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Archery For Women: Complete Equipment Buying Guide

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Tim Rhodes

Archery for women is a thing people are talking about and the number of female archers is growing.

Be it in hunting, sport, or as a casual hobby.

If you are one of those ladies who have tried archery a few times and decided to commit to it.

We’re guessing you are to buy your archery gear for the first time, so you might need some guidance on where to start assembling your archery set.

Archery gears must be highly personalized and have to fit the archer for optimum performance.

An archer must feel comfortable with their gears to be able to deliver with a solid stance then aim and shoot with ease.

For women, finding the archery gears that fit them is not as hard as it seems any more since manufacturers have been creating equipment specifically with women already in mind.

All that is left for you to do is choose what you need to buy.

To guide you through, here a few things you must consider when buying equipment for archery for women.

Table of Contents

Knowing The Types Of Bows

For beginners in archery, before purchasing your first gear, consider what you need based on how you wish to pursue archery.

Is it as a sport, for hunting or a competitive sport?

You will need to decide on how you want to practice archery and choose what kind of bow fits the function you need.

Every bow type differs in the power it holds and as a woman.

It is important to know yourself and the power that you can handle so you can choose the right bow.

But first, it is best to have an idea of the types of bows that you can choose from.

1. Longbow

Longbows are a traditional bow with tall narrow limbs.

It has very simple parts, yet it has high functionality, with its length that enables longer draw and gives a smooth drawback.

Longbows have reflex/deflex design and are easy to use for shooting, guaranteeing speed, accuracy, and overall high performance.

It is also good for women who are starting, especially in using archery for hunting.

Longbows have that classic, rustic style along with high functionality and lightweight that makes it easy for any woman to start shooting.

If you consider trying it out, you may want to look around archery stores.

Do a bit of research to see if there is a longbow that you might like.

2. Recurve

Recurve bows range from traditional to Olympic types of bows.

Its limbs curve away from the archer hence the recurve.

That allows an archer to deliver a higher amount of energy which also helps in increasing speed.

Its frame is composed of three pieces and the string, with no complex mechanical part which makes it easy to use and maintain.

For beginners, a recurve bow can be a good option as it is lighter than most kinds of the bow and can be easily transported.

It is also much cheaper, however, its parts, when broken, can be a bit pricier.

Recurve bows also require more strength in drawing and if you are new to the sport.

Using recurve bows might wear you down easily.

There are a lot of recurve bows with a variety of designs and set up specialized for women and some of the best recurve bows are highly available in many stores.

3. Compound

Compound bows are modern bows with a bit more complex mechanical part which helps the power of the archers shot.

Because of its customizability, compound bows have been the option for many archers, both newbies, and pros.

One of the most important factors in archery is having the gear that fits you well.

A compound bow utilizes the pulley system that helps amplify the power of an archer which also helps in the accuracy.

However, with all the mechanical parts, it can be tedious to maintain a compound bow.

It is not that impossible to learn with some help from pros or the internet since there are published guides on how you can care for your compound bows if you choose to purchase one.

But if you chose to pursue using a compound bow.

You may find some of the best suggestions that cut compound bows specifically made for women.

How To Choose The Type Of Bow For You?

Recurve bows are commonly recommended for beginners and women because of their lightweight and non-complex usability.

It is also what you can rent on most archery ranges and if you have visited one and rented a recurve bow.

You might be already considering starting with that.

Recurve bows are also good for building your muscles to get used to archery.

But keep in mind that you can choose the bow based on the archery experience you are looking forward to.

If you are a more experienced archer, on the other hand.

It will be great to purchase a compound bow that you can have adjusted by a professional on the store, or learn to adjust for yourself in the long run.

Compound bows’ customizability also lets you use it longer.

You don’t always have to buy a bow when you feel like the measurements, like the weight, you can support have changed as you practice along.

Whichever type you take, what is important to take note of is that you can always choose a bow made for women or youth as these are essentially scaled-down versions of bows used by men.

To suit smaller frames and shorter draw lengths, but gives off almost the same level of power and performance.


With the importance of your gears’ personalization and fit, it is necessary to know your measurements to find the bow that suits you.

Women have different measurements and ratios compared to men, but there is no issue with that since there are a lot of varieties of bows and gears crafted to suit a female body’s frame.

