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10 Best Archery Jobs And How To Get Them (Updated 2021)

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Tim Rhodes

Perhaps you were inspired by Green Arrow from the Justice League, or maybe Hawkeye was your favorite superhero in Avengers.

No matter what the reason, you may be scrolling through the internet to set your sights on the top positions in the archery industry.

In the age of popular media, archery has gained attention to the public eye, owing to high-budget Hollywood Blockbusters, such as The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, the Avengers, and Lord of the Rings.

People worldwide are discovering archery for entertainment, fitness, and even as a source of income.

Table of Contents

10 Best Archery Jobs And How To Get Them

In this article, we will walk you through 10 of the best archery jobs in the industry.

Without further ado, let’s start, shall we?

1. Professional Archer

A very small but growing number of individuals make a living out of shooting arrows at competition events and tournaments.

Although archery was not originally a sport, as mentioned before, however, with the rise of media representation, it has developed its prominent mark on the professional gaming map.

People often compete in international tournaments and competition events, representing their countries, sponsors, or professional teams.

Stephan Hasan, a world-renowned archer, is a prime example of a professional archer athlete.

For individuals with a liking for archery, being a professional archer is possibly the top career path for their passion.

However, becoming a pro is not a piece of cake.

It requires immense dedication, practice, patience, and motivation to keep going forward.

The first step to becoming a professional archer is identifying why you want to learn and what kind of archery sport you’re interested in pursuing.

There is a wide range of ‘‘Gaming Modes’’ in your classical archery sport, including field archery, target archery, disabled archery, etc.

After that, you need to practice, practice, and practice as much as you can.

Once you believe you are good enough to compete, start participating in competitions in domestic events near your tri-state area.

As you improve your skill and gain exposure, you can try competing on a national and ultimately international level with other professional archers.

Although motivation, dedication, and practice comprise the critical ingredients in any successful career path, passion is the most crucial factor.

If you have sufficient passion for archery, you’ll eventually build yourself and rise towards success.

2. Archery Engineer

For archery to exist as a sport, you need someone to manufacture, produce, and sell its equipment.

You might not perceive it as such; an Archery Engineer requires an extensive skill set and a high educational background.

Typically, individuals aiming to become archery engineers need to acquire a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering to understand the heavy mechanics involved in the sport.

Apart from this, you also need to have a solid grasp of 3D modeling software to design archery equipment prototypes before manufacturing.

You need to understand the technical aspects of bow design and archery engineering, such as calculating velocity before launch, the bow draw curve, arrow trajectories, Archery Shot distributions, etc.

The archery engineers are responsible for devising creative solutions for archery equipment problems and coming up with workable and practical designs.

Apart from this, he/she is also responsible for managing the material selection, cost distribution, manufacturing process, and understanding product specification.

The archery engineer needs to demonstrate leadership quality and strong communication to convey their understanding of heavy mechanics to common working labor.

Typically, this career path also requires a lot of research and observation regarding the latest archery trends, practices, and problems.

3. Archery Technician

Next on our list of the top 10 best archery jobs in 2021 is the archery technician.

You are probably asking what does an archery technician does?

Well, to give you a short answer, an archery technician is an expert in maintaining and repairing archery equipment according to individual requirements.

To become an archery technician, you need to acquire the appropriate education, undergo training, and get certified by completing your certification exams.

As archery equipment evolves along with the technology and trends, archery technicians require continuing education to maintain their field expertise.

To be eligible for a Certified Archery Technician career, you need a minimum education of High School Diploma or General Education Degree (GDG).

Apart from this, you need to gain appropriate experience, training skills, and techniques to successfully practice.

Typically archery technicians are entitled to the following responsibilities:

  1. Set up and Work on different types of Bows
  2. Repair and Maintain Archery Bows and equipment
  3. Fixing and Restringing Bows
  4. Promote, Advertise, and Sample Products for Sale
  5. Attend career-related meetings and conferences.

An Archery Technician can look for employment opportunities in areas where archery is practiced as a sport or a recreational activity.

This can include training centers, archery schools, and shooting ranges.

An Archery Technician is a perfect career path for individuals with a keen and detail-oriented key along with a passion for understanding the dynamics behind the art of archery.

4. Archery Coach/Instructor

Archery Instructors and coaches are the foundation of the Archery Industry and Professional sport.

