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Archery Training: The Definitive Guide On How To Shoot Better

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Tim Rhodes

The weekend is here, you want to do something exciting with your friends and going out to the field and shooting is your priority.

It sucks to know that your shooting skills are something you don’t want to talk about, mostly if your friends feel superior to you after the end of the game.

Archery is engaging, fun, refreshing, and will give you great comfort during your boring weekends.

It may take you a considerable amount of time before you learn how to shoot better, but it is worth the patience.

After all, this is what everyone has to go through when acquiring any skill, which is incredible.

Archery is a fun activity, but changing one step can make you not hit the target; this is why you need to seek sufficient training.

After all this, you can now confidently compete with your buddies or even go ahead for tournament competitions.

This will be your overall power and what you may have been wanting to achieve.

Table of Contents

The Definitive Guide On How To Shoot Better

In this article, you have a definitive guide on how you can get up your game in archery; as you better your skills, the game becomes more attractive.

1. Select the right equipment

Your shooting skills will be as excellent as the shooting tools you choose to use.

Having a deadly bow and arrow is the ultimate pacemaker for better shooting results, and you will always shoot better and more accurately as the gear you are using.

Having a bow that you can comfortably shoot with will make your shooting game better; however, you need to understand that any time you change your position, such as changing the angle you stand, you may be unable to hit the target.

You may be having a bow that feels comfortable that will draw so nicely and quickly, but it ends up not being accurate for you.

Such will cause a tremendous change in your shooting technique.

It’s always wise to consider some factors before selecting and using a bow; this will favorably impact your results.

If you are a beginner, getting comfortable and the best equipment can be confusing.

You need to seek guidance from a professional or someone who has a considerable amount of experience in archery so that you can choose equipment that will comfortably suit you.

A bow and an arrow are not the only tools you need; you require a quiver to hold your arrows as you shoot, a bow stringer to deprive, and place strings from the bow.

Here is an essential guide on the equipment you need.

Also, check out what you need to look out for when selecting archery equipment.

2. Assume a consistent anchor position

Having that one anchor point will help improve your shooting skills, and it’s critical in archery.

If you don’t have that one, then getting accurate shots is hard.

Anchoring from different positions will highly reduce your chance of hitting the target.

Anytime you try to shoot, always ensure that you prepare yourself mentally to shoot from that position.

If you are new to archery, consider taking the first few weeks of your training to find that stable position.

This may not be easy, mainly because this is the time you are spending most improving on anchoring.

Some of the places you can have your anchor points include under your jaw, cheekbone, and the corner of your mouth.

When you choose one of these points and try as much to be consistent with it, you will primarily improve on scores.

When using traditional shooting techniques, you will most likely aim by having to look through your arrow.

In compound archery, you have to follow the peep sight, and with Olympic recurve, you have to look through the string.

With these different shooting styles, you will notice that to get the anchor point, you need to move your string close to your eyes.

Want to learn more about finding your anchor point?

Look at this, and depending on the shooting style you choose to uphold, you will have a better picture of finding the right anchor point.

Now that you have the anchor point, you need to know how to keep the position consistent such that any time you anchor, you use the exact spot.

To maintain this, you need to focus on it and ensure you shoot from that point for at least four of your succeeding shooting sessions.

Through this, you will be mastering the art, and in the long run, you will be good to go.

Even after this, you need to shoot regularly, ensuring that you use the same spot.

3. Ensure that you are using the right arrows to shoot

Bows and arrows are the most crucial equipment in archery.

You can’t have one and leave the other out.

Of course, you know this, and there is no harm reminding you about it, but let’s focus a little more on arrows.

A proper selection of arrows is crucial; you need to use appropriate hands to improve your shooting skills.

It may be hard to identify the right archery equipment for you.

But most sellers will give you a guide, and from it, you will be able to determine the best arrow for shooting, whether you are hunting, shooting for fun purposes, or in a tournament.

Having the right arrow will primarily contribute to you hitting the target more often hence increasing your scores.