With that, here are some measurements that you might need to know before rushing to any archery shop and purchasing your gears:

1. Draw Weight

Draw weight is the force a bow or string requires for you to have a full draw. It is measured in pounds against the draw length in inches.

One of the factors that greatly affect a bow’s speed will be the draw weight so it is best to know if a bow is tuned to a bow draw weight that you can support.

There are prescribed draw weights based on the type of bow you’re using, your age, and your gender.

For an average adult woman starting in archery.

You can go for 16 to 26 pounds if you’re using a recurve bow, or 26 to about 40 pounds for compound bows, depending on your strength.

Otherwise, you can also ask a professional at the archery store where you ought to buy your gear, and pretty sure, they’ll give you some proper advice on the draw weight that you can start at.

2. Draw Length

The draw length is the distance that an archer must pull in a full draw and proper form.

A bow must be set up to cater to an archer’s specific draw length to maintain comfort and achieve better accuracy.

The adjustments of draw length may differ based on the type of bow you’re using.

Traditional and recurve bows can be drawn back at as far as an archer can while the compound bows.

With its pulley system, have a certain measurement to which the drawback distance stops.

For compound bows, you can easily get your draw length by measuring your arm span and divide it by 2.5.

This method has been used as a reliable way to determine your draw length.

Meanwhile, for recurve bows, as much as it can be pulled at any distance you prefer.

You will still need to consider the best measurement for you to deliver a good shot and correspond with your bow’s draw weight.

Your draw length will determine the size or your bow so it is best to know how to measure your draw length both for recurve or for the compound to ensure you’ll get the best fit.

Accessories & Safety Gears

As you practice archery, it is best to prepare with accessories that will keep you safe and comfortable.

As a woman, you should pay attention to the details in every accessory as well.

As much as there is equipment made specifically for women that you can readily buy.

You must also take note of your personal preferences.

Of course, basing on your body type and the comfort you require as you practice shooting.

There are various add-ons that you can purchase but start on the most necessities first.

Some of the basic gears you can look for are:

1. Arrows

Along with the bow, you will also need to personally choose and shop for your arrows.

As much as it seems easy, arrows also have to be measured to fit your draw length and so is your bow’s.

There are a bunch of types and a variety of designs that you can choose from.

You can select from various materials from carbon fiber to wood to plastic, and have your arrows adjusted on the archery store.

2. Arm Guards

From plastic to leather, many different arm guards come in different styles, ranging from classic to more modern detailed ones.

An arm guard is placed in the forearm, for the arm that holds the bow.

This is to protect your skin from the bow string’s recoil upon release.

Some females can get easily bruised, and even if you’re not one of them.

It is still best to use arm guards for safety and comfort.

3. Release Aids, Tabs, Or Gloves

For compound bows, you can use release aids but the tricky part is that you have to know which kind of release aid best suits your shooting style.

For this, you can always ask for a pro’s advice.

Meanwhile, for recurve and traditional bows, both archery gloves and finger tabs can come in handy.

Release aids, tabs, and gloves will protect your fingers from injuries as you pull the string and create the shot.

4. Chest Guard

For women, most certainly to those who are starting in archery, it’s recommended to wear a chest guard.

A chest guard’s mostly used by archers, both men, and women.

It is used to keep their clothing out of the arrow’s way and to keep their sports attire from being damaged as well.

For women, it is also best to use a chest guard to create a smooth and flatter surface for the string to keep the arrow’s trajectory straight.

Along with these, there are also other archery accessories that you might consider using as you progress on practicing the sport.

Finding A Local Shop

As much as online shopping has revolutionized commerce, in buying your archery equipment.

It is best to visit a physical store with trained and professional staff.

You can save a lot of money by personally buying your equipment.

You can use all your measurements as a basis and get to feel each item whether or not it suits you and gives you the comfort you need.

This is also much safer than buying online just to end up with the wrong items leaving you either enduring the discomfort or undergoing the process of returning the item.

You can ask your friends who are involved in archery or simply look around through the internet.

Get to contact the store and ask if they got stocks of bows and equipment specifically for women.

You’ll know which stores are best to visit that will offer variety and choices.

You can also dig deeper and research further, by looking for certain items from different brands, watch reviews and if you find the equipment you like, jot them down and ask the stores if they have that.

If not, pretty sure they will offer you options.