To become an archery coach or an instructor, you need to enroll yourself in a certified archery training program.

This program will allow you to understand the sport from an expert level so you may train other individuals.

You also need to pass a certification exam to become a certified Archery Instructor.

These instructors are skilled in the art of archery and sports safety, making them eligible to teach other candidates.

There are different levels of archery coaches in the industry, from Level 1 Coach to Level 5.

These levels or tiers are based on the level of training, experience in the field, and education.

For individuals passionate about archery, an archery coach or an instructor can be a rather rewarding career path.

These levels are also reserved for the level of students that the coach needs to instruct.

For example, for adolescent or child training, a level 1 coach will suffice; however, you need to be a level 5 archery instructor to work with professional athletes.

Apart from working in a training academy, you can also practice as a private coach to professional athletes or archery players.

This allows you to train a specific individual with all your focus and attention and yield fruitful results.

It allows you to pass your learning onto others and makes you feel honored when the students perform well.

Archery coaches and instructors are the principal architects behind the success of the growing archery industry.

5. Archery Book, Magazine, or Blog Author

What happens when a writer has a passion for archery and bow shooting?

Combining these two skill sets can allow you to expand your career options towards a multidisciplinary direction.

Archery fans and followers worldwide love to read about the latest event updates and news regarding the archery world.

The best way to do this is through content writing in blogs and archery-specific magazines.

This allows you to maintain a close relationship with your passion (aka archery) and express your opinions, thoughts, and knowledge with the rest of the public.

This also acts as a marketing strategy to promote the game in its true sense and develop an identity among the archery community.

Lastly, it allows new archers to feature their work in these blogs and magazines for gaining exposure in the industry.

However, if you want to create something more personal, you can opt for an author on archery books.

In this way, you can jot down your passion onto a piece of paper while enjoying the process and allowing fellow archery fans to read and comment.

You don’t need to have specific training or a certification exam to become an archery writer.

You only need a writing talent and a growing passion for learning about archery in the modern world.

6. Hunting Guidesman

Archery is not merely limited to the classical bow and arrow version involving target shooting in front of an audience.

Some people still like to maintain the original spirit of archery through the practice of hunting.

This is why hunting lounges exist to give such individuals their respective spaces and allow them to hunt within safety measures.

The primary role of the hunting guidesman is to provide shelter, food, gear, and guide services to individuals in unfamiliar territories.

A hunting guidesman, as the name suggests, acts as a guide instructing and tutoring the interested individuals on how to use a bow and arrow to hunt down animals and birds.

The guide also allows the individuals to practice stripping the animal skin and cooking it on wildfire, similar to ancient practices.

A hunting guidesman acts as a storyteller and reminds the people about the ancient practices of human civilizations.

For an individual to be a successful hunting guidesman, he/she needs to have sufficient knowledge and education about the wildlife – not just one or two species.

It is best to have a college-level education or a degree to understand wildlife and their natural habitat; however, experience speaks more in this respect.

7. Owner of Archery Shooting Range

As much as we can go on and on about archery sports and archery career paths, if you don’t have a shooting range to practice and play, you can’t do anything about it.

So, for someone who wants to observe archery up close and personal, he/she can invest their dollars in an archery shooting range.

An archery shooting range allows archers and players to gather in a specific place and practice their passion.

This gives a sense of community and belonging to the archers and allows people with similar interests to interact and communicate.

Typically, these ranges also offer restaurants, guest staying, training coaches, and other recreational activities.

To become an archery shooting range owner, you need to invest a lot of money in the beginning to construct the arena itself.

Furthermore, depending on which class of people you are targeting, you will need to shift your range quality standards accordingly.

Lastly, you can also monetize your range by offering monthly, or annual membership offers and per day recreational packages.

These ranges also host archery competition matches and events to increase their monetary benefits.

8. Archery Videographer/Photographer

Take your love of camera and archery, combine them into one, and what do you get?

An Archery Videographer/Photographer.

Thousands of archery events are organized worldwide, inviting millions of archers and their respective cheering audiences.

With such a mass event taking place, you need a professional photographer or a videographer to document the entire happenings.

This will allow the archery fans sitting at homes or away from the event arena to enjoy the show as they were present within the audience.