Isn’t that what you want?

Some of the things you ought to make a priority include the length and weight of the arrow.

These two will be critical players in your success in archery.

You will be able to shoot more accurately and also achieve excellent results without having to struggle much.

To get the best and comfortable arrow that will better your shots is hard.

You can try so many arrows at first, and there is no harm in trial and error because at the end of the training, what you want is to be a better shooter.

When selecting all other equipment, you need to carry out proper research on the best arrow and make inquiries from professionals.

Also, you get to choose the best by shooting more often with different arrows.

4. Monitor your breathing patterns

As absurd as it may sound, an archer’s breathing patterns are critical in ensuring accuracy as they shoot.

You may not know the importance of controlling your breath as you shoot.

Knowing this is important, and applying it as you make your shots will help you make more accurate shots.

You will also succeed in making multiple scores at a time.

To monitor your breath, you need not be anxious.

Also, you need not relax your mind.

Anytime you are anxious, you will, in turn, affect your heart rate, and consequently, your breathing rate will increase.

Such will have an impact on your muscle tension, thus affecting your body coordination to shooting.

Proper breathing patterns will ensure that you have the right energy and concentration for you to shoot correctly.

To develop a breathing pattern, you need to practice more often.

You can take a deep breath just before releasing the arrow to allow your muscles and mind to relax.

The more you control your breathing, the more you are likely to be accurate when shooting.

Avoid tensing since this will impact your concentration, and you won’t accurately hit the target.

You can try these methods so that you can control your breathing.

5. Practice shooting at a certain distance

Shooting at the right distance will also come in handy to be a pro in archery.

If it is the first time you shoot, you may want to inquire from expert anchors on the best distance to practice your shots.

During the initial stages, you can try shooting from five yards.

This is, however, not the best set distance; you can shoot from any distance,

That which you feel is most comfortable with you and will help you shoot accurately, then make that your constant shooting position.

At times, you may find yourself hitting the target only if you shoot from a shorter distance.

You need not feel down for this because, through practice, you will improve your shooting distance.

One crucial thing you need to prioritize is your comfortability; as such, you have a high possibility of accurately scoring anytime you release the arrow.

If you start shooting at 3 yards, ensure that you move one yard back and try shooting accurately the next time you hit.

Repeat the same procedure as you move further away from the target at the same time, ensuring that you make an accurate shot each time you move.

Keep on being consistent in maintaining the accuracy of your shooting.

6. Try paper tuning your bow

By paper tuning your bow, you will be trying to shoot your arrow through a piece of paper.

You will then analyze the rip that this paper creates and therefore know what to do to do great in the next shot.

This is another excellent technique that will help you better in your shooting.

Paper tuning will ensure that there is no porpoising and fishtailing in the arrow.

The path that the arrow will follow will be straight.

As such, your accuracy will be better.

Sometimes, some hindrances will affect the paper tuning results, consequently affecting your target-hitting accuracy.

Some of the things you need to consider and analyze in the case of paper tuning include ensuring that you shoot the right draw length, ensure you shoot in good form and use a torque-free grip.

7. Practice your stance

One thing that may be hindering your success is your standing posture.

Maybe you have a particular way to stand, and you have been adapting to it and continue practicing that.

You need to check if that is the correct way; if It is, you must be celebrating your archery successes.

If not, you need to start practicing to stand in the way that you face the target at 45-degrees.

Your toes need to point directly to the target and not perpendicular as many beginners stand.

Your feet also need to be parallel and 18 to 24 inches apart.

When you stand at 45 degrees, the bowstring will move away from your chest and bow arm.

If, as you shoot, the string touches your clothes, then the arrow will not hit the target.

If you are using a compound bow, ensure that you adjust it to a more comfortable length for you to draw.

When it comes to the spread between your feet, the bigger the spread, the stronger your feet will be while shooting, and you will most likely not miss the target.

Anytime you intend to shoot, ensure that you place your feet first at a considerable spread and where you are most comfortable.

You can now look at other factors like posture and the draw.