By calling them first, you are saving yourself plenty of time and money.

What To Prepare

As you go to a local archery store that you have chosen, it is better to come in there prepared and geared up.

Your measurements might need to be taken so it will be safe if you opt for sportswear that is a bit fit so the measurements will be more accurate.

You can also fit chest guards or hip quivers with a belt easier.

As a precaution, it is better to try to refrain from wearing skirts or dresses that will make you feel uncomfortable moving and try to wear some comfortable sports shoes too.

Other than the recommended sportswear, practically speaking.

You should prepare a budget for your equipment once you choose to finally go to the shop.

As mentioned, it is best to do your research on the equipment that you might need and want.

Along with that, take note of their prices or price ranges so you can have some sort of allowance should you opt for cheaper or more expensive alternatives.

Price ranges may vary based on the area where you’re in.

You can also opt for archery equipment sets sold on archery shops.

It will be best, that even when choosing a package, be sure to have it customized for you as well.


No matter what you choose to purchase, remember that you can always upgrade them later on.

Your preferences will surely change as you get to enhance your skill and eventually.

You will need to scale up and change your equipment or accessories.

You can always start cheap with the most basic training equipment you can find to get to know your body, style, and preferences first.

Don’t be afraid to make those purchases for now.

Once you find where you want to go with archery, should you consider going for it professionally?

Use it for hunting or just keep it as a hobby, that’s when you can start assembling a specialized set of equipment for your goals.

Getting A Pro’s Advice

A professional mentor or group of mentors is one of the many perks that you can get in visiting a local archery store.

It is important to be guided by professionals to keep you from buying equipment that can sabotage your training in archery.

A lot of stores have professionals that will provide you with essential advice in buying your gear and using them properly.

Asking for professional help can help you so much in maximizing your ability and the power of your equipment towards more accurate and precise shooting.

You might also learn a thing or two about the basics of training and archery jargon too, just don’t be afraid to ask.

If you are more comfortable talking to a female bow technician or archery mentor, you can always mention that as you call stores beforehand as well.

Joining Groups & Classes

Being a woman in archery can sometimes be intimidating but with the growing number of females joining the sport.

It is no longer that rare to see a fellow lady in the range.

However,  as much as archery is a solo sport that requires a person to concentrate as they take a shot.

It is also great to have a support system that can help you prepare as well as improve your skills as you go.

It is also better to join a group exclusively for women or one with a lot of female members.

You can ask sensitive questions or matters that you feel like men would not easily understand or answer to, like queries for buying the gear and your safety accessories.

Especially for specific parts of the body, like chest guards.

There is a difference in how men and women experience archery and it will be best for you to take it from a fellow woman’s point of view.

Archery Groups Or Organizations

Archery groups or organizations are everywhere.

If you have been practicing in a range, you can go around and maybe ask other archers for the groups that they belong to.

There are also groups on social media sites and other organization meet-up platforms.

These are dedicated exclusively for women archers as well as forums and discussions that you can freely join.

Classes are also a good start to learn the basics and find a shooting style, bow type, and accessories that you are comfortable with.

This will help you determine which items you should be buying.

Along with this, you can also find mentors in the class or get recommendations about the equipment you can use, the archery store you can visit, and organizations that you can join.

Final Thoughts

In archery for women, finally buying your archery equipment is a huge step as it means that you are already committing to the sport.

But even for experienced archers, the process of purchasing gears is meticulous and tedious.

More so for women, since they need to seek equipment carefully to make sure that it fits them.

Good thing that archery equipment manufactures today has now produced more items with women in mind.

Designed to give protection and comfort as well as the power that women need.

There are plenty of choices for you out there and all you need is to evaluate yourself and your needs.

Your shooting style and measurements, your preferences, your strength, and your overall aesthetics to own the sport.

Feel it and get confident shooting in the range to be it you’re surrounded by men or women.

It just takes a bit more time in getting to know the equipment and prepare before buying.

This will help you speed up the process of when you are actually in the store.

Just purchasing them as you can easily give your measurements and you already have an idea of what you want.

From there, your equipment-buying journey is all downhill to just choosing, paying, and bringing it all home or straight to a range for a test.

Just be patient in doing your research, weighing the equipment’s function, comparing prices, and finding that perfect store.

Soon, you’ll complete your equipment and will be ready in no time.

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