An archer videographer or a photographer can capture the archers’ initial tense emotions with a keen eye and an equal liking for the sport.

It’s important to hire a photographer who understands the sport’s pain points as much as those who are participating.

He/She needs to capture the moments in their utmost glory and passion.

While the archery or videographer isn’t directly participating in the sport itself, his artistic passion can he

This helps the audience to appreciate the beauty and passion involved in the sport.

To become an archery videographer or a photographer, you need to educate yourself on videography and photography in general as a skill.

Other than this, you need to partake in your learning time towards acquiring new information about the latest news and event updates regarding archery.

You can start by volunteering in a few events to start your career, increase your reach in the archery community, and gain exposure.

Once people know what you are doing, you can officially introduce yourself as a professional archery videographer or photographer.

9. Judge in Archery Competitions

Hundreds of archery competitions and events are organized on a domestic, national, and international level, inviting thousands of archers and players to compete with each other for money or prize.

Different sponsors and industry capitals host these contests to grow archery as a professional sport and market their business.

These players give a registration fee to enter the event and compete in different matches and rounds.

The organizers arrange a team of jurors or judges to judge the players on their archery skills, such as the correct bow holding technique, target aiming, etc.

These judges are typically previous archery players that have either retired or don’t want to play in the field anymore.

Individuals who have a passion for archery can select this career path after significant experience, training, and education in the sport.

These individuals are given high protocols and respect based on their authority and level in the industry.

They have established their identity as a profound archery professional, thus have the required skill set to act as judges in these competitions and contests.

10. Off-Season Archer

Being an off-season archer is a great career path for individuals who have an active passion for archery but cannot leave their full-time jobs.

It allows them to retain their passion for archery without sacrificing or compromising on any of their other life priorities.

Furthermore, it allows them to practice their art, develop their skill, and mingle among the archery community without any worry.

An off-season archer participates in archery competitions and events during the high seasons.

They don’t necessarily pursue this as a full-time career; however, they enjoy the sport’s adrenaline rush through their off-season practice.

You don’t need prior training, a certificate, or even an archery related education background to pursue this as a side hustle.

You only need your archery equipment, passion, and yourself to begin.

Typically, off-season archers don’t play to make a living; they do it for their love of the game.

This doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy good prize money when they win.

In fact, this might work as a secondary motive or an incentive to keep these players coming back.

Is Archery Worth it?

This is often the most asked question among individuals starting in the industry.

To give you a short answer, yes, and here’s why.

The archery and hunting industry is one of those subtle and in the background career paths that often don’t receive their due share of spotlight and appreciation.

This lack of attention can often cause young adults to grow their career in the archery industry a sense of confusion and indecisiveness.

To help you cope with that, we highlight some of the key features of why archery is worth pursuing as a career option.

Archery, as a sport or a recreational activity, is a great stress reliever exercise by allowing you to calm your nerves and divert your attention towards a specific target.

Moreover, it is a sport of confidence, focus, and concentration.

As you divert your whole attention towards a specific task, you tend to maintain focus and concentration.

It builds self-confidence, trust, and makes you stay self-aware about your environment and surroundings.

Archery is a great training exercise for developing patience and coordination between your body and mind.

In addition to this, archery is not limited to a certain age group, race, gender, or social class.

Their small community keeps growing and welcoming new archers into their spheres irrespective of any discriminatory measures.

Archery is not specifically restricted to a certain type of sport form.

There are different archery exercises, such as field archery, flight archery, target archery, etc.

Lastly, even if you don’t end up with a career in the archery industry, you can still enjoy it as a hobby or a recreational activity.

I hope this answers your question of whether archery is worth learning as a sport or a career option.

Final Thoughts

There we have it – our rundown of the ten best archery jobs in the industry, what they are, and how to get them.

Archery is an ancient sport that has evolved from a hunting and combat strategy to recreational activity and a competitive sport.

With the rise of Archery representation in popular media, people are looking towards archery as a form of entertainment, hobby, and passion.

Young adults are looking for opportunities to turn their archery passion into a full-time career option.

Apart from a traditional professional archer, the archery industry offers a wide range of career opportunities for passionate individuals.

Based on your skillset, expertise, and liking, you can select any of the above-mentioned career paths in the archery industry.

Let us know if you found this article insightful in the comments below!

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