8. Practice shooting considering your perfect draw length

You may be a good shooter in general, but you are sabotaging your chances if you do not follow the correct draw length.

You will not be accurate in your shoot and ultimately not hit the target.

Seek the advice of a professional when selecting your bow because there is a high possibility that the one you are purchasing is not set up correctly.

The length of the draw matters in shooting accurately.

You can determine the length of the draw by standing upright with your arms straight; you can then fold your palms so that they are in the direction you are facing.

Get someone who will measure your middle finger’s tip on the right side to the tip of the middle finger on your left side.

You can now take the number and divide it by 2.5 to get your draw length.

With this draw length, you need to shoot and check the accuracy you get.

It will most likely be way better than when you were shooting before.

9. Ensure you relax the bow grip hand

You may have the best, most expensive, and trusted gear on your side and still end up missing your target.

You may also be good at focusing on the target, maintaining the right posture, and having a constant anchor point, but still, find yourself missing the target.

One thing that you must be ignoring is relaxing the bow grip.

Everyone has that one hand that is mostly dormant; don’t consider it useless since it has a great impact on how accurate your shots will be.

Before you shoot, ensure that the hand holding the bow has close contact with the bow.

Your bow should, therefore, rest gently on your bow hand.

Tight grips will lead to inaccurate shots.

To ensure that the grip is gentle, you will be one way ahead at being better in your shooting.

You can also try to squeeze the grip hard for a few minutes to see what reaction your bow will get.

You will notice that your bow will be shaking, and a shaky bow means that your shot will be inaccurate.

When you relax your bow, you will notice that the bow will not shake as much as it does when the grip is tighter.

Your shooting will be much easier in such a case, and you will achieve a high level of accuracy.

Perfect shooting implies that the bow will freely slip off your hand no matter your hand’s positioning, and you will hit the target.

10. Every time you try shooting, ensure that you use the same arrows

By shooting using the same arrows, this is should not be a limit for you, you can try shooting with different types, but it is best that you remain consistent with the arrows you use.

Mostly avoid the mismatched ones; they will have a great impact on your accuracy.

Arrows are expensive, more so if you want a good one.

You need not waste your money by purchasing different kinds of arrows of different sizes in the name of trying to improve your accuracy.

Also, if you can’t afford one, there is no need to have pressure yourself to have it.

You can buy a cheap one, and it may give you extraordinary results in your shooting.

Try and stick to one brand and size of your choice to ensure that you get consistent results.

It will also be much easier to improve your shooting while using a particular variety of arrows.

Keep on practicing

One cannot emphasize enough how practicing is essential in archery.

And it is the case in all other games or even any other skill.

You cant attend one training session and assume you are a pro.

You need to attend many other sessions, and even after you feel like you are now a professional, slacking a little bit will make you forget a little bit of here and there.

Therefore you need to remind yourself frequently.

Your shooting gets better day by day and will stick through you if you keep attending those training sessions.

The good thing with archery is that it is both an indoor and outdoor activity, so if you have a backyard, you are good to go.

You are more flexible since you can shoot when you feel like it and at the comfort of your home.

It’s great.

Remember, you are practicing not just to hit the target.

You are also practicing for the right stance, posture anchor position, and even how accurate you can be while shooting using different arrows.

Archery is fun, and you can make it your escape plan anytime you feel bored and want something to lift you.

You will still be practicing in the process.

Final Thoughts

You will hit the target many times if you choose to practice and practice more often.

Your choice of equipment highly affects your accuracy, so it is the first thing you need to take time and consider before you start the game.

Besides, you don’t need expensive equipment to better your game.

Cheap ones can do you good, as long as you have a clear understanding of how to use them.

There may be times when you may be down, especially in a competitive field, since other archers are doing way better than you, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Where you may feel stuck, ensure you consult a professional and practice what you are told.

You also need not put too much pressure on yourself because archery is a skill you learn a day at a time.

Be ready to acquire new skills and adjust to changes as your trainer may direct you.

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