stronger the bow is the better the draw length.

Check if the string is in good condition.

Do not over-expose your wooden bow in extreme hot and wet weather.

Final Thoughts

You’re never too old to have fun.

You may never know what you’re missing unless you try these LARP games.

Keep safety as a top priority while you’re at it.

Wear the appropriate safety gear at all times.

Try not to hit your opponent on sensitive body parts, even if you’re using mock arrows.

You can dedicate a room in your home for your LARP sessions.

Thanks for reading through our list of the ten best LARP bow and arrow products reviewed for 2021.

Always remember to have fun!